Wednesday February 23, 2011

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[00:06] leiger Hey, is Pieter here?
[00:22] cremes sustrik: got a repro for you here:
[00:22] cremes it affects tcp and ipc transports
[00:23] cremes sustrik: if you'd like, i can set this up under your account on my box so you can see it since i assume you don't plan
[00:23] cremes to install ruby and the dependent libraries
[00:23] cremes let me know
[00:34] lt_schmidt_jr Hi guys, is anyone compiling zmq for multiple platforms?
[00:35] lt_schmidt_jr anyone do jar packaging for binaries for java?
[00:56] kdj I am having a problem uninstalling an older version of pyzmq...
[00:56] kdj I mean a newer version, actually
[00:56] kdj I have pyzmq 2.1.0 installed, I want to revert to pyzmq2.0.10
[00:57] kdj I remove the directory and .egg from site-packages, and the module seems removed...
[00:57] kdj But when I re-install it, the zmq_version() is still 2.1.0, *except* for in the shell I installed from O_o
[00:57] kdj This is in Windows
[00:59] kdj Oh, it is because I am in the directory in which zmq is located. I still don't get how they're not the same...
[01:37] erickt hello #zeromq. I noticed that the HEAD of zeromq2 doesn't seem to be building and installing the documentation.
[01:42] jugg erickt, check the output of ./configure, you're probably missing a dependency.
[01:44] Steve-o which should be asciidoc
[01:45] erickt I got both asciidoc and xmlto installed. "make dist" properly builds all the docs
[01:47] Steve-o didn't someone catch this on the list recently
[01:48] erickt ah yeah the documentation does build correctly with v2.1.0
[01:49] Steve-o or maybe a new side effect with the new support
[02:00] erickt oh, haha, it's all my fault
[02:01] erickt I'm trying to get zeromq to build outside of the checkout directory and I messed up getting the doc builds to work :)
[04:54] cremes andrewvc: ping
[04:54] andrewvc yo
[04:54] andrewvc sitting next to evanphx right now
[04:55] cremes get it up on flickr
[04:55] cremes :)
[04:55] andrewvc lol
[04:55] andrewvc we're looking at that zmq bug actually, going through mailbox.cpp
[04:55] cremes so which bug are you and evan chatting about?
[04:55] andrewvc I think yours was a separate one, something about kernel buffers?
[04:55] andrewvc this is the one I hit a while ago that jruby doesn't have
[04:56] cremes the new_sndbuf > old_sndbuf assertion?
[04:56] andrewvc mmm this is nbytes != -1 EBADF
[04:57] andrewvc mailbox.cpp 241
[04:57] andrewvc that one
[04:57] cremes ah, your file descriptor one
[04:57] andrewvc yep
[05:00] cremes btw, i think 0mq is a pretty good exercise of rbx's ffi impl
[05:44] andrewvc cremes: still around?
[05:45] cremes barely; what's up?
[05:46] andrewvc yo, not much, but have a bit of a lead on the issue
[05:47] andrewvc basically, zmq is shutting down, but a call to zmqgetsockopt gets through
[05:47] andrewvc though the socket has been closed zmq doesn't see it
[05:47] andrewvc btw, evan was saying we should probably not use finalizers, as they can be dangerous
[05:47] cremes so it's shutting down when you do the getsockopt call?
[05:47] andrewvc basically, it's easy to have to FFI pointers to the same data
[05:47] andrewvc it shuts down before
[05:47] andrewvc but the getsockopt gets through later
[05:48] cremes hrm...
[05:48] andrewvc and zmq blows up, because an internal FD it uses for that socket, an FD for a socketpair, has been closed
[05:48] cremes so what's this about finalizers? don't use 'em for auto-gc?
[05:48] andrewvc the cpp mailbox object seems to have been deleted, but not overwritten, but the ffi socket still points to it
[05:48] andrewvc that's from evan btw
[05:49] cremes the ffi socket...?
[05:49] andrewvc ZMQ::Socket
[05:49] andrewvc the actual pointer to the socket
[05:49] cremes the socketpairs are used for internal signaling, so they aren't exposed to us via ffi at all
[05:49] cremes ok, zmq.socket
[05:49] andrewvc yeah, but I think they're still tied to the socket
[05:50] evan hi cremes
[05:50] andrewvc evan's going to pop in
[05:50] evan :D
[05:50] cremes howdeee
[05:50] evan so, real fast
[05:50] evan here's how I see it.
[05:50] andrewvc lol
[05:50] evan FFI -> zmq::getsockopt -> zmq::process_commands -> zmq::mailbox::recv
[05:51] evan those last 3 are in C++, in zmq's code base
[05:51] cremes hey, when you work 22 hours a day, a dram is all the vacation you need :)
[05:51] evan the FFI is called from the getsockopt method
[05:51] cremes right
[05:51] evan ZMQ_EVENTS is the option requested
[05:51] cremes k
[05:51] evan it appears that zmq has deleted the mailbox in question
[05:52] evan we're still able to access it because the FFI side has a hanging pointer to where it used to be
[05:52] evan and it hasn't been overriden
[05:52] evan I believe it has been deleted because I can see that the destructor for the mailbox is what closes the socketpari
[05:52] evan and I know that we're getting the EBADF on the socketpair in a mailbox
[05:52] cremes ok, then that's a bug
[05:53] evan all of that leads me to believe that zmq has decided to shutdown
[05:53] evan either because of an internal condition
[05:53] evan or because it was requested to
[05:53] evan but FFI was not told zmq was shutting down
[05:53] evan and thus still holds pointers to the C++ objects that have been deleted
[05:53] cremes the socketpair is used for signaling between the virtual socket and the i/o thread that handles all send/recv on the back-end
[05:53] cremes so if what you are saying is true
[05:54] cremes then we need to show a repro and get them to fix that up
[05:54] cremes the socket should only shut down under 2 conditions
[05:54] andrewvc well, I think that's all in the strace and backtrace I showed previously
[05:54] cremes 1. zmq_close() is called on the socket
[05:54] andrewvc but I didn't frame it right
[05:54] andrewvc well, I never called zmq_close on the socket
[05:54] cremes 2. zmq_term() is called on the context to shut *everything* down
[05:54] andrewvc we're not sure why it's being shut down
[05:54] cremes ok, then 3. bug
[05:55] andrewvc in my app I never call those things, it could be related to a ruby exception, or perhaps an exception in eventmachine's cext
[05:55] andrewvc since moving to jruby fixed the issue
[05:55] evan #1 and #2 need to be verified that they're not happening
[05:55] evan because of the extra indirection of the FFI binding
[05:55] andrewvc yep
[05:55] cremes yeah, breakpoints on those c++ functions
[05:55] evan it seems possible that zmq_term was called (perhaps by a finalizer?)
[05:56] cremes only if a context is garbage collected
[05:56] evan sure
[05:56] cremes and *only* under 2.1.0... it activates that code based on the version of the 0mq lib that is loaded
[05:56] evan basically, you need to verify if those are happening.
[05:56] evan or not happening
[05:56] evan when the bug occurs
[05:56] andrewvc oh, well this was off zmq HEAD
[05:56] evan only then can you proceed to #3
[05:56] cremes agreed (evan)
[05:57] evan additionally, you can certainly repro this all in C++
[05:57] cremes maybe andrewvc can ... ;)
[05:57] evan you can see if calling zmq_term, then zmq_getsockopt causes an EBADF
[05:57] evan it seems likely it would :)
[05:57] andrewvc lol, I'd actually really like to, I'll put some more time into this this weekend
[05:57] cremes that's easy enough to try
[05:58] cremes there are certainly bugs in 0mq; i found another today that i've been chasing for the last 4 days
[05:58] cremes i sent them a repro (in ruby)
[05:58] evan cremes: yeah, I told andrewvc about that one.
[05:58] evan the buffer bug.
[05:58] cremes yeah, the same code also crashes rbx... right
[05:58] andrewvc yeah
[05:59] cremes well, this is all pretty exciting
[05:59] cremes thanks for taking some time to dive into this... are you guys as a BoF or something?
[05:59] cremes s/as/at/
[05:59] andrewvc we're both usually at LA Ruby hack nights on tues
[05:59] cremes ah...
[06:00] andrewvc actually evan's a cofounder, him and shane becker run it
[06:00] cremes cool.... well, you certainly brought in a knotty problem tonight
[06:00] andrewvc what's a BoF
[06:00] cremes birds of a feather
[06:00] cremes it's a wwdc term
[06:00] andrewvc yeah, I'm glad evan took a look at it, really interesting stuff going through zeromq internals tracking it down
[06:01] cremes heh, i bet evan had some comments on that codebase
[06:01] andrewvc lol
[06:01] andrewvc how did you know
[06:01] cremes i've seen rbx c++ and it's nothing like 0mq c++
[06:01] cremes :)
[06:01] andrewvc hehe
[06:01] cremes d'oh! this is all in-channel! heh heh
[06:02] evan cremes: yeah, I did
[06:02] evan *eyeroll*
[06:02] evan :D
[06:02] cremes that's why i'm a ruby guy; i have a hard enough time making that look good let alone attempt c++ anymore
[06:02] cremes !!
