Friday April 22, 2011

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[00:37] Toba hey, I'm getting an odd error trying to use zmq::poll from C++. It claims I'm doing a socket operation on a non-socket, but I think that's not true at all. Do I need to have a REQ client connected to the REP server before poll() is valid?
[00:41] Toba perhaps it's socket options. *digs*
[00:56] Toba oh well. that's a puzzle for tomorrow. anyone who knows what I speak of, please ping me :)
[08:03] pieterh Toba: typically, either you're passing another object (context?) by mistake, or you're polling on a closed socket
[08:04] wewqewq ok
[08:04] wewqewq pl
[08:06] pieterh else-: I've fixed libzapi to complain if you're using libzmq/2.0, there's too much missing in that version
[08:39] Guthur has anyone had issues using zeromq on windows server OS
[08:43] mikko that's a broad question
[08:43] mikko sustrik: are you there?
[08:44] sustrik hi
[08:44] mikko so, as you have serious trust issues with github?
[08:44] mikko :)
[08:44] sustrik dunno, they can go out of business in couple of years
[08:45] mikko maybe i could synchronise the issues on daily basis and take a dump
[08:45] sustrik and what we end up with is uncomprehensible change log
[08:45] mikko that way we would always have the data
[08:45] mikko their api allows pulling them out
[08:45] mikko
[08:45] Guthur mikko: Well more wanting to know if it worked
[08:45] Guthur at all
[08:46] mikko that way github would need to go out of business and my backup in two locations would need to die
[08:46] sustrik yeah, but what's the point anyway?
[08:46] sustrik the changelog should be self-contained
[08:46] Guthur I having headaches trying to deploy an app to win server
[08:46] Guthur runs fine on XP
[08:46] mikko sustrik: being able to refer to issue numbers from changelog for more information
[08:46] mikko sustrik: there might be some background information in the issue
[08:46] Guthur tried both win server 2003 and 2008, on both the app fails to find the dll
[08:47] Guthur but the same MSI works fine on win XP, doing my head in
[08:47] mikko you could comming with message "Fixed XYZ pushing to ABC. Fixes issue #12345"
[08:47] mikko and it automatically closes the issue
[08:48] sustrik mikko: i am not sure it would be useful for anybody, but if you are happy archiving the issues, i can refer to issue numbers in the changelog
[08:49] sustrik Guthur: have you check the dll is installed in the proper place?
[08:50] Guthur sustrik: yep it's in the execution directory, the MSI drops in the dll
[08:51] sustrik no idea then
[08:53] Guthur this is the first time I've tried win server as well
[08:53] Guthur I suppose I should really try a simple C app for as a sanity check
[08:55] sustrik presumably
[08:56] sustrik you can use perf tests from libzmq
[09:12] Guthur ah ha
[09:12] Guthur I think I may have found the issue
[09:13] Guthur msvcp.dll is not on the win server boxes
[09:14] Guthur or msvcr.dll
[09:15] Guthur probably due to visual studio c runtime stuff not being installed
[09:15] Guthur c++*
[09:15] Guthur these are not development boxes
[09:16] mikko use dependency walker
[09:31] Guthur ah success it was indeed the msvc dependency
[09:31] Guthur this only became apparent when running the C example code
[09:34] sustrik doesn't msi check for dependencies?
[09:39] Guthur You can probably build an MSI to do such
[09:39] Guthur I just made a simple one
[09:40] Guthur If only this error message was more informative when running the original app
[09:40] Guthur the original app said it could not find libzmq.dll, but the real issue was the msvc dlls
[10:00] Guthur just noticed that intel have opened up a parallel computing competition
[10:01] Guthur maybe a zmq app could fit the problem domains
[10:01] Guthur not sure if the rules might exclude it's use though
[15:57] else- pieterh: cool. probably a good idea, thanks!
[16:40] hardwire hmm.. anybody found a good way to zeromq ala inetd?
[17:06] mikko hardwire: what do you mean?
[17:06] mikko i didnt know anyone uses inetd nowadays
[17:12] hardwire mikko: :)
[17:12] hardwire it's a pretty quick and dirty process distribution system :)
[23:21] Graaf Hi
[23:22] Graaf I'm trying to install zeromq on a windows system, and install the php bindings. but i'm having trouble to get those php bindings loaded.. .dll file is not reccognized or gives error while loading..