Tuesday March 15, 2011

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[03:40] michelp has anyone yet in the community explored distributed shared memory stores in python over 0mq?
[03:41] michelp thinking in terms of doing transactional changes to objects that get propagated to N nodes
[03:43] michelp it's something i've always taken an interest in, but the problem of distributing changes to threads, processes, and boxes uniformly has stumped me
[08:46] guido_g good morning
[09:20] sustrik morning
[09:28] Evet morning
[09:29] gambi morning :)
[09:44] pieter_hintjens g'morning
[10:31] private_meta sustrik: mind i talk to you about it outside the mailing lisT?
[10:31] private_meta *list
[10:31] private_meta sustrik: the zmq::version i mean
[10:39] sustrik sure
[10:39] sustrik what's up?
[10:41] private_meta about the pointer vs reference thing
[10:42] private_meta imho the only valid reason to use that would be to be coherent with the other function prototypes
[10:44] sustrik right
[10:44] sustrik it's a matter of style
[10:44] private_meta Bad style, according to a lot of people
[10:44] sustrik sure
[10:44] sustrik the point is that it's the style that C++ API uses now
[10:44] sustrik you can fork and restyle it
[10:46] private_meta Wouldn't really help anyway
[10:46] sustrik the thing with the style is you have to decide on it once and then keep it
[10:47] sustrik some may consider it ugly
[10:47] sustrik but that's how it goes
[10:48] private_meta hmm... it's just nowhere near defensive programming, maybe that's what bothers me, I was taught to do that over and over
[10:49] sustrik shrug
[10:49] sustrik you can fork it
[10:50] sustrik breaking backward comatibility because of styling issues is not worth it
[10:50] private_meta Yeah, but as I said, it wouldn't really help, and I would break my own compatibility
[10:50] private_meta It's not worth it
[10:50] sustrik ack
[10:53] private_meta well ok, even if I'm not quite agree with the reasoning, I can't change it anyway (and no, changing it by forking isn't what I call a helpful solution)
[10:54] sustrik would you prefer breaking everyone's applications instead?
[10:54] private_meta That's why I said I can't change it
[10:54] sustrik exactly
[10:54] sustrik nothing to do here
[10:54] private_meta "Go on, nothing to see"
[10:54] sustrik :)
[10:55] private_meta "Change what you can't accept, accept what you can't change" <-- accepting can be hard
[11:38] pieter_hintjens consistency is more important than accuracy in some cases
[11:41] pieter_hintjens private_meta: actually, it would be possible to change the C++ style for 3.0
[11:58] private_meta pieter_hintjens: ad consistency, I understand
[11:59] private_meta pieter_hintjens: ad 3.0, do you not plan backwards compatibility for 3.0?
[12:11] CIA-103 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r7045a4a 10/ (src/named_session.cpp src/named_session.hpp):
[12:11] CIA-103 zeromq2: Dead code removed from named_session.cpp
[12:11] CIA-103 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <> -
[13:19] Evet sustrik: have you benchmarked zeromq on debian-kfreebsd?
[13:24] sustrik Evet: no
[13:24] sustrik did you?
[13:27] Evet sustrik: downloading it now
[13:28] Evet it seems an interesting project
[13:34] sustrik yes
[13:34] sustrik have a look at
[13:34] sustrik if you get any numbers we can post the results on the website
[14:06] private_meta pieter_hintjens: What might be nice (and not too much work) for the guide, imho, would be a small example output of your code. 1) for those who go through the code to make sure they understood it right without running it 2) for those who want to translate to see a rough outline what the intended result is
[14:32] private_meta actually, overloading the C++ binding with by reference methods would be a good way to add the by reference functionality without breaking backwards compatibility
[14:35] pieter_hintjens private_meta: back, sorry, in meetings all day...
[14:35] pieter_hintjens actually you can make a new C++ binding at any time at all
[14:35] private_meta np, IRC is a patient protocol
[14:36] pieter_hintjens just as we have improvements to the other language bindings, orthogonally to 0MQ releases
[14:37] pieter_hintjens re the guide, yes, this is a good idea, I've done it in a few places but not systematically
[14:38] Evet do you think something like mongrel2 for xitami?