[06:02] cremes well, thanks for digging into this
[06:02] cremes i
[06:03] cremes think between andrewvc and i we can probably produce a repro for these guys
[06:03] cremes that ZMQ_EVENTS code is still pretty new
[06:03] cremes and likely needs more shake-down
[06:04] cremes andrewvc: are you doing your dripdrop testing under rbx full-time yet?
[06:04] andrewvc hah, switched to jruby because of this bug
[06:04] andrewvc but if I get this back under control, I'm back on rbx
[06:04] cremes pussy
[06:04] cremes ;)
[06:04] evan cremes: cool.
[06:04] andrewvc lol, well, I like my stack traces with my errors
[06:05] cremes it doesn't make a lot of sense that this would work under jruby but break under rbx, yes?
[06:05] andrewvc well, eventmachine has a different java core
[06:05] cremes zmq should behave the same in both scenarios
[06:05] andrewvc so maybe there's an interaction with the cext
[06:05] evan also
[06:05] andrewvc or maybe I'm crazy
[06:05] cremes crazy
[06:05] evan if it is something with finalizers
[06:05] evan jruby could have very different finalizer run patterns than rbx
[06:05] evan jsut throwing that out there.
[06:06] andrewvc yep, I'll try removing finalizers as well
[06:06] cremes finalizers are easy to disable; andrewvc : give that a try
[06:06] andrewvc I definitely will
[06:06] cremes yeah, the finalizers could be the culprit
[06:06] cremes most of these commands run async on the i/o thread so timing can play a part
[06:07] evan cremes: i'm packing up my laptop
[06:07] andrewvc it was always reproducible in sequence though
[06:07] andrewvc I as well, they're closing down
[06:07] evan talk to ya tomorrow, back on the battlefield!
[06:07] andrewvc I'll ttyl chuck
[06:07] cremes evan: g'night
[06:07] cremes goodnight to all!
[06:07] cremes happy hacking
[07:31] sustrik andrewvc,evan,cremes: just a minor note:
[07:31] andrewvc yo
[07:31] sustrik in 2.1, zmq_term() should not invalidate the socekts
[07:31] sustrik what it does
[07:31] sustrik it causes the socket to return ETERM on any subsequent call
[07:31] sustrik and wait for the user to close the socket
[07:32] sustrik so you should not see EBADF in such case
[07:32] sustrik if you do, it's a bug
[07:32] andrewvc oh, cool, btw I found the answer to that issue I had sustrik
[07:32] andrewvc the weird one with the strace and everything
[07:32] sustrik what was that?
[07:33] andrewvc Well, haven't tested it fully yet, but I'm fairly sure that eventmachine was catching a ruby exception, and then trying to shutdown() and close() all its FDs
[07:33] andrewvc including the ZMQ ones
[07:33] andrewvc which is not good
[07:33] sustrik i see
[07:33] andrewvc thanks for taking a look at it though
[07:33] sustrik so you've used closed socket afterwards, right?
[07:34] andrewvc well, yeah, the zmq_socket wasn't closed, but the FD that ZMQ_FD exposes was
[07:34] sustrik oh my
[07:34] sustrik :)
[07:34] andrewvc yeah, that's why it was so odd to track down lol
[07:35] andrewvc thanks for the heads up on zmq_term
[08:05] CIA-21 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r820fec7 10/ include/zmq.h :
[08:05] CIA-21 zeromq2: Version bumped to 2.2.0
[08:05] CIA-21 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <> -
[08:33] ianbarber the blog post does kind of just dismiss the idea that a event driven/actor model is practical - but the issue of losing control flow he describes are basically true of any callback based language, like javascript for example. I would also think the control flow problems would occur in any language which is more declarative than imperative, and there are many succesful examples of those too, so I'm not so sure that the negative poin
[08:33] ianbarber good one
[08:33] ianbarber the stuff about STM looks good, just seems the case against message passing is a bit thin
[08:36] ianbarber even the paper references, the base MP implementation is in C, for students, which is not necessarily a sensible thing. I would suspect if it were given to Erlang or javascript coders, you'd have different results, as there is a slightly different mindset.
[08:36] Guthur I had a little trouble buying into his arguments against MP, but I thought maybe it was because I was sold on 0MQ as one solution to concurrency problems
[08:39] sustrik i think he's right that implementing a complex application using MP can be really complex
[08:39] sustrik you have hundreds or thousands of components
[08:39] guido_g hrhrhr
[08:39] sustrik sending messages randomly among them
[08:40] sustrik you have little idea of how ordering is going to look like
[08:40] guido_g isn't implementig a complex application always... complex?
[08:40] sustrik etc.
[08:40] sustrik yes, what he's saying is that complexity of MP solution on shared-data solution is more or less the same
[08:41] Guthur well, I suppose it's better than the complexity multiplier of locking strategies
[08:41] sustrik hard to say, some research would be needed
[08:42] sustrik what really makes difference imo is being able to decompose message flows
[08:42] sustrik into sensible well defined subsystems
[08:42] ianbarber yeah
[08:43] guido_g the message as/is the interface
[08:43] sustrik which, of course, is what message patterns do
[08:43] sustrik you can't send messages randomly back and forth
[08:43] ianbarber i think that for practically building complex systems, it is often about choosing the right pre-existing tools to do the job, the building on to your own
[08:43] sustrik you have to say: this is my pub/sub channel
[08:43] sustrik and that's what it is
[08:45] sustrik so you have clear idea how the communication work
[08:45] ianbarber you know, there's a lot about distributed processing different types of work, but if i have to do one kind i'll use piccolo, another a database, and ideally you'd have a good substrate for having those bits communicate efficiently, and 0mq is good for that. i see a fair few projects that I wish they had used it on the underlying layer, as it would be more reliable than their current communication solution, and more extensible at th
[08:45] ianbarber level
[08:46] sustrik yes
[08:47] sustrik i think any programmer that's in business for some time have written at least a couple of ad hoc communication solutions :)
[08:47] Guthur Microsoft Research were looking into STM in C# (SXM), but the last update was 2005, seems a long time ago
[08:48] sustrik the problem with STM, obviosuly, is that it doesn't scale
[08:49] Guthur we are finding scaling issues with our inter threading stuff already
[08:50] Guthur I couldn't sell them on MP(0MQ), so they decided to try with explicit locking
[08:50] Guthur it's taken at least twice as long, so far, and it still doesn't work
[08:52] Guthur Thats why I was looking for concurrency articles, I really want to convince them of the difficulty in developing scalable solutions for our problem
[08:52] sustrik what's "inter threading"?
[08:52] Guthur sorry, I meant communicating between threads
[08:53] sustrik i see
[08:53] Guthur it's still that same problem I have talked about a week or 2 ago
[08:53] Guthur have/had
[08:55] Guthur N request threads waiting for data from async reply threads
[09:05] pieterh Guthur: are we still discussing that blog post?
[09:05] pieterh What he seems to be saying is "I don't have decent MP patterns, so I'm going to invent a better shared memory technology"
[09:07] pieterh it is a straw man blog post
[09:08] pieterh sustrik_ thanks for the NEWS update, how do we apply this to the two branches now?
[09:19] pieterh mikko: you around?
[09:20] sustrik pieterh: the news are specific to the release
[09:20] sustrik thus 2.1.1 release notes make no sense in 2.2 branch
[09:20] pieterh sustrik_ ... the NEWS in your master should be a complete history, no?
[09:20] pieterh do you intend to remove old release notes?
[09:21] pieterh it goes back to version 0.2...
[09:22] sustrik but it doesn't make sense once you have two branches
[09:22] pieterh i really want my branch to be passive, not fragment the main git
[09:24] pieterh everything in your NEWS file is for historical interest
[09:24] pieterh I'd recommend that remain a complete record of all officially released versions
[09:24] pieterh if someone forks a branch and makes their own patches, that's different
[09:25] pieterh but this is about a continuous recorded history
[09:25] sustrik the problem is that there are overlaps
[09:25] pieterh for example the same patch on 2.2 and 2.1?
[09:25] sustrik yes
[09:25] pieterh we handled that in OpenAMQ quite easily
[09:26] sustrik but the main problem is there's *no* 2.1 history in 2.2 repo
[09:26] sustrik so placing 2.1 release notes there is inconsistent
[09:26] pieterh there is no 2.1 tag in 2.2 repo, that's true
[09:27] pieterh I don't know what you mean by "there is no 2.1 history"
[09:27] sustrik git repo doesn't contain the 2.1 branch
[09:27] pieterh a branch is not history
[09:27] sustrik you've created separate repo yesterday
[09:28] pieterh a branch is just an access path
[09:28] sustrik so the NEWs in 2.2 repo would refer to code in 2.1 repo
[09:28] pieterh yes
[09:28] pieterh and since we're coordinating between the two repos, using pull requests, etc. that's normal
[09:29] pieterh look, I can fork the NEWS file, np, but it is IMO wrong and we'll have to fix it up later
[09:29] sustrik it's ok imo
[09:29] pieterh this will lead to the 2.1 repo becoming detached in some sense
[09:30] sustrik that's the goal, isn't it
[09:30] pieterh that only makes sense if we likewise detach a 2.0 repo at some point
[09:30] pieterh in that case, yes
[09:30] sustrik you can detach 2.0 if you want
[09:30] sustrik i'm happy with that
[09:31] pieterh happy = formal approval? :-)
[09:31] sustrik yes. i'll be happy to get rid of it :)
[09:31] pieterh ok, we have a good plan then
[09:31] pieterh get 2.0 out of your hair as well
[09:31] pieterh and provide an easy way to maintain these parallel versions
[09:32] pieterh we do have people using 2.0 in production and there will be patches on it at some point
[09:32] pieterh so we're into three rolling versions, which is where I like to be...
