Friday April 1, 2011

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[07:48] guido_g ahhh... action on github
[07:50] guido_g pieterh: do you plan to specify the "rounds" at the meeting a little more?
[07:51] pieterh guido_g: sure, do you have any suggestions?
[07:51] guido_g not really
[07:51] guido_g some vague ideas
[07:52] pieterh I was thinking barcamp style, but maybe some tracks would help people
[07:52] pieterh morning: 0MQ
[07:52] pieterh afternoon: more 0MQ
[07:52] pieterh evening: less 0MQ
[07:52] guido_g mostly on the "get the most knowledge out of these guys w/o missing a beer"
[07:52] pieterh very late evening: intense beer-fueled hacking session on 0MQ/4.0
[07:52] pieterh next morning: wtf?
[07:53] guido_g i do not intent to think of the next morning before the meeting
[07:53] pieterh we basically have from 9am until 10pm in a nice location with limitless refreshments
[07:54] guido_g ok
[07:54] guido_g i think the details depend on who is at the meeting
[07:55] pieterh yep, pretty much
[07:55] guido_g for example, i'm not that much interested in the build system but want to hear about "real world" problems/solutions wrt. brokerless messaging
[07:56] pieterh you *don't* care about the new autotools option for recursive directory thunking?
[07:56] pieterh some people...
[07:56] guido_g the what?
[07:56] guido_g i mean, i do have an autotools book
[07:57] guido_g the only book with really thick dust on it
[07:57] pieterh "0MQ merges with Websphere"