[14:39] pieter_hintjens Evet: xitami is dead, for several reasons
[14:40] pieter_hintjens i'm not sure what your question is... :-)
[14:41] Evet oh, xitami was my very first webserver
[14:41] Evet i have learnt perl on it :)
[14:43] private_meta pieter_hintjens: sorry for being slow and only arriving at the paranoid pirate pattern now, but I have a small question there. According to Figure 59 of the guide, the Lazy Pirate Client, the Paranoid Pirate Queue and the Paranoid Pirate Worker run at the same time, am I correct?
[14:43] pieter_hintjens yes, that's right
[14:44] pieter_hintjens I made them as three processes, rather than three threads in one process, so you can stop and start them independently
[14:44] private_meta So, I seem to be doing something wrong. I run ppqueue, then I run ppworker and I get an "Address already in use" error for the lpserver (which ought to run 2nd)
[14:45] private_meta ah wait
[14:45] pieter_hintjens you don't want to run lpserver
[14:45] private_meta i just realized that
[14:45] private_meta stupid me
[14:45] private_meta I wanted lpclient and ran lpserver
[14:45] pieter_hintjens it's not as simple as it could be...
[14:45] private_meta >_<
[14:46] private_meta argh
[14:46] private_meta I'm looking through it and thinking and thinking and I don't realize I use the wrong one
[14:46] private_meta lemme see
[14:47] private_meta Sorry for bothering you :/
[14:48] sustrik guys, an idea: what about factoring the C++ binding out of 0mq core in 3.0?
[14:48] yrashk sustrik: ....and merging erlzmq2 in :D haha, kidding, sorry
[14:49] sustrik well, i mean, all the other bindings are separate projects, why should c++ differ
[14:50] yrashk yeah, it makes some sense
[14:51] yrashk although I am ok with c++ binding living in there
[14:51] guido_g good idea
[14:51] sustrik the downside is that it ties the C++ binding to the core too much
[14:52] sustrik so there's little space for alternative implementations
[14:52] sustrik binding-only releases (without dragging the core along)
[14:52] sustrik etc.
[14:54] yrashk sustrik: I'd vote for keeping c++ binding
[14:54] pieter_hintjens sustrik: that was the idea, forking it out, but it needs to be folded back in for a real distribution
[14:55] sustrik sure, same as other bindings
[14:55] pieter_hintjens exactly the same
[14:55] pieter_hintjens makes it much easier to contribute to, improve, etc.
[14:55] sustrik ack
[14:55] sustrik i am +1 myself
[14:56] pieter_hintjens I'm +1 for making it consistent with other languages
[14:56] sustrik so far 3 +1's and a single -1
[14:56] pieter_hintjens in any case I want to explore how to make packages that include the popular bindings
[14:57] sustrik that's something i am wondering about for a long time
[14:57] sustrik core + java + ruby + python + .net
[14:57] pieter_hintjens the languages are: C++, C#, clisp, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby
[14:57] pieter_hintjens going by the % of translations of the guide examples
[14:58] sustrik ack
[14:58] mato pieter_hintjens: you'll want to keep in mind that $LANGUAGE generally has it's own way of distributing extensions...
[14:58] pieter_hintjens mato: indeed, this is the fun part
[14:58] mato pieter_hintjens: e.g. Perl -> CPAN, Ruby -> gem, etc.