[09:32] pieterh boring, normal, exciting...
[09:33] sustrik ok
[09:33] pieterh sustrik_: thanks, I have everything I need to make the release now
[09:33] pieterh just let me grab a coffee...
[09:34] pieterh oh, everyone, I have news that Brett Cameron (who ported 0MQ to OpenVMS), who lives in Christchurch NZ, is safe, though his house was badly damaged
[09:53] mikko pieterh: am now
[09:54] pieterh mikko: just in time... what's the status of OpenPGM wrt MSVC on the master?
[09:54] mikko pieterh: builds without issues
[09:54] mikko there is WithOpenPGM build target
[09:54] mikko no wait
[09:55] pieterh excellent, that's what... wait...
[09:55] mikko it's broken
[09:55] pieterh ok, that's fine
[09:55] mikko
[09:55] mikko it's fixed it seems. there was an issue using different definition of bool between the two iirc
[09:56] mikko these snapshots are built with pgm enabled
[09:56] mikko so in theory people can just download the dll and import library
[09:56] pieterh lovely
[09:56] pieterh I'm making the 2.1.1 (rc1) release now
[09:57] mikko this means that autoconf builds for openpgm have to wait until 2.2.x ?
[09:57] pieterh we can try to get them into rc2, np
[09:57] mikko ok cool
[09:58] pieterh i'm aiming at three releases, so stable after rc2, depending on how many issues we have
[09:58] mikko people are gonna test it when it's stable anyway
[09:58] pieterh you think people won't use an rc?
[09:59] mikko well, the large majority will only jump ship when it's stable
[09:59] pieterh we'll see, if no-one reports issues on the rcs then next time we can lie and just push straight from git master to stable
[09:59] pieterh and then continue with service packs... :-)
[10:00] mikko paid-for service packs
[10:00] mikko like windows back in the day
[10:01] sustrik pieterh: just keep on incrementing the third version number
[10:01] sustrik no need for dourth one
[10:01] sustrik fourth
[10:01] pieterh sustrik_: yes, that's always the case but the problem is the 'beta' vs. 'stable' terminology
[10:01] sustrik a
[10:01] sustrik ok
[10:01] pieterh we need a finer, more precise terminology
[10:02] pieterh in fact there are three levels afaics
[10:02] pieterh ABI version, package/software version, stability level
[10:02] sustrik the stability level is pretty informal concept
[10:03] pieterh yet it's the most critical for users
[10:03] sustrik one man's beta is another man's stable
[10:03] mikko patch level some say
[10:03] pieterh no, it's a statement of collective confidence
[10:03] pieterh "you can trust this for production"
[10:03] pieterh "we recommend you use this for new projects"
[10:03] pieterh "this version is boring and old but very well known"
[10:03] pieterh etc.
[10:04] mikko
[10:04] pieterh mikko: APR has been "boring and old and very well known" since 1999
[10:04] pieterh ok, I'll make it up as I go along and if anyone dislikes my terminology, just shout
[10:05] mikko sustrik_: is there a plan to merge zmq devices into one binary?
[10:06] pieterh mikko: I'd like to remove device main programs from the core
[10:06] sustrik there's a plan to drop the devices altogether
[10:06] pieterh I already did this in 2.0.7 or so but it was rolled back
[10:06] sustrik yeah, but can't do that till 3.0
[10:06] pieterh sustrik_: why not? it's not an API issue
[10:06] pieterh the *main* programs, not the zmq_devices() function
[10:06] sustrik it's a backward comaptibility issue
[10:07] pieterh sustrik_: how?
[10:07] sustrik you install a new version and suddenly the devices you were using are no longer there
[10:07] pieterh the device main programs are not even documented, nor finished, nor really usable
[10:08] pieterh no configuration, no command line control, nothing
[10:08] mikko they have xml config
[10:08] pieterh sorry, yes, they do
[10:08] pieterh I'd like to move them out of core ASAP
[10:08] sustrik i've promised to keep backwards compatibility till next major version
[10:08] sustrik and i'll keep the promise
[10:08] pieterh sustrik_: it's for APIs, not these addons
[10:09] pieterh that's what it says in the contract
[10:09] pieterh "Updates don't change API, ABI, wire protocol or semantics. "
[10:09] pieterh it's quite explicit
[10:10] pieterh Plus, "New minor version allows for new functionality (i.e. new APIs), slight changes to the semantics etc."
[10:10] sustrik exactly
[10:10] sustrik command lines are part of the API
[10:10] pieterh not unless they are documented
[10:10] pieterh the devices are not documented
[10:10] sustrik :)
[10:10] pieterh I rest my case, m'lod
[10:10] pieterh further... as long as they sit in core, they are not improved
[10:11] sustrik yes, they are freezed
[10:11] pieterh I have far superior code ready
[10:11] sustrik marked to be removed in 3.0
[10:11] pieterh bleh
[10:11] sustrik backward compatibility
[10:11] sustrik shrug
[10:11] pieterh I bet you a beer: ask on zeromq-dev if anyone objects to moving these today to another repo
[10:11] pieterh each objection, 1 beer I owe you
[10:12] sustrik it's not about concensus, it's about contract
[10:12] sustrik so that even those that are not on the ml have clear guarantees
[10:12] pieterh so point me to the contract that covers these device main programs
[10:12] sustrik about upgrading
[10:12] pieterh either documentation
[10:12] pieterh or explicit contract...
[10:12] pieterh where?
[10:13] sustrik "Updates don't change API, ABI, wire protocol or semantics"
[10:13] pieterh SYNOPSIS
[10:13] pieterh To be written.
[10:13] pieterh DESCRIPTION
[10:13] pieterh To be written.
[10:13] pieterh OPTIONS
[10:13] pieterh To be written.
[10:13] pieterh if you define undocumented command lines as "API"... well...
[10:13] pieterh fine
[10:13] sustrik application interface
[10:13] sustrik that's it
[10:14] pieterh "To be written" is not an API contract
[10:14] pieterh sorry, but it's not
[10:14] pieterh "read the code" is not a contract
[10:14] sustrik the API itself is the contract
[10:14] pieterh documentation is the very basis of a contract
[10:14] pieterh you have used that argument yourself on multiple occasions
[10:14] pieterh "I've deliberately not documented it so that I can change or remove it"
[10:14] pieterh well, whatever
[10:14] sustrik yes, but then i've got yelled on on several occassions
[10:15] sustrik so i've written the contract
[10:15] pieterh shrug
[10:15] sustrik let me make the cotract more precise about the guarantees...
[10:16] mikko i think martin has a good point here
[10:16] mikko this might break for example possible automated builds people are using
[10:16] mikko etc
[10:16] pieterh basically, by insisting that these addons remain in core, you're throttling the use of devices
[10:16] pieterh mikko: it's for a 2.2 release at best
[10:16] sustrik wait a sec
[10:17] sustrik why throttling?
[10:17] mikko pieterh: what do you mean by that?
[10:17] pieterh well, look at the code, and docs
[10:17] pieterh compare to...
[10:17] mikko can we document that these devices are provided as an example? and setup a separate wiki page for devices people create?
[10:17] sustrik people should write their own devices
[10:17] pieterh mikko asks a question that was resolved ages ago
[10:17] sustrik or you can provide them as a library
[10:18] pieterh done that, done that
[10:18] sustrik what's the problem then?
[10:18] pieterh but as long as these remain in zeromq2, people will assume those are the only official devices
[10:18] pieterh and they are not maintained
[10:18] pieterh and they are not documented
[10:18] sustrik ok, let me fix the docs
[10:18] pieterh and they are rubbish
[10:18] pieterh sorry, but XML dependencies in 0MQ core is rubbish
[10:18] sustrik it'll say: obsolete, marked for removal in 3.0
[10:18] mikko hi Steve-o
[10:18] Steve-o hi mikko
[10:18] mikko Steve-o: minor build problem: solaris studio 12.2 + autoconf
[10:19] mikko i don't actually know what the error means
[10:19] Steve-o wondered what changes I need for Solaris
[10:19] mikko this is on linux
[10:19] Steve-o I know the ticket locks will be broken
[10:19] Steve-o the concept doesn't work on SPARC processors
[10:19] mikko this is x86 linux + solaris studio 12.2
[10:20] Steve-o oracle studio I think its called now?
[10:20] Steve-o or oracle solaris studio
[10:20] mikko hehe
[10:20] mikko possibly
[10:20] Steve-o what's the error? I'll have the machines up tomorrow
[10:20] sustrik Steve-o, mikko: can you possibly check whether steve's recent update solved the bool issue with MSVC?
[10:20] Steve-o fixed OSX today
[10:20] mikko Steve-o: give me a sec
[10:20] mikko sustrik_: the daily build seems ok
[10:21] sustrik so you are building from opepgm head?
