Monday April 11, 2011

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[11:54] NikolaVeber yrashk,
[12:06] valmac hi everybody!
[14:09] NikolaVeber yrashk, I've just made some simple test using erlang binding and c++ over gigabit network
[14:10] NikolaVeber I was able to saturate the network easily with strings ca 200-300 characters long
[14:11] NikolaVeber and for short messages I got about 0,5 / 0,6 million msg/sec
[14:12] NikolaVeber pub-sub pattern
[14:16] evax NikolaVeber: hi, were you using active or passive mode ?
[14:16] NikolaVeber hm...
[14:16] NikolaVeber no idea :)
[14:16] evax active mode delivers messages to your process directly
[14:17] evax passive mode requires you to recv
[14:17] NikolaVeber passive
[14:17] NikolaVeber subscriber.recv(&msg);
[14:17] NikolaVeber thats in my subscriber loop
[14:17] evax I meant from Erlang
[14:18] NikolaVeber I was sending from erlang
[14:18] NikolaVeber just got it one way so far
[14:19] NikolaVeber active should be faster?
[14:19] evax no
[14:19] evax and active is for receiving from erlang
[14:20] evax could you paste your code to some place ?
[14:20] NikolaVeber priv?
[14:20] NikolaVeber or let me open pastebin
[14:22] seangrove Hmm, looks like I've painte myself into a corner with zeromq causing segfaults now
[14:22] seangrove What should I make of "Assertion failed: unnamed_sessions.empty () (socket_base.cpp:507)
[14:22] seangrove ?
[15:04] mikko seangrove: how does that happen?