[14:58] pieter_hintjens exactl
[14:58] pieter_hintjens y
[14:58] sustrik and on win32 people expect monolithic installer, i would say
[14:59] mato then you have the linux distribution people packaging stuff on top of that separately
[14:59] pieter_hintjens so Windows is the easiest case, in many ways
[15:00] pieterh the process can't replace existing $LANGUAGE distribution processes but it can automate them
[15:01] pieterh i'll spend some time studying this and make a few proposals
[15:02] pieterh it probably will need cooperation from binding authors / communities to make work well
[15:02] sustrik that will be useful
[15:02] pieterh ok
[15:04] pieterh sustrik: the poll for zmq_term is tied afaics, 4/4
[15:04] pieterh there was one vote for infinity here on irc afair
[15:06] Guthur +1 the extraction of C++ from core
[15:06] Guthur +1 for extraction of C++ from the world
[15:06] sustrik :)
[15:06] sustrik pieterh: let's wait couple of days more
[15:07] pieterh I do want to close the 2.1 release
[15:07] pieterh there is not sufficient mandate afaics to revert the behavior
[15:07] sustrik looks like
[15:07] sustrik let's go for current solution then
[15:08] pieterh well, this saves me a lot of work in the Guide, but I have this sinking feeling about it
[15:08] pieterh these semantics won't change again in 3.0, right?
[15:08] sustrik nope
[15:09] pieterh then it's defensible, and the poll shows we did discuss the issue ad nauseam
[15:09] pieterh if anyone still complains, they should have spoken up in time
[15:09] sustrik ok
[15:09] pieterh excellent
[15:10] private_meta aw not again
[15:10] pieterh private_meta: port in use?
[15:10] private_meta no
[15:10] private_meta Bad file descriptor
[15:10] private_meta nbytes != -1 (mailbox.cpp:241)
[15:10] private_meta don't remember right now what the error was when I had that one previously
[15:11] mato pieterh: so what is the decision on zmq_term?
[15:11] mato pieterh: keep the current behaviour?
[15:11] pieterh mato: yes
[15:11] sustrik private_meta: is it a reproducible use case?
[15:11] mato ok, understood
[15:11] pieterh the problem, and the reason for the discussion, is that people migrating from 2.0 _will_ be systematically hit by this
[15:11] private_meta sustrik: it's my translation of ppworker (not yet submitted)
[15:11] cremes private_meta: i have seen that assert when i ran out of sockets and/or ran out of file descriptors
[15:12] cremes should be easy to reproduce
[15:12] sustrik private_meta: iirc such a problem can happen if you close the fd you get fromZMQ_FD
[15:12] sustrik socket option i mean
[15:12] cremes yep, that causes it too
[15:12] sustrik cremes: if you can reproduce it, i would fix it
[15:14] bpl29 Is there a reference page for ZMQ objects such as context and socket?
[15:14] pieterh bpl29: yes, at
[15:14] private_meta happens when calling zmq::poll
[15:14] pieterh bpl29: sorry!
[15:14] private_meta wait, i think I know
[15:15] private_meta k, got it
[15:15] bpl29 thanks pieterh. Am I wrong or is this just a function reference though?
[15:15] pieterh bpl29: these objects are not accessed except via functions
[15:15] pieterh opaque structures
[15:16] bpl29 Ah, I see! Thank you!
[15:17] cremes sustrik: i'll submit a small C example that reproduces the EBADF
[15:26] Guthur Is 0MQ buildable on solaris 8
[15:26] Guthur and is Sun Studio the only option
[15:26] private_meta pieterh: again a (for you maybe opaque) question: In the ppqueue, ppworker, lpclient scenario, shouldn't lpclient connect at least ONCE? it only tells me it's trying to connect
[15:33] Guthur pieter: which pattern would you suggest for a N client to N servers, where the servers are processing requests to retrieve data from files
[15:49] cremes Guthur: i'd use a REQ socket on the client, REP on the server and a QUEUE device in the middle to load balance
[15:56] Guthur cremes: Probably a wise choice, I have to resist the temptation to over engineer
[15:57] cremes Guthur: i suspect that over the next several months the "lazy pirate" patterns will become dominant
[15:57] Guthur I was being drawn to Ch4 patterns actually
[15:57] Guthur I've only started reading it though
[15:58] Guthur I got hung up debugging peering3 in C#
[15:58] Guthur massive 'doh' moment on my part there
[16:04] private_meta I'm still curious if the way the zguide C variant of the paranoid pirate is intended behavior. If i run the c example, the lazy pirate client never connects
[16:04] private_meta It shouldn't be intended
[16:04] private_meta But somehow I don't think it should be an error on my side, I didn't really change anything
[16:47] michelp morning
[16:48] michelp i asked this q last night but i think everyone was in bed. has anyone in the community experimented with using 0mq to do shared memory objects across threads/procs/boxes in python?