[10:21] sustrik rather then embeedded openpgm in 0mq?
[10:21] mikko Steve-o:
[10:22] mikko sustrik_: not quite
[10:22] mikko sustrik_: it's not against head but it's using openpgm different than one shipped with zeromq
[10:22] sustrik i haven't updated the embedded patckage yet...
[10:22] sustrik ah
[10:22] sustrik so should i upgrade?
[10:22] mikko MSVC is difficult about this
[10:23] mikko sustrik_: i think we should update as soon as we can iron out the autoconf build to be stable enough
[10:23] mikko and do it in same go
[10:23] sustrik ok, good
[10:23] sustrik i'll wait then
[10:23] mikko MSVC people will most likely build using openpgm installer anyway
[10:23] mikko but
[10:23] mikko i havent updated openpgm on that box for a while
[10:24] sustrik the build used to fail few days ago
[10:24] sustrik now it builds
[10:24] sustrik something must have changed
[10:24] mikko hmm
[10:24] mikko i wonder if the MSVC is smart enough to do incremental build properly
[10:24] sustrik last failed build fed 22nd, 5 am
[10:24] mikko as it seems here:
[10:25] mikko unrelated changes but it touched the files
[10:25] sustrik could that be the reason?
[10:26] sustrik it would make sense then
[10:26] Steve-o mikko: OK its a typo, should be lock; not lockl;
[10:26] Steve-o atomic.h line 59
[10:27] mikko sustrik_: i'll make sure that msvc build wipes out all files and builds clean every time
[10:27] sustrik strange then
[10:28] sustrik anyway, it builds now
[10:28] sustrik so let's not worry about it
[10:31] Steve-o mikko: updated trunk with fix
[10:31] mikko Steve-o: thanks
[10:31] mikko Steve-o: i'll test x86 solaris soon
[10:31] Steve-o Is there a simply autoconf to detect whether non-32bit aligned pointers work?
[10:31] mikko Steve-o:
[10:32] mikko Steve-o: AC_TRY_RUN maybe
[10:32] Steve-o Windows has ticket locks enabled, but only in CMake not in Autoconf,
[10:33] mikko Steve-o: building with /t:rebuild now
[10:33] mikko ermm, sustrik_
[10:36] mikko sustrik_:
[10:36] mikko builds
[10:36] sustrik yup
[10:37] sustrik i was just puzzled how it happened to start building given there was no related change to the code
[10:37] sustrik anyway, not an issue
[10:37] mikko i think msbuild is not very smart about incremental builds
[10:37] sustrik ack
[10:37] mikko it now does a clean build each time
[10:38] mikko Steve-o: builds clean now
[10:39] ianbarber Steve-o: while you're here - you know that issue I sent you some code on? Dr Bob has hit it on the mailing list as well.
[10:39] ianbarber It looks like it occurs because 0MQ is erroneously setting PGM_SEND_ONLY on both
[10:40] Steve-o ianbarber: that would make sense consdering the error message
[10:40] ianbarber but I'm not sure if there anything that needs to be set instead of that
[10:40] sustrik ianbarber: i think it has to do with recent changes to 0mq codebase
[10:40] sustrik let me check
[10:40] Steve-o the code is still on my todo list
[10:41] ianbarber sustrik_: i think what's needed is to use something other than requires_in and requires_out in pgm_socket
[10:41] sustrik exactly
[10:41] sustrik it should check socket type instead
[10:44] ianbarber just trying if (options.type == ZMQ_XPUB || options.type == ZMQ_PUB) {
[10:44] ianbarber in connect_session
[10:46] sustrik just did the same myself :)
[10:46] sustrik but i cannot test it
[10:46] sustrik so let me know how it goes
[10:46] ianbarber will do
[10:46] ianbarber my little macbook air take a while to run make :)
[10:48] ianbarber seems to be working!
[10:48] ianbarber Steve-o: i am still seeing quite a few of these: Trace: Recv again on not-full
[10:48] ianbarber Trace: Discarded packet for muted receiver.
[10:48] ianbarber but that may be because i have both bits running on one box at the moment
[10:48] Steve-o that will happen with multicast loop
[10:49] ianbarber cool
[10:49] sustrik ianbarber: ok, so let me apply the patch
[10:49] Steve-o Linux routing for multicast is a bit surprising
[10:50] CIA-21 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r29e0e7d 10/ src/connect_session.cpp :
[10:50] CIA-21 zeromq2: Incorrect PGM sender/receiver creation fixed
[10:50] CIA-21 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <> -
[10:51] ianbarber lovely, thanks sustrik & Steve-o !
[10:51] pieterh mikko: I've updated apisite to handle the new 2.1 repo structure
[10:52] sustrik pieterh: first patch to backport!
[10:52] pieterh hehe
[10:52] sustrik how do i send a pull request?
[10:52] pieterh that was fast
[10:52] pieterh go to the zeromq2-1 repo and create a pull request interactively, I assume...
[10:52] mikko pieterh: do i need to change the daily builds?
[10:53] pieterh mikko, yes, there is a new repo at zeromq2-1 with a master branch
[10:53] pieterh you're also building 2.0.10 I assume?
[10:53] mikko well, im building branches master and maint
[10:53] pieterh we'll break that off into a separate zeromq2-0 repo once this works
[10:53] pieterh so it'll be consistent
[10:54] mikko why do we use separate repos for this?
[10:54] pieterh ah, long discussion
[10:54] pieterh basically it's the simplest for a safe division of labour
[10:54] pieterh we need more than master vs. maint
[10:54] pieterh we need at least three branches and there's no way to do that in the current structure
[10:55] pieterh otherwise we have no way of maintaining both 2.0.10 and 2.1.1
[10:55] pieterh yet we have production users on both those
[10:55] sustrik pieterh: i can't
[10:55] sustrik github doesn't recognise your repo as a fork of zeromq2
[10:55] sustrik and thus doesn't allow me send a pull request
[10:55] pieterh sustrik: ah github insanity
[10:55] sustrik check it out yourself
[10:56] pieterh does not allow a fork of a repo within the same organization!
[10:56] pieterh simply not allowed
[10:56] ianbarber you should be able to add the master as an upstream repo and pull commits from there manually i guess?
[10:56] pieterh and I think using a separate organization would be wrong
[10:56] sustrik why not create the fork under imatix then?
[10:56] mikko pieterh: i mean why didn't you create new branches inside the same repo?
[10:57] pieterh mikko: old argument over branching in git repo
[10:57] pieterh the only resolution to that was to not touch each others' repos
[10:57] pieterh I'd have preferred one repo with X branches, one per release, that could be maintained
[10:57] pieterh I proposed this about six months ago
[10:57] pieterh and was quite loudly told to stfu, it's not the git way
[10:58] pieterh so we ended up with master / maint
[10:58] pieterh but that does not let us maintain more than one stable release
[10:58] pieterh so we're stuck between freezing 2.0.x or not stabilizing 2.1.x
[10:58] pieterh hence the current solution
[10:59] pieterh sustrik: yes, I can fork the repo in imatix but if it's a fork IMO we have other issues
[10:59] pieterh forget pull requests then, it's not the only option
[10:59] pieterh forking would mean I essentially track your master branch
[10:59] pieterh which is not what we want at all
[10:59] mikko the natural problem with this are the tools. not being able to switch between branches in one clone but rather the need to clone two repos
[11:00] pieterh mikko: I think the best answer here is that one repo should 'belong' to as few people as possible
[11:00] pieterh and it should be up to those people how they work
[11:00] pieterh full freedom inside your own repo
[11:00] sustrik +1
[11:00] pieterh indeed
[11:00] pieterh sustrik and I agree violently on this
[11:00] pieterh it's the only scalable approach we can see
[11:01] pieterh bitter experience tells us when we make a git structure complex, bad things happen
[11:01] pieterh sustrik: what I suggest are patches and issues, it's very close to pull requests
[11:01] pieterh i.e. open an issue and copy/paste the patch
[11:02] pieterh alternatively I can pull commits from your repository if I know the commit number
[11:02] pieterh as ianbarber says
[11:02] mikko pieterh: i disagree with both of you biolently
[11:02] pieterh :-)
[11:02] mikko violently
[11:02] pieterh mikko: then you can go create your own repo and do it your way
[11:02] mikko you can organise your local development with git as you please
[11:02] pieterh that's the beauty of this approach
[11:02] mikko have branches in a way you want
[11:03] mikko just making sure that release branches contain what they need to contain
[11:03] pieterh well, yes, except trying to make that work in the development git failed
[11:03] mikko and now we are creating issues and copy-pasting patches in to them?
[11:03] sustrik ok, i'll send you commit numbers
[11:04] pieterh mikko: where were you when I was being assaulted for proposing release branches?
[11:04] pieterh it is too late now, really
[11:04] mikko pieterh: i didn't really interact with the community much back then
[11:04] mikko you were too ahead of time :)
[11:04] pieterh the tank wheels of history have crushed that opportunity
[11:05] pieterh sp|ke: hello
[11:06] pieterh ianbarber: can you point me to instructions on adding upstream repositories? or is it simple?
[11:06] pieterh sustrik: I'll try with that patch, see how it goes
[11:06] mikko pieterh: git remote add upstream <uri>
[11:07] mikko upstream being arbitrary name
[11:07] pieterh thx!
