Wednesday May 11, 2011

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[01:29] aspidites is there a dedicated pyzmq channel? can't seem to find it. trying to figure out the format of a message returned by an XREP sockets send method.
[01:30] aspidites or rather, when such a socket sends and a REP socket receives it, it seems to be three strings, but i'm not sure what they are, though i know it has something to do with envelopes
[01:31] aspidites btw, ReStructuredText is the markup language
[01:37] aspidites wrong chan. sorry
[03:24] aspidites i can't seem to use pyzmq's recv_pyobj reliably. It keeps generating an EOFError
[06:28] zorgzorg2 Hi all.
[06:29] zorgzorg2 I got an issue of a subscriber stopping to recieve messages from a publisher for no apparent reason. Can anyone give a hint ?
[07:02] zorgzorg2 I'll try again when people are awake :)
[07:24] guido_g good morning
[10:45] mikko good morning
[12:04] mile does anyone have java bindings compiled for windows?
[12:04] mile it's kind of a pain in the lower back to get it working....
[13:59] djc aspidites: I think this is the closest thing to a pyzmq channel
[13:59] djc we have, but the maintainers don't hang out here much
[14:14] aspidites thanks djc
[14:14] aspidites i can't seem to use recv_pyobj without error
[14:15] aspidites seems that even with a single part message sent (using socket.send()) socket object receives a multipart message. recv_pyobj always fails with EOFError
[14:15] aspidites (XREP socket)
[14:19] djc that's weird
[14:19] djc what socket type is sending to it?
[14:21] aspidites REQ
[14:21] aspidites i'll pastebin code
[14:22] aspidites probably something obvious i'm doing
[14:22] aspidites tried XREQ as well
[14:25] aspidites
[14:27] aspidites traceback:
[14:38] djc aspidites: try with a simple string first?
[14:38] djc i.e. just recv and send, no pyobj
[14:40] aspidites recv and send work fine, though recv returns 3 strings
[14:40] aspidites recv_multipart works fine
[14:40] aspidites only pyobj and json fail
[14:40] djc ohhhh, hmmmm
[14:41] aspidites even tried with bare examples (context creation, socket creation binding/connecting socket, then sending/receiving
[14:41] djc yeah, I think REQ-XREP might be wrong
[14:41] aspidites i tried XREP-XREQ and still failed. seems only working example i can find are PUB/SUB. as for using those sockets, i got the idea from the mailing list
[14:42] aspidites i'll see if i can find the message
[14:43] aspidites actually, seems the message answers my question:
[14:43] djc okay
[14:44] djc yeah, if you send_pyobj you'll probably have to recv_multipart and unpickle the third string only
[14:44] aspidites its supposed to be a multipart message. don't know how i missed that before.
[14:44] aspidites i guess it pays to read emails twice huh?
[14:46] djc yeah :)
[14:46] djc or read the guide more, it's pretty good
[14:46] djc seems to also have good stuff on XREQ/XREP
[14:47] aspidites and we are good
[14:49] aspidites yeah, reviewing the c api docs now
[14:49] djc I don't mean the reference docs, but the Guide
[14:57] aspidites i've read a lot of the Guide. I get lost easily, and lack of python examples in later chapters doesn't help
[15:10] djc ah, yeah
[15:10] djc I've mostly had to deal with the simple pub/sub stuff
[18:08] Seta00 hmm, I need a timeout on the connect function
[18:40] mikko Seta00: connect is async
[18:41] Seta00 mikko, that wasn't the best way to express myself. having a timeout on the connection function or as a configuration would be great for my problem, but I do know there are other ways to solve it, and I'm doing that right now :P
[18:41] Seta00 my problem is, I don't want to be connectionless on this specific part of the communication
[18:42] Seta00 it's a handshake/authentication process
[18:42] ncadou hi everyone
[18:45] ncadou having a hard time convincing pyzmq to use a custom zeromq install dir using zc.buildout and zc.recipe.egg:custom
[18:48] ncadou "ZMQ_DIR=/path/to/zeromq buildout" goes further as cc get the right -I option but ld doesn't receive it, so it fails
[18:48] ncadou anyone has an idea?
[18:50] mikko Seta00: do a request and time it out?
[18:50] Seta00 mikko, what was blocking was the recv call I had right on the next branch
[18:50] Seta00 I'm a noob
[21:55] drewnix anyone know if there are any good examples of functioning rpc servers using zmq? ideally ones that implement some kind of remote method invocation?
[22:43] cods Hi. I'm testing REQ/REP. I've node A acting as REP with a loop echoing message back. Then I've node B (REQ) that send 10 messages and wait for reply. So far, so good. Then I introduce crash (exit) in B after some message just before a receive step. Now, when I start again B without this crash, messages are out of sync (it receive message from the previous run of B).
[22:43] cods How it is supposed to be handled?
[22:47] cods Here are my small tests programs, in Python:
[23:53] blk question about this change in 2.1.6
[23:53] blk * Checks zmq_msg_t validity at each operation.
[23:54] blk specifically, what is an invalid msg?
[23:55] blk after upgrade I am tripping asserts on this validity check
[23:55] blk but my apperntly invalid messsages did not effect my app in 2.1.4