[16:48] michelp it's something that's always interested me but i've never found a suitable transport for the underlying data transfer
[16:49] michelp seems like 0mq is ideal for things like distributing new versions of objects and doing two or three phase commit between a group of data managers
[17:15] Guthur michelp: sounds like an interesting project
[17:16] Guthur you could maybe utilize something like tokyo cabinet as well
[17:17] michelp for storage? i was thinking of shipping around pickles so those would go well into a key value store where the key is the oid
[17:18] michelp it would be nice for there to be a way for a new node to easily bootstrap objects and for objects to survive cluster destruction
[17:19] michelp might even be possible for there to be more objects in the store than nodes have memory if there was a way to manage that. thanks for the idea Guthur :)
[17:20] Guthur also check out some of the stuff from Ch4 of the guide
[17:20] Guthur for reliability
[17:20] michelp yeah i'm about halfway through ch 3 :)
[17:21] michelp almost there, it's a big guide, which is totally awesome
[17:21] michelp the best documentation i've found on rabbit is a blog post. the guide alone has convinced me that 0mq is the future, i haven't even written any code yet :)
[17:22] michelp the guide would make an excellent 5 day course. does anyone do 0mq training?
[17:23] Guthur not that I am aware
[17:23] Guthur I'm sure for corporate customers Imatix might be available for such
[17:23] Guthur but don't quote me on that
[17:24] michelp their services page does have various support level costs, but we're a US non-profit so it's a little out of our price range for a whole week
[17:25] michelp if i worked for a corporation i'd be spending their money on it in a minute :)
[17:26] michelp know if anyone in the 0mq community is going to OSCON this year? It's here in my home town and we could get together for a BOF session
[17:27] Guthur I'm not sure
[17:27] Guthur there is sometimes meetups
[17:28] Guthur there was one in San Fran recently
[17:35] Guthur anyone built jzmq on windows recently
[17:38] pieterh michelp: iMatix does 0MQ training, sure
[17:39] michelp pieterh, is it the usual services rate quoted here?
[17:39] pieterh private_meta: (a) lpclient should connect, yes, I had '-v' to enable verbose tracing of messages in the C code, that helps. (b) let me retest the C code...
[17:40] pieterh michelp: yes, those are the usual rates
[17:40] pieterh however if you're a non-profit, and you need help, you will find that it's readily available here
[17:41] michelp yeah you guys have definitely be a great help so far!
[17:41] pieterh mostly, you will benefit most by also contributing somehow to the community
[17:41] Guthur I'm getting an error building the jzmq binding, error copying files
[17:41] Guthur and Java users around
[17:41] pieterh Guthur: I've not tried it in a long time... what's the error?
[17:42] Guthur Error 1 error MSB3073: The command "copy ..\config.hpp ..\..\..\src javac ..\..\..\src\org\zeromq\ ..\..\..\src\org\zeromq\ ..\..\..\src\org\zeromq\ ..\..\..\src\org\zeromq\ ..\..\..\src\org\zeromq\ :VCEnd" exited with code 9009. C:\Program Files\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\Microsoft.CppCommon.targets 103 6 jzmq
[17:42] pieterh michelp: with respect to shared objects across threads/processes, it's a design I'm going to make for Ch5 of the Guide
[17:42] private_meta pieterh: thanks for retesting
[17:44] pieterh Guthur: I'm searching what exit code 9009 means...
[17:44] pieterh try running that command by hand in a shell, does it work?
[17:45] pieterh "9009 DNS server not authoritative for zone."???
[17:45] Guthur 2 secs
[17:46] michelp pieterh, wow awesome. i'm tinkering with the idea here in python, what language were you going to focus on?