[11:07] mikko then git fetch upstream
[11:07] mikko you might like this:
[11:07] pieterh git fetch upstream does what exactly?
[11:07] pieterh sorry, will rtfm but git demands too much space in my brain
[11:08] mikko it fetches the information about the remote repository
[11:08] mikko so that you know what branches it contains etc
[11:08] pieterh let's say I want to pull one commit from Martin's repo
[11:08] pieterh <uri> is the read-only git uri, fine
[11:09] mikko pieterh: you might have a lot easier time with
[11:09] mikko it abstracts some of this normal github workflow
[11:09] pieterh well, let's try with the basics
[11:10] pieterh I add the upstream remote, then fetch that
[11:10] pieterh next?
[11:10] pieterh sp|ke: it happens automatically
[11:10] ianbarber git cherry-pick
[11:10] pieterh sp|ke: have you read the Guide yet?
[11:11] pieterh ianbarber: so "git cherry-pick upstream/<commit>"?
[11:11] ianbarber git cherry-pick <biglong-git-id-of-the-commit>
[11:12] pieterh ph@ws200901:~/work/zeromq2-1$ git cherry-pick 29e0e7d
[11:12] pieterh Finished one cherry-pick.
[11:12] pieterh [master f4c1040] Incorrect PGM sender/receiver creation fixed
[11:12] pieterh Author: Martin Sustrik <>
[11:12] pieterh 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
[11:12] pieterh yay!
[11:12] pieterh sustrik: okay, we have liftoff
[11:13] ianbarber woo
[11:13] pieterh sustrik: could you create issues with commit tags like this then?
[11:13] pieterh that allows public discussion & review of exactly what goes into stable releases
[11:14] pieterh IMO you can link directly to the commit, e.g.
[11:15] mikko pieterh: you can also do the following in your local repo:
[11:15] mikko git checkout -b mrsustrik <localname>/<branchname>
[11:16] mikko that creates a local branch that tracks for example upstream/master
[11:16] mikko so when you do for example git diff in that branch it's against upstream/master rather than origin/master
[11:16] mikko also, you can diff directly against remote one by doing "git diff upstream/master"
[11:17] pieterh git is too powerful
[11:17] pieterh all the stuff I *can* do
[11:18] pieterh mikko: regarding your violent objection to separate repos
[11:18] pieterh our main goals are (a) independence for teams and (b) simplicity
[11:19] pieterh our experience is that trying to do too much in one git leads to arguments and complexity
[11:20] mikko but think about the following:
[11:20] mikko if we are moving to pull requests the development doesnt have to happen in zeromq/zeromq
[11:20] mikko we can open pull requests
[11:20] mikko cherry-pick
[11:20] mikko etc
[11:20] pieterh indeed
[11:20] pieterh that's already happening to some extent
[11:20] mikko this allows everyone to organise their fork as they please
[11:20] pieterh indeed
[11:21] mikko but still keeps upstream in one place
[11:21] pieterh exactly
[11:21] mikko which is better for tools such as jenkins
[11:21] mikko and not just that
[11:22] mikko not having to remember what _repo_ contains what
[11:22] pieterh each repository has its target audience, tradeoffs
[11:22] pieterh and someone who aims to make that particular mix work
[11:22] mikko rather once you've cloned a repo you have it all
[11:22] mikko pieterh: what do you mean by that>
[11:22] pieterh well, e.g. some people will want multiple release branches in one repo
[11:22] pieterh because they want to manage it all centrally (or by themselves)
[11:22] mikko what i'm saying is distribute the development rather than the results of it
[11:23] pieterh others will want to delegate that work as far as possible
[11:23] mikko have multiple forks of one integration point rather than multiple integrations points for the same thing
[11:23] pieterh your long words hurt my brain
[11:23] pieterh we only have one integration point, which is basically Martin Sustrik
[11:23] mikko i'm a consultant by trade
[11:23] mikko :)
[11:24] pieterh people are integration points, remember
[11:24] pieterh not repositories
[11:24] pieterh each project really has one brain at its center IME
[11:24] pieterh now, MS doesn't want to be bothered creating stable releases of 0MQ
[11:25] pieterh so that work becomes another project, with another brain
[11:25] pieterh and thus, naturally, another repository
[11:25] pieterh i'm not sure how this translates to development of the *core* library
[11:26] pieterh if you work in terms of layers then it does scale
[11:26] pieterh OpenPGM has its own repository and its own brain (Hi Steve-o!)
[11:26] pieterh I'm a software architect by trade
[11:27] mikko i'm still failing to see the benefit of separate repository
[11:27] mikko i can see the reasoning with one repo per project
[11:27] mikko but what you are describing as a project clashes with my concept of a project
[11:28] mikko following that logic i should have a repo for build fixes
[11:28] mikko steve should have a repo for pgm related fixes
[11:28] pieterh it is always about the people
[11:29] pieterh and how much complexity they can tolerate
[11:29] pieterh "stable version of 0MQ/2.1" has become a "project"
[11:29] pieterh by making that decision we remove a chunk of complexity from "development of 0MQ" as a project
[11:30] sustrik i would formulate it this way: does linux have a RHEL5 branch in his vanilla repo?
[11:30] ianbarber i don't think the two of you are that far off really. Mikko: there is one integration point, the master on zeromq, all of the patches for the other projects come from there
[11:30] sustrik no, they are separate projects
[11:30] pieterh indeed, it's a tool we're using to reduce complexity
[11:30] ianbarber yeah, but is the idea not to push patches into development, then cherry pick ones out to the stable release projects
[11:31] pieterh yes
[11:31] pieterh when possible and sane
[11:31] pieterh but that is a different question, about the trust relationships between these people and projects
[11:32] pieterh does sustrik trust a patch coming from me?
[11:32] pieterh inherently, no
[11:32] pieterh would I trust a patch coming from sustrik?
[11:32] pieterh totally
[11:32] pieterh take one of my projects, like ZFL, and its the other way around of course
[11:33] sustrik i think the problem for contributors is where to submit the patches now
[11:33] mikko pieterh: if im using zeromq 2.1 and i have an issue with it where do i raise the issue?
[11:34] pieterh anywhere you think it'll get attention
[11:34] pieterh you're speaking to a person, remember
[11:34] pieterh who do you talk to, the guy who provided you 2.1 or the guy who you think really knows the issue?
[11:34] pieterh classic question of workflow
[11:34] mikko i dont know
[11:34] mikko im a user
[11:34] pieterh if you are Mikko, of course you talk to the developer
[11:34] mikko i got a problem and i see this list of github projects
[11:34] pieterh if you're a user, you talk to the packager
[11:34] pieterh nothing new here
[11:35] pieterh if I find a bug in Linux, I immediately pick up the phone and call my buddy Linus
[11:35] pieterh I'd expect the 2-1 repo to be fairly low-key
[11:36] pieterh it does not require visibility, really
[11:36] pieterh but perhaps it does
[11:46] Steve-o mikko: I have a patch ready to enabled ticket spinlocks in Autoconf, need some testing first
[11:47] mikko Steve-o: do you want me to test something?
[11:47] mikko running pkg-get upgrade on the solaris box atm
[11:48] Steve-o I'm waiting for some files to copy over wifi, then I can reboot & test on Linux, then I'll update trunk
[11:49] Steve-o I'm trying to avoid SPARC & Sun Pro x86 assembler
[11:50] Steve-o I don't have the brain cells to convert my GCC or MSVC assembler to Sun Pro friendly constraints
[11:57] pieterh sustrik: ok, release made, announced, API website updated, etc.
[12:00] pieterh sustrik_: I've used the terminology "2.1 stable (rc1)" so that more people will use this package
[12:01] mikko pieterh: remember to tweet as well
[12:01] pieterh ah, of course
[12:01] pieterh everyone should tweet
[12:01] pieterh the more the merrier
[12:05] ianbarber what are the known instabilities with PGM? just the rate issue?
[12:06] pieterh yup
[12:06] pieterh plus there are several unknown instabilities
[12:06] guido_g like the one I reported to the ml
[12:07] pieterh until people have severely hammered 0MQ+OpenPGM5, I'd expect there to be issues
[12:07] mikko would we benefit from something like trac or redmine?
[12:08] mikko very lightweight project stuff
[12:11] Steve-o Ok just enabled ticket spinlocks in trunk, hopefully SunPro on Linux doesn't choke on it
[12:12] mikko Steve-o: will test now
[12:12] sustrik pieterh_: congrats!
[12:13] sustrik do you want access to freshmeat 0mq account?
[12:13] pieterh sustrik: I'm now splitting the old procedures page into two, Development and Releases
[12:13] pieterh ah, probably best to use that account, right?
[12:13] pieterh since it's already configured
[12:14] pieterh ack, send me the access details by private IRC
[13:21] sustrik pieterh: development subsection under development section in the left pane is strange
[13:22] sustrik it's about building 0mq rather than development
[13:22] pieterh sustrik: try now?
[13:23] pieterh uhm, hang on...
[13:24] pieterh Development is not accurate, it's more... can I use "Activity" or something for the nav title?
[13:27] sustrik it's build
[13:27] sustrik imo
[13:28] sustrik or just call it source
[13:29] sustrik as before
[13:39] sustrik other way round!
