Wednesday March 30, 2011

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[11:06] drbobbeaty pieterh: any news on the release of 2.1.4 with the fixes we worked on? I'm interested in getting it and using it.
[11:09] mikko sustrik: weekend is fine by me
[11:10] sustrik ok, let's get in touch on weekend
[11:13] murkel Hi... I'm having an issue with poll() on zmq sockets (2.1.3 cpp) which are not yet connected on the TCP layer: the timeouts are not honoured.
[11:13] murkel If I create a REQ socket, connect to an endpoint without a server listening, transmit a message and then poll( ZMQ_POLLIN ) before recv(), the poll never times out.
[11:14] murkel just as a test, I noticed that the poll never times out if I try to send two messages over the same un-connected socket.
[11:14] murkel Is this the correct approach or should I be doing this differently?
[11:15] sustrik can you post the test program to the mailing list?
[11:16] murkel okay ...
[11:16] sustrik thx
[11:34] drbobbeaty mikko__, sustrik: thanks guys. That would be great.
[11:36] sustrik drbobbeaty: please, do make sure that the changes you are interested in have made it to the mikko's patch as posted on the mailing list
[11:36] drbobbeaty Yup, they sure did. I tested it.
[11:36] sustrik :)