[17:46] pieterh michelp: I always make the examples in C, but they can be translated into other languages quite simply
[17:47] pieterh the idea is to make a distributed key-value store using a mix of pubsub and req/rep
[17:47] Guthur umm syntax is incorrect
[17:48] pieterh Guthur: syntax looks correct, yes, and the command runs successfully?
[17:48] pieterh private_meta: indeed, it doesn't work... checking why...
[17:53] Guthur oh wait
[17:53] michelp pieterh, sound very interesting, i'll keep tinkering on my end for learning purposes until it comes out. I'm also happy to proof read anything from a beginners point of view if you need that
[17:53] pieterh michelp: what really helps is running the examples from the guide, each one, and verifying that they work
[17:54] michelp yeah i've been doing that, which is why i'm only up to ch 3 at this point
[17:54] michelp i've been running them in python but I know C so i've been using both as a guide to understanding
[17:54] pieterh :-) you won't need any training
[17:55] michelp hopefully not, but we have 7 folks on our team and i was thinking it might be worth having a group training session in the future if we can swing it
[17:55] Guthur pieterh: the javac wasn't in the Path
[17:55] Guthur hopefully should work now
[17:55] michelp which is one reason why i was hoping maybe someone from imatix would be at OSCON :)
[17:56] pieterh Guthur: worth noting on the Java bindings page, perhaps (you can edit it)
[17:56] Guthur sure
[17:56] pieterh michelp: we didn't plan to go
[17:56] Guthur How does one generate a lib file again?
[17:56] Guthur oh wait I think that is documented
[17:56] michelp yeah it's expensive. not to mention travel. are you guys in the netherlands?
[17:57] pieterh Brussels
[17:57] pieterh Belgium
[17:58] pieterh It's more a question of time really, plus we've found that presentations from actual 0MQ users are more effective than our own, often
[17:59] michelp ah nice, i've never been. been to just about every country around it except Luxembourg
[17:59] michelp one of these days hopefully
[18:00] Guthur ok binding page updated
[18:02] pieterh private_meta: there was a bug in ppqueue
[18:02] pieterh it was inserting an extra null frame at the front of the message
[18:03] pieterh line 165, in the C code:
[18:03] pieterh - zmsg_wrap (msg, identity, "");
[18:03] pieterh + zmsg_push (msg, identity);
[18:03] pieterh thanks for catching this!
[18:06] private_meta thanks for fixing it
[18:06] private_meta I'll test it a lil while later
[18:06] sustrik pieterh: an idea about version numbering
[18:07] Guthur is there something on the wiki about building libzmq as a static lib
[18:07] sustrik the guarantees for minor version number bump is not clear atm
[18:07] Guthur the java binding seems to want one
[18:07] sustrik what if it says: "minor version number is incremented when stable branch is forked from the master"
[18:09] sustrik Guthur: what OS?
[18:09] Guthur sustrik: Win32
[18:10] Guthur I think I have it though
[18:10] Guthur sorry
[18:10] Guthur sustrik: btw why is there an @ before your name
[18:10] Guthur are you ops
[18:10] sustrik Guthur: iirc building a static lib on win32 is a problem
[18:10] sustrik yup
[18:11] Guthur umm yeah it does seem to be an issue
[18:11] Guthur this is problematic
[18:11] Guthur jzmq wants a lib
[18:11] sustrik but jzmq used to work with dlls before
[18:11] sustrik have that changed?
[18:12] Guthur umm not sure, it's complaining at me about not finding a libzmq.lib
[18:13] sustrik ah
[18:14] sustrik win32 is strange
[18:14] Guthur yes, that it is
[18:14] Guthur not my first choice to be sure
[18:14] sustrik .lib is used even when doing dynamic linking
[18:14] sustrik it's basically a table of entry points
[18:14] sustrik it's located in lib subdir afterm msvc build
[18:14] sustrik iirc
[18:17] Guthur so it should be getting generated
[18:22] Guthur where is the platform tweaks
[18:27] Guthur i can generate a lib but then I get loads of unresolved external symbols
[18:42] sustrik like zmq_init() and such?
