Saturday May 7, 2011

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[06:13] cyball hi .. does somebody know something about the "invalid argument (0x16)" Exception that could help solve that prolem ? thx a lot :-)
[06:18] sustrik check the manpages
[06:18] sustrik individual errors are explained there
[06:19] cyball sustrik: thx
[06:25] sustrik pieterh: there?
[09:21] votz Is there any way to send messages to a server and not expect any results back? Like sub-pub but the publisher connects to the subscriber, not the other way around
[09:22] Guthur votz, there is nothing wrong with a pub connecting to a sub
[09:22] Guthur the sub can bind to the address
[09:22] Guthur and the pubs connect
[09:23] votz Guthur: I tried that but it didn't work. I must have done something wrong
[09:23] votz the sub blocked on socket.recv(&request) forever, even though the publisher was publishing lots of messages
[09:23] Guthur are you subscribing to the correct messages
[09:23] votz Should be subscribed to all: socket.setsockopt( ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE, "", 0 ); // Subscribe to all messages.
[09:29] votz Guthur: let me pbin some skeleton example code
[09:30] Guthur sure, i'm just making some test good to sanity check my own understanding
[09:30] Guthur good/code
[09:34] Guthur votz, works fine for me
[09:34] Guthur post some code
[09:34] votz Guthur: something silly must be passing me by
[09:34] votz sec, putting together the skeleton example
[09:39] votz Guthur: it had something to do with the context getting screwed up
[09:39] votz but got it!
[09:39] votz though now 'working' means calling zmq_init(1) for every message published
[09:40] votz now to fix that :)
[10:02] votz Guthur: alright, time to hit the sack. Thanks very much for your help!
[10:03] Guthur sorry was away there
[10:04] Guthur the context should not be getting screwed
[10:04] Guthur you shouldn't need to call init
[10:06] Guthur ...more that once
[16:54] andrewvc cremes: around?
[17:55] mikko pieterh: there?
[17:55] mikko pieterh: windows builds for 2-1 and 2-2 currently broken
[17:58] mikko pieterh:
[17:58] mikko that should fix it
[18:57] sustrik mikko: yes that patch was done on master, but i forgot to downstream it
[20:43] iFire neopallium pm