Sunday April 10, 2011

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[18:38] pieterh Seta00: and now?
[19:07] Seta00 pieterh: :(
[19:07] pieterh Seta00: bingo!
[19:08] Seta00 ah!
[19:08] pieterh regarding the Guide, I've done it for PHP and Lua
[19:08] pieterh all I need is most of the examples translated into language X, then I'll make a version in that language
[19:09] Seta00 how do I specify the language to use? or are the PHP and Lua versions hosted somewhere else?
[19:09] pieterh have you gone to the main page?
[19:10] pieterh
[19:10] pieterh Click "PHP" or "Lua"
[19:10] Seta00 ah, I was going directly to page:all
[19:11] pieterh hmm, sure, that's the link most people spread around
[19:11] pieterh I'll add the language menu to the start there
[19:12] Seta00 nice
[19:12] Seta00 and what about the zmq_msg_* functions?
[19:15] Seta00 might as well ask that on the mailing list
[19:16] pieterh hmm, ask on the list, afaik sustrik added this in 3.0 for sockets and contexts, could be done for messages too
[21:09] seangrove Hey all, getting an abort trap in zmq
[21:09] seangrove Bad file descriptor
[21:09] seangrove rc != -1 (kqueue.cpp:67)
[21:09] seangrove Abort trap
[21:09] seangrove That happens right after forking, but the forked process shouldn't be accessing anything zmq related
[21:09] seangrove Do I still need to generate a new zmq context for it?