[18:44] Guthur __imp__zmq_init
[18:44] Guthur etc
[18:48] sustrik can you report that on the mailing list
[18:48] sustrik it looks like it is possibly connected to the recent changes regarding symbol visibility
[18:49] Guthur ah sure, I'll an old version to check
[18:49] Guthur I'd really like to have something for tomorrw
[18:49] Guthur I colleague wants to bridge from JMS to C#
[18:50] Guthur with possibility for client/server setup
[18:50] Guthur I'd like to show him a 0MQ solution
[18:51] Guthur sustrik: when was that update you mentioned
[19:22] mikko pieterh: there?
[20:00] sustrik Guthur: december, i think
[20:04] Guthur sustrik, ok, I'll try an earlier version
[20:05] Guthur I'm back home now though, on a much saner platform, hehe
[21:11] mikko pieterh: there now?
[22:05] mikko Guthur: are you michael?
[22:07] Guthur mikko, Indeed
[22:07] mikko
[22:08] mikko is this related to your problem?
[22:08] mikko i remember something related to VS2010 being funny
[22:08] Guthur I haven't been encountering any issues until I tried jzmq
[22:09] Guthur I'll double check that though
[22:09] Guthur but I am confident it was outputting to the correct directory
[22:09] Guthur I'm just freeing up some space on my wins VM here, then I will try again
[22:23] sed Is anyone around to answer a couple of questions about ZMQ
[22:23] sed ?
[22:28] Guthur ask and you shall receive...
[22:28] Guthur ...maybe
[22:31] cremes sed: that means yes
[22:31] sed we have been testing out ZMQ for about a month and are very impressed with what it can do. However we have noticed memory issues with the bindings in C C++ and perl.
[22:32] sed over the course of several weeks we see memory usage rise uniformally across multiple servers
[22:32] sed also when running tests on single nodes top shows usage increasing
[22:33] mikko sed: are you closing the messages ?
[22:33] sed qwe are trying to identify the cause of this and what steps can be taken to avoid having to restart every 2 weeks
[22:33] sed yes
[22:33] cremes sed: are you closing and recreating sockets often?
[22:34] sed no the sockets remain open
[22:35] cremes it's hard to say; an example that illustrates the problem in C or C++ would be great
[22:35] cremes i have seen some memory leaks but they are due to closing/reopening sockets very rapidly
[22:35] cremes i haven't heard about memory leakage with sockets that remain open indefinitely
[22:36] cremes are you running 2.1.x or 2.0.x?
[22:36] sed 2.1.x
[22:37] cremes what kind of sockets? (btw, feel free to provide more details without requiring us to interrogate you)
[22:38] sed pulling up example code now 1 sec
[22:39] sed #include <stdio.h>
[22:39] sed #include <iostream>
[22:39] sed #include "zmq.hpp"
[22:39] sed int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
[22:39] sed int type, tm, uid, pid, city;
[22:39] sed char msg[20000], ip[20], host[100], cont[100], act[100], post[2000], get[2000];
[22:39] sed // prepare our sockets and context with 1 I/O thread
[22:39] sed zmq::context_t context(1);
[22:39] sed // Connect to subscriber
[22:39] sed zmq::socket_t subscriber(context, ZMQ_SUB);
[22:39] sed subscriber.setsockopt(ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE, "", 0);
[22:39] sed subscriber.connect("tcp://s2hs-mw-cas1:5566");
[22:39] sed while(1) {
[22:39] sed zmq::message_t* message = new zmq::message_t;
[22:39] sed subscriber.recv(message, ZMQ_NOBLOCK);
[22:39] sed strncpy(msg, static_cast<char *>(message->data()), message->size());
[22:39] sed delete message;
[22:39] sed type = atoi(&msg[0]);
[22:39] sed if (type == 3)
[22:40] sed {
[22:40] sed sscanf(msg,"%d %d %d %s %s %d %d %s %s %s %s", &type, &tm, &uid, &ip, &host, &pid, &city, &cont, &act, &post, &get);
[22:40] sed std::cout << msg << "\n";
[22:40] sed }
[22:40] sed memset ( (void *) &msg, 0, sizeof(msg));
[22:40] sed }
[22:40] sed free (subscriber);
[22:40] sed return 0;
[22:40] sed }
[22:40] sed that is a simple example script that we see the leak on
[22:40] Guthur sed: you really really, should use pastebin
[22:40] cremes sed: yeah, i can't read that; use or to post code
[22:41] sed
[22:44] cremes sed: how quickly does it leak? a few bytes for each message? is it a time based leak? e.g. it leaks even when messages aren't coming in
[22:44] sed we have 40000 messages/sec at all times. Would have to run seperate tests to get that data
[22:46] Guthur i know it's not really relevant to the issue, but should that recv not be a blocking call
[22:47] cremes sed: does the publisher leak memory or just the subscriber?