[13:39] sustrik section Development
[13:40] sustrik subsection Source
[13:40] sustrik build notes on source page kind of make sense
[13:42] pieterh What do we call the main repository?
[13:43] pieterh if it's the "development" repository, that's the page title
[13:43] pieterh development of 0MQ does not cover bindings, releases, etc. afaics
[13:43] sustrik its master
[13:44] pieterh master is a branch
[13:44] sustrik vanilla?
[13:44] pieterh meaningless name is meaningless
[13:44] sustrik whatever
[13:44] sustrik but the caption is misleading
[13:44] pieterh well, I need a term that sticks, this is vital
[13:45] pieterh i can fix the caption afterwards
[13:45] pieterh upstream?
[13:45] pieterh core?
[13:45] pieterh mama?
[13:45] sustrik The section should be called "Development"
[13:45] sustrik so that only people who are interested in development look at the subsections
[13:45] pieterh ok... brilliant idea...
[13:46] pieterh "0MQ/2.2" as title
[13:46] pieterh "0MQ/2.1"
[13:46] sustrik and the first thing you want to do when developing is getting the source
[13:46] pieterh "0MQ/3.0"
[13:46] pieterh yes
[13:46] sustrik so the subsection should be called source
[13:46] pieterh the 'source repo'?
[13:46] pieterh could work
[13:46] sustrik up to you
[13:46] sustrik source is somewhat shorter
[13:46] pieterh god no, I need buyin :-)
[13:46] pieterh ok, let's try that
[13:50] Guthur is this a new look website you guys are talking about
[13:56] pieterh Guthur: which one?
[13:57] pieterh sustrik: I'm going to deprecate the part about emailing patches to the list, and start mentioning github pull requests, is that OK?
[13:57] Guthur pieterh: whatever you guys are debating
[13:58] pieterh Oh, this is about contributions & releases
[14:08] sustrik leave the part about ML there
[14:08] pieterh yes, I'm making it a collapsible section
[14:13] bijuC Hello.. I am facing something strange with 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 MSVC RELEASE builds
[14:14] mikko bijuC: whats the problem?
[14:14] bijuC The DEBUG build works fine .. I have a PUB app and a SUB app.. i am able to receive everything at SUB
[14:15] bijuC but for a RELEASE build .. there are no errors.. but i receive nothing on SUB.. I used Wireshark to check but seems like there is no transmission
[14:16] sustrik pieterh: i'm not accepting pull requests, the process on the site would mislead people
[14:16] pieterh oh... sorry
[14:16] pieterh I misremembered
[14:16] sustrik np
[14:17] pieterh hmm... I hope over time you'll be convinced, it really is simpler for everyone
[14:18] bijuC I am trying both tcp and epgm.. both exhibit the same behaviour
[14:18] sustrik i want to process to be as widely usable as possible
[14:18] sustrik pull requests depend on:
[14:19] sustrik 1. contributor having git and understanding it
[14:19] sustrik 2. github being online
[14:19] mikko Steve-o: problem
[14:19] Steve-o shoot
[14:20] sustrik i also want to have the log of patch discussions in my mailbox
[14:20] sustrik rather than hosted in a third-party, non-exportable archive
[14:20] mikko Steve-o: the constants defined by autconf build dont have CONFIG_ prefix
[14:20] mikko which a lot of openpgm expects
[14:21] pieterh sustrik: well, I think 90% of people on the list were for pull requests
[14:21] mikko got this on solaris:
[14:21] mikko -DHAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY=1 defined in build
[14:21] pieterh but each maintainer is free to choose, obvously
[14:21] mikko "time.c", line 412: #error: "gettimeofday() or ftime() required to calculate counter offset"
[14:21] sustrik sure
[14:21] sustrik it's just me
[14:21] pieterh I've changed that page, it was important to me to have a documented policy for other projects as well
[14:21] Steve-o mikko: all the autoconf defined ones are ignored currently
[14:21] mikko the constant that it checks for is CONFIG_HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY
[14:21] mikko Steve-o: so i'll hack that specific case
[14:22] Steve-o mikko: it basically sets up the environment to match scons
[14:22] pieterh sustrik: your point #1, either way people need to learn git, and formatted patches is harder, not easier
[14:22] pieterh so it's just down to not trusting github
[14:22] pieterh but if it's offline, nothing works either
[14:22] sustrik nope, there are platforms with no git
[14:22] pieterh ?
[14:23] pieterh the documented process depends on github and git
[14:23] sustrik openvms, zos?
[14:23] pieterh I'm 100% sure openvms has git
[14:23] sustrik it has not
[14:23] sustrik brett is working on it
[14:23] sustrik but it's not yet ported
[14:24] pieterh sure, but the process as already documented does not work then
[14:24] pieterh so you are saying "because your process B does not work on OpenVMS, I want to use process A"
[14:24] mikko Even VMS seems to have it (although if git is ever ported to VMS, I'll
[14:24] mikko just have to shoot myself. I used VMS in -88, and the scars are _still_
[14:24] mikko fresh).
[14:24] mikko Linus
[14:24] pieterh while process A doesnt work on OpenVMS either
[14:24] pieterh ?
[14:24] pieterh weird arguments, el sustrik
[14:25] sustrik what i am saying that i am willing to accept simple diffs
[14:25] mikko sustrik: github has subversion bridge
[14:25] pieterh well, add that
[14:25] sustrik if there's good reason for that
[14:25] pieterh sure
[14:25] sustrik yup
[14:25] pieterh if it's not on the page, it's not there
[14:25] sustrik mikko: yes, i know
[14:25] pieterh what i want is consistency
[14:25] pieterh simplicity
[14:25] pieterh least surprise
[14:25] pieterh that's how we get more contributors
[14:26] pieterh pull requests generate more contributions
[14:26] pieterh that is my experience and others have reported the same
[14:26] pieterh the format patch / email process is a barrier
[14:27] pieterh just compare the complexity of the two explanations on that page
[14:28] pieterh it requires (and I just counted) 3x more words to describe the email/format patch process
[14:29] pieterh mikko: you did not _like_ VMS?
[14:29] mikko pieterh: that was linus torvalds
[14:30] pieterh ah :-)
[14:30] mikko i was googling out of interest what is hindering git on openvms
[14:30] sustrik done
[14:35] pieterh okaaay... finished documenting all the new process
[14:37] nooob what is a good way to integrate zmq with http
[14:38] bijuC Any inputs on the MSVC RELEASE issue??
[14:39] mikko bijuC: i can give it a spin a bit later
[14:39] pieterh nooob: make a bridge that speaks HTTP at one side and 0MQ at the other
[14:40] mikko bijuC: just in case, can you show the code?
[14:40] pieterh nooob: this is kind of what mongrel2 does
[14:40] bijuC ohkk.. later today??
[14:40] nooob how good is mongrel2?
[14:41] bijuC yeah.. i can show the snippet..lemme know where n how.. but i wonder why release build only gives an issue..
[14:42] pieterh mikko: I've tried to summarize the arguments for/against multiple repos here:
[14:42] pieterh sustrik: whenever you want, I'll spinoff 2.0 into its own git, the process is now documented and clear
[14:49] mikko pieterh: "It is easy to cherry-pick changes from the source git to release gits."
[14:50] pieterh yes
[14:50] mikko interesting that it's only argument for different repos
[14:50] pieterh uhm, there are like four arguments...
[14:50] mikko "it is easy to cherry-pick changes from the master branch to release branch"
[14:51] pieterh you misunderstand
[14:51] pieterh "separate gits are extra work"
[14:51] pieterh "no, it's easy"
[14:51] mikko ah ok
[14:51] pieterh I'll clarify
[14:51] mikko i guess what ever you find easiest
[14:52] pieterh we votes with our feets
[14:52] pieterh honestly, making this 2.1.1 release was utterly easy
[14:52] pieterh I'd like to compress our release cycles significantly, it's been my complaint for a year or so
[14:52] pieterh has taken waay too long to get code into peoples' hands
[14:58] bijuC Sorry got disconnected
[15:03] bijuC I am also looking for clarity as to how openPGM is linked into 2.1.1 for MSVC
[15:03] bijuC I see #include <pgm/pgm.h> in pgm_socket
[15:04] bijuC But the libzmq does not include the openPGm dir nor does it link against libpgm.lib
[15:04] bijuC Just curious how it is done
[15:08] mikko bijuC: i use separate installer
[15:08] mikko
[15:08] mikko you can try the snapshot dlls
[15:08] mikko they should be built with openpgm
[15:11] bijuC Sorry Mikko, do you mean separate installer for zmq or openPGM
[15:11] bijuC You want me to try the dll/libs in the link you gave .. to see if the RELEASE build issue persists?
[15:12] mikko bijuC: im saying that this link contains dll built with openpgm
[15:12] mikko statically linked openpgm
[15:12] mikko give it a spin whether the issue persists with that version as well
[15:12] bijuC oh ok
[15:12] bijuC give me 5 mins
[15:12] mikko thats the latest master branch
[15:13] mikko can you also put the code to
[15:14] cremes glad to hear the christchurch guy came through the earthquake relatively unscathed
[15:37] andrewvc cremes: good morning
[15:38] cremes andrewvc: good morning
[15:38] cremes i saw your notes; that is an incredible find
[15:38] andrewvc yeah, I mean, I knew it had to be something simple and stupid lol
[15:38] cremes i was looking over my transcript from last night and i said (paraphrased)
[15:38] cremes "there's no way 0mq is exposing an internal socketpair"
[15:38] cremes :)
[15:38] andrewvc lol
[15:39] cremes any ideas on how to fix 0mq?
