Thursday April 14, 2011

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[13:09] mikko hey ho
[13:58] sustrik hi
[13:58] djc I've setup a FORWARDER device with the publishing (outbound) socket bound to inproc://something and am trying to set up subscribers listening to it, but I get a connection refused error
[13:58] djc anyone got tips on debugging that?
[13:59] sustrik access rights?
[13:59] sustrik ah
[13:59] sustrik inproc
[13:59] sustrik sorry, i though it's ipc
[13:59] sustrik are you using the same context?
[14:00] djc ah, no
[14:00] djc it should be, I guess?
[14:00] sustrik the inproc endpoints are shared only within the same context
[14:01] djc that makes sense
[14:01] djc I'm using a small wrapper class for the subscriber, but of course it sets up its own context
[14:01] djc there we go with the leaking abstraction!
[14:07] djc sustrik: thanks
[14:08] sustrik you are welcome
[14:21] ianbarber yrashk: about?
[16:13] mikko hummm
[16:35] joelr good day
[16:35] joelr <- is rewriting the freelance pattern in ocaml
[16:36] mikko good stuff
[16:41] joelr zeromq is a strange beast
[16:42] joelr kind of like a performance engine on a frame.
[16:43] joelr it's got wheels and it rolls but there's no suspension, hydraulic steering, seats or body
[16:43] joelr i think even steering is some sort of a lever rather than a wheel
[16:43] yrashk ianbarber: ?
[16:43] joelr point being that you've got to add the rest
[16:51] pieterh joelr: seems like that sometimes
[16:52] joelr it certainly does
[21:18] jhawk28 ZMQ and J2EE don't play well
[21:19] jhawk28 it looks like I'm gonna need to create a native Java version of libzmq
[21:19] jhawk28 EJB's forbid using JNI libraries
[21:28] eyeris With the pyzmq bindings, calling recv_json() is returning a string form of the serialized json. type(sock.recv_json()) -> unicode
[21:28] eyeris The json-encoded string represents a json object, so I would expect type(sock.recv_json()) to return a dict
[23:13] lestrrat so I'm finally moving perl zmq to work with 3.x.
[23:14] lestrrat what's the status of zmq_device() ? I remember reading about it in a thread somewhere, but how should we binding authors deal with it?