[22:47] sed est 24k per minute
[22:47] cremes cool
[22:47] jond sed: I don't think recv should be non blocking, the message doesnt need to be on the heap and the free at end is just wrong
[22:47] cremes i see this is over tcp transport; any chance you could do a test where publisher & subscriber communicate via inproc transport?
[22:50] sed going to get a script running on the same box
[22:50] Guthur sed: Which platform, out of curiosity
[22:52] sed centos
[22:54] mikko sed: you shouldnt free subscriber
[22:54] mikko at the ed
[22:55] mikko end*
[22:55] mikko sed: also, you dont need to dynamically allocate 'message'
[22:56] sed yeah that was just testing if it was related
[22:56] mikko that shouldnt leak
[22:56] mikko as far as i can see
[22:57] jond mikko: what time are you going to the pub tomorrow? hoping not to get my bag stolen this time.....
[22:57] mikko jond: dont take a bag with you!
[22:57] mikko jond: i probably get off from work around 17:30
[22:57] mikko heading to white horse after that so will be there around 18:00
[22:58] jond mikko: i have started doing that, learned the hard way
[22:58] mikko jond: hows life nowadays?
[22:58] mikko i guess we can chat tomorrow
[22:59] jond better than before xmas .....
[22:59] mikko sed: the only thing i can think of is if messages pile up
[22:59] jond i've found a bug in xrep today
[22:59] mikko jond: is it related to identities?
[23:01] jond when the pipe is full when processing identity message leaves socket in bad state
[23:01] jond i also don't think the HWM is honoured correctly but I'd need to show martin
[23:02] jond I'm just reading up on how to submit a patch cos I havent done one for months....
[23:12] mikko clone the repo, commit the change
[23:12] mikko and do git format-patch -s
[23:19] cremes this project has the most F'ed up submission policy; it's different from nearly every other github project
[23:24] jond mikko: I've sent patch to list. I think I got it right ...
[23:26] jond cremes: yep, it's like the version numbering. using master seems to be safest!!!
[23:26] cremes jond: don't get me started on that either :)
[23:27] cremes this is the only project i know that spawns a *new* repository for a branch
[23:30] Guthur a conscientious should be reached on this issue
[23:30] Guthur it seems to annoy a few people
[23:30] cremes concensus?
[23:30] Guthur cremes, yep
[23:30] cremes :)
[23:30] Guthur hehe trusted the spell checker too much
[23:31] cremes i don't feel like fighting this particular battle; i'm not much of a C guy so my patches (if any) will be rare
[23:31] mikko jond: didnt look at the contents but the format of the patch looks good
[23:31] cremes but it seems to me like it increases the learning curve quite a bit for people new to the project
[23:32] mikko im not fan of the dual repos either
[23:32] mikko but that seems to work for pieterh and sustrik so i guess its ok
[23:32] mikko the version numbering though is very odd for 2.1.x
[23:33] cremes yes
[23:37] jond mikko: just posted a note to the list about the operator void * on socket which allows that call to free to compile in example code above