Saturday March 19, 2011

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[12:13] Guthur pieterh, some of the code examples in ch4 have lines of code longer than the width of the code box
[12:13] Guthur only a minor issue, but thought it worth raising.
[12:13] Guthur I'm using chrome, if it matter
[13:55] FlaPer87 hi everyone, is it possible to have 2 threads listening to the same zmq socket? is there an example here[0] showing that?
[13:58] mikko FlaPer87: no
[13:58] FlaPer87 mikko ok, thnx :)
[13:58] mikko FlaPer87: you can not access the same socket from multiple threads concurrently
[13:58] mikko FlaPer87: what is the use-case?
[13:59] mikko sec, my fish stock is boiling over
[14:00] FlaPer87 mikko I was wondering if that was possible in order to process more messages p/second. Now that I think about it that was a stupid question :P
[14:10] Guthur FlaPer87, there is some examples in the guide showing custom routing to N worker threads
[14:10] Guthur lruqueue, shows a device doing this
[14:13] Guthur or the parallel pipeline pattern shown here;
[14:14] FlaPer87 Guthur, that's useful, let me check
[14:14] FlaPer87 Guthur thnx
[16:13] dermoth FlaPer87, you can have two threads connect to the same endpoint... if the connection has to be incoming, you can use a device in the middle
[16:14] dermoth ime. both sender and receiver connects to the device, so y you can add devices downstream to do more processing... I assume PUSH/PULL sockets here...
[17:27] sustrik pieterh: are you here?
[17:27] sustrik it would be good to link zed shaw's and ian barber's talk from somewhere
[17:27] sustrik
[17:31] Guthur sustrik, It was a shame about the GSoC, did they give any suggestions on how to improve the application for the future?
[18:07] sustrik Guthur: nope
[18:07] sustrik what i resent is what i got
[18:08] Guthur shame, btw you can embed HTML in wikidot
[18:08] Guthur you should be able to use the embed markup there
[18:08] Guthur for Ian and Zed's videos
[18:13] sustrik no idea how to do that
[18:13] sustrik would you like to give it a try?
[18:14] sustrik say here:
[18:14] sustrik
[18:49] Guthur sustrik, sure
[18:50] Guthur sustrik, there is already videos on that page, should just take a small amount of 'reverse engineering', hehe
[19:08] Guthur sustrik, ok done
[19:09] Guthur I tried to maintain the aspect ratio so they are a little taller than the other videos
[19:11] guido_g i'll never understand why a link is not enough... must be this web 2.0 thing...
[19:13] Guthur certainly takes up less room
[19:13] guido_g and i'm free to decide if want to see it or not
[19:23] Guthur that would never do
[19:24] Guthur think, i've people went round choosing what they did and did not watch, the marketing guys would be out of a job
[19:24] Guthur i've/if
[19:25] guido_g k
[19:25] guido_g and where is the bad part?