Sunday April 24, 2011

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[03:52] siggimoo anyone ever have any trouble with zeromq inside of a mod_wsgi script?
[18:16] andrewvc cremes: around?
[21:10] nodie hi
[21:10] nodie I suppose I can extract that information by reading the sources, but it's sunday and nearly time to go to bed
[21:10] nodie when I configure a socket with SUBSCRIBE
[21:11] nodie does the filtering occur at client level or at server level in a PUB/SUB connection?
[21:21] Guthur nodie, client
[21:22] Guthur server side subscription is a oft requested feature and may appear in the futur
[21:22] Guthur future*
[22:10] nodie thank you Guthur
[22:43] andrewvc hi guys, I've got this bug where I get a 'resource temporarily unavailable' error message when trying to send a message on xreq over TCP to a non-existant socket
[22:43] andrewvc if I start up the listening xrep first
[22:43] andrewvc no issues
[22:43] andrewvc this only happens if I send a delimiter string
[22:47] andrewvc so, it appears to happen only when I bind with the xreq