[15:39] andrewvc yeah
[15:39] andrewvc well, give EM a 'nevershutdownthisFD' flag
[15:39] andrewvc is one
[15:39] cremes that just masks the problem
[15:39] andrewvc I don't think its possible
[15:40] andrewvc aside from writing a kernel patch
[15:40] cremes i think this deserves a 0mq fix so that *no* language binding can screw it up
[15:40] andrewvc ZMQ wants a fake FD, but those don't exist
[15:40] cremes well, perhaps a flag in the 0mq code that uses that FD
[15:40] cremes it may have to check that it's still valid every time before using it
[15:40] andrewvc yeah, I mean
[15:41] cremes if 0mq is going to expose that *and* external code can close this "internal" socketpair, then it has to be defensive
[15:41] andrewvc you could do that, but it'd still suck, because then you'd have to either open a new FD automatically
[15:41] andrewvc which could cause tons of its own issues
[15:41] andrewvc or just let the socket die, but not be exceptional
[15:41] andrewvc I guess you could make a new error code eh?
[15:41] cremes doesn't ETERM capture the issue well enough?
[15:43] andrewvc yeah, you could probably trigger it here:
[15:43] andrewvc add a condition for EBADF
[15:43] cremes yeah, that has potential
[15:44] ptrb pyzmq requires python... what? 2.5?
[15:44] andrewvc I mean, it's definitely something someone will hit in the future
[15:45] andrewvc if you stick ZMQ_FD into an existing poller, there's a good chance you automatically will call close on it
[15:45] andrewvc or whatever
[15:46] andrewvc so, my other thought, is just to add this to EM instead of using Kernel#epoll { #zmq_poll stuff}
[15:47] andrewvc which I'm not sure would really have any perf ramifications, I mean, 2 calls to a poller vs. 1 prolly wouldn't kill performance right?
[15:47] andrewvc though it isn't great
[15:55] cremes andrewvc: i don't think using a periodic timer is appropriate for this
[15:55] cremes i think it needs a genuine fix in 0mq
[15:55] andrewvc agreed
[15:56] andrewvc I guess I'll post it on the list
[15:56] cremes still, an awesome find; i see from the irc backbuffer that sustrik already knows about it
[15:56] andrewvc hehe, yeah. This would have been really easy to find btw, if I'd known about a trick evanphx showed me
[15:56] andrewvc well, didn't show me, we never used ti
[15:56] andrewvc but told me about
[15:56] cremes ??
[15:57] andrewvc apparently dtrace can be set to give a GDB back trace for each syscall
[15:57] andrewvc I'm not sure if strace does that, but it would have showed who was calling close()
[15:57] cremes is that an osx-only trick?
[15:57] andrewvc perhaps, I didn't really look into it
[15:57] cremes that's very cool; i'll have to research more details
[15:58] andrewvc yeah, definitely
[16:14] andrewvc cremes: so the other aspect of it is, there's likely a bug in my code
[16:14] andrewvc but it's not my fault :) somehow I'm triggering an exception, and EM is catching and dealing with it
[16:14] andrewvc but I still call a getsockopt
[16:15] andrewvc which is odd because I never use threads
[16:15] andrewvc since I'm in EM
[16:15] andrewvc could be something in the internals of EM I guess
[16:15] cremes try wrapping your code in begin/rescue/end and see if you can catch it before EM does
[16:15] sustrik andrewvc: the problem with ruby binding
[16:15] sustrik we've spoke about
[16:16] sustrik is it fixed?
[16:16] andrewvc hehe, hey I just woke up :)
[16:16] sustrik just asking
[16:16] andrewvc I'll take a look at it later for sure though
[16:16] andrewvc yeah, no worries :)
[16:16] cremes isn't this a problem that *all* language bindings have?
[16:17] sustrik no idea
[16:17] cremes andrewvc: ??
[16:17] sustrik it's ruby-ffi, right?
[16:18] andrewvc lemme look at it again, I was so tired last night, I don't recall what it was
[16:18] cremes if the binding can close the FD of the internal socketpair and 0mq doesn't catch it, that's a general problem
[16:18] andrewvc ohhh, we're talking about two separate issues
[16:18] sustrik ah
[16:18] cremes ok, ignore me then :)
[16:18] andrewvc so, one issue is this
[16:18] cremes andrewvc: i'll let you do the talking
[16:18] sustrik i meant be BADFD one
[16:18] andrewvc oh, so it is the same one
[16:18] andrewvc well, it's not actually the binding
[16:19] andrewvc it's eventmachine, the ruby reactor library
[16:19] andrewvc it assumes on hitting an exceptional state that you want to close all the FDs
[16:19] sustrik aha
[16:19] andrewvc which is its fault
[16:19] andrewvc but maybe zmq should check for EBADF
[16:19] andrewvc in mailbox.cpp
[16:19] andrewvc and print a friendly error message
[16:19] sustrik there's one issue in 0mq core bug trakcer
[16:19] andrewvc like hey, you shutdown an internal FD I think, don't do that
[16:19] sustrik
[16:19] sustrik which looks similar
[16:20] sustrik can it be possibly related?
[16:21] andrewvc one sec, brb
[16:24] andrewvc sustrik: cremes: I don't think that's related
[16:25] andrewvc I don't see him using ZMQ::FD
[16:26] andrewvc I'm about to post to the ML, with a better breakdown of what happened / better organized thoughts
[16:41] cremes sustrik: what do you think of:
[17:11] jfkw Newb to message-queueing, interested in 0mq, wondered if the following is in scope:
[17:12] jfkw I have a remote-site BerkelyDB with a high write rate. Need to replicate back to the home office over a not-fast, sometimes unavailable link.
[17:14] jfkw Does 0mq support reliable in-order delivery and compression of data over the wire? Remote site runs Windows XP, home office will be Linux 2.6+.
[17:16] andrewvc jfkw compression, no
[17:17] andrewvc in-order yes
[17:17] andrewvc as far as unavailable, it should reconnect automatically if using the TCP transport
[17:17] andrewvc but I'd test it on your network to be sure
[17:18] andrewvc you can compress the data yourself before sending it
[17:18] andrewvc since zmq frames messages, each one could be gzipped
[17:19] andrewvc as far as DB replication goes though, not sure I'd just trust all that to ZMQ
[17:22] pieterh jfkw: have you read the Guide yet?
[17:26] jfkw andrewvc: ack on BDB replication being nontrivial, won't expect the ZMQ to do it for us.
[17:26] andrewvc cool, yeah I'd really read the guide
[17:27] jfkw pieterh: Ah, thanks for suggesting that, I see the link on the first page of Learn now. Missed it the first time through hunting for my specific issue.
[17:27] pieterh jfkw: let me make that link more visible
[19:00] amacleod I feel like I must somehow be misusing the Java API. I keep getting assertions when I try to terminate contexts.
[19:00] amacleod Now it is "nbytes == sizeof (command_t)" in mailbox.cpp:244
[19:01] amacleod Using git master pulled yesterday.
[19:12] pieterh it shouldn't be possible to crash 0MQ via an API like that... :-/
[19:12] amacleod I agree :-/
[19:13] pieterh do you have a simple reproducible case?
[19:13] amacleod So, what I'm doing now is running, in the same run-time due to the way my test harnesses work, two separate servers, one after the other.
[19:13] amacleod pieterh, I do not presently. I might be able to make one.
[19:13] pieterh we'd need that
[19:13] pieterh an absolute minimal test case
[19:14] amacleod Is it possible for lingering data from a previous socket to corrupt a new one that binds to the same port?
[19:14] pieterh sorry, this is not fun when you're trying to do other work...
[19:14] pieterh amacleod: not if the socket is being kept within one thread
[19:14] pieterh are you moving sockets between threads?
[19:14] pieterh that is one common cause of 0MQ failures and it obviously can happen in any threaded language
[19:14] amacleod pieterh, indeed. Let me see what I can do about creating a minimal test case.
[19:15] amacleod pieterh, I'm pretty sure I've gotten it to where I'm never moving sockets between threads.
[19:16] pieterh you used to do that?
[19:16] amacleod Well, that was the cause of my original problem. I didn't think I was using sockets between threads, but all threads were using a single context to create sockets.
[19:18] pieterh that should be safe
[19:18] pieterh contexts can be shared
[19:18] pieterh if a threads create sockets and don't pass those to other threads, you're not moving sockets between threads
[19:19] pieterh even that is safe so long as you do not read/write/close from more than one thread
[19:23] amacleod On second look, I think threading may still be my problem. All of the actual reading and writing happens in worker threads, which is fine, but then when the test is complete, it calls the close method of my wrapper object, so close would be called from the main thread. :(
[19:39] pieterh amacleod: yeah, that would crash it
[19:42] amacleod Threaded concurrency gives me a headache. Give me a single-threaded select/poll event reactor any day.
[19:45] cremes amacleod: zmqmachine, but you gotta use ruby ;)
[19:45] amacleod cremes, :-D Wish I could.
[19:45] amacleod It would be cool if Twisted had 0MQ support too.
[19:45] pieterh amacleod: sounds like you're mixing shared-state concurrency with message passing
[19:45] pieterh that is usually a terrible idea
[19:46] pieterh I've pushed a whitepaper for an open source data plant:
[19:46] amacleod pieterh, I know it is. Maybe I can turn message passing to my advantage.
[19:47] pieterh cremes: this might interest you...
[19:48] pieterh amacleod: what transport are you using to/from workers?
[19:48] pieterh tcp?
[19:48] amacleod Well.. I'm using TCP for the client/server communication.
[19:48] cremes pieterh: what might interest me?
[19:49] pieterh see the line just above
[19:49] cremes oh, the data plant thing? i'll look at it...
[19:49] amacleod What I'm just now thinking is that maybe I should have the stuff inside the server do like the pattern from your recent example--inproc router to router (or dealer to dealer?).
[19:49] pieterh cremes: great
[19:50] pieterh amacleod: what example, there are so many...?
[19:50] pieterh use inproc when you know the server will always be one process
[19:50] pieterh use tcp when you want to in future move workers to other boxes or processes
[19:51] amacleod
[19:51] amacleod Part of the trouble is I need to federate disparate connection types.
[19:51] pieterh right, so clients and servers talk over tcp, each has their own context, and manage their own sockets
[19:52] pieterh that sounds painful!
[19:52] amacleod Yeah. Square pegs, round holes. Pain pain pain.
[20:01] cremes pieterh: i built a (small) whaleshark and didn't even know it!
[20:01] cremes :)
[20:02] pieterh cremes: :-)
[20:03] cremes pieterh: i'm wondering if i can help you with a C repro of this:
[20:03] cremes it's preventing my whaleshark from running for more than about 6 hours before exhausting memory
[20:03] cremes :\
[20:04] pieterh when you say, "if I can help you", you mean "if you can help me"?
[20:05] cremes um, yeah!
[20:05] cremes and by extension, the whole universe of 0mq users!
[20:05] pieterh of course, of course...
[20:05] cremes heh
[20:05] pieterh i'm mentally filtering out all that reactor stuff...
[20:06] CIA-21 jzmq: 03Alois Bělaška 07master * r013828f 10/ (7 files in 3 dirs): Merge remote branch 'orig/master' -
[20:06] CIA-21 jzmq: 03Alois Bělaška 07master * r086899d 10/ (2 files): Poll timeout in ZMQQueue and ZMQForwarder changed from 250 usec to 250 msec. -
[20:06] CIA-21 jzmq: 03Alois Bělaška 07master * r522d747 10/ (2 files): Fixed termination of ZMQForwarder and ZMQQueue tests. -
[20:06] cremes pieterh: the 3 steps i list are pretty much the meat of the issue
[20:06] pieterh ok, tomorrow, I want to catch a movie this evening
[20:06] cremes i repro'ed it using my reactor since all the threading stuff is abstracted away for me
[20:06] cremes pieterh: no worries...
[20:06] mikko cremes: are you sure that this is not ruby gc issue?
[20:06] pieterh I'll make the case you explained, we'll see if it reproduces the problem or not
[20:08] dijix I've got something that should be simple giving me problems - something I usually take to mean I have a fundamental misunderstanding.
[20:08] mikko maybe not
[20:09] dijix I can set up a REQ/REP - REQ connects to bound REP. I can send from REQ, receive at REP and send back to REQ - no problems.
[20:10] dijix Changing to REQ/XREP - I get a three-part message at XREP from the same simple Send from REQ - but I cannot seem to send anything at all back to the REQ. even if on that side, I RecvAll, I cannot seem to get anything.
[20:11] cremes mikko: i am nearly positive; this behavior is the same across 3 different ruby runtimes each with completely different GC implementations
[20:12] cremes also, the ruby heap isn't growing; top will show the rsize as (for example) 1GB but dumping the ruby heap
[20:12] cremes only produces around 100MB; where is the other 900MB?
[20:13] cremes but the only way to know for sure is to repro in C
[20:14] cremes dijix: read chapter 3 (advanced request-reply) in the guide
[20:15] cremes dijix: it will explain how to deal with the xrep envelope and how to properly return a reply with it
[20:16] mikko cremes: forwarder device is the one that is problematic?
[20:20] cremes mikko: no, i don't think it's specific to the device
[20:20] cremes but using one is the easiest way to isolate the problem and see the memory growth
[20:20] dijix cremes: Thanks - I was trying to figure it out from info in Chap 2.
[20:21] cremes it appears to me that some resource isn't freed when there are rapid connect/disconnect operations going on
[20:21] cremes dijix: you are welcome; once you figure the envelope/framing out, it's actually pretty cool
[20:22] pieterh cremes: I'll do that tomorrow, np.
[20:23] pieterh cyat, /me is off
[20:23] mikko pieterh: enjoy
[20:23] pieterh mikko: thanks :-)
[20:23] cremes enjoy your movie!
[20:56] ljackson anyone know if many threads using push socket each with HWM and SWAP is a valid use case ?
[20:57] ljackson appears that (swap) it is not thread safe ....
[20:57] ljackson 2.1.1
[20:58] mikko ljackson: you mean threads concurrently accessing push socket?
[20:59] ljackson no one push socket per thread
[20:59] ljackson and having HWM and SWAP enabled on them
[21:00] ljackson appears to have a segfault as the context is sharing swap for the threads without locking i think
[21:00] mikko i thought there was atomic counter for swap instances
[21:01] mikko each socket having their own
[21:01] mikko have you got a small reproducable test-case?
[21:01] ljackson
[21:01] ljackson no
[21:01] ljackson just ran across it and wanted to know if it was valid to have swap/hwm per socket in threads w/ single contet
[21:01] ljackson er context
[21:01] ljackson for PUSH
[21:03] ljackson there were 4 threads each with their own PUSH socket to the same tcp address all with HWM of 10k and SWAP of 25Mb
[21:03] ljackson and one of them caused that segfault
[21:04] ljackson yep looks like they create 4 swap files
[21:04] ljackson so odd that it segfaulted
[21:05] mikko i mean the actual code
[21:06] ljackson yeah If I can figure out how to reproduce I will create a test bit of code
[21:06] mikko cool
[21:06] ljackson just wanted to know if the use case was valid now I see the 4 swap files must be something odd/else
[21:06] mikko can you strace the process ?
[21:06] mikko to see what kind of swap files are being created
[21:06] ljackson i see them in the directory
[21:06] mikko it should be valid case
[21:06] ljackson as .swap
[21:07] ljackson with zmq_<master pid>_<thread_id>.swap
[21:07] ljackson er s/thread_id/socket instance/
[21:07] ljackson is there a socketopt to specifiy where the swap file would be ?
[21:08] mikko no, not at the moment
[21:09] mikko you can for example chdir("/tmp"); at the beginning
[21:11] ljackson ok fair nuf
[21:11] ljackson what about mmap'ed vs file
[21:13] ljackson it appears to pause the HWM/SWAP'ed socket's send method after it reaches the max, this must be dependant on the socket type ? e.g. pub would discard where as res/req & push/pull ...etc won't ?
[21:14] mikko yes, the hwm behaviour is socket dependent
[21:14] mikko we have had a discussions about swap
[21:15] mikko i think we came to a conclusion that speed at that point is not the primary concern
[21:16] mikko as initially you buffer into memory, then into disc as secondary thing
[21:18] dijix cremes: I've got the XREP message envelopes figured out - thanks for your help
[21:19] cremes dijix: glad to hear it!
[21:25] dijix cremes: Is there any other difference between using REQ/XREP versus PAIR/XREP, other than the empty message portion between the payload and the address envelopes?
[21:26] cremes PAIR is for point-to-point communications; it should *only* be used with another PAIR socket
[21:26] cremes therefore PAIR/XREP is illegal
[21:26] cremes though the lib won't complain
[21:27] dijix true - and it seems to behave
[21:51] dijix cremes: Strange - for REQ/XREP - if I set the Identity explicitly on the REQ, the response works, but if I allow it to generate a UUID, it doesn't. on the XREP side, I'm breaking down the RecvAll into three parts, the UUID, empty and payload. Then on the response, I'm contructing a three-part reply using that UUID, and empty message, and the response message.
[22:47] dijix cremes: Did you see that comment from me just before the netsplit? regarding explicitly assigning the IDENTITY on the REQ socket before sending to XREP? If I set it, the return message I contruct using it works, but not if I use the UUID created automatically
[22:48] dg Hello --- can someone confirm that zmq tcp sockets will interoperate with ordinary tcp sockets?
[22:48] cremes dijix: nope, didn't see the comment
[22:48] cremes dg_: no, they won't; 0mq sockets are built on top of tcp sockets but use their own framing protocol
[22:49] dg Well, pants.
[22:49] cremes your tcp socket at the other end would have to understand this framing protocol (effectively duplicating 0mq logic)
[22:49] cremes dg_: take a look at mongrel2
[22:49] cremes it can act as a proxy between 0mq and http; perhaps it does the same for tcp
[22:50] cremes dijix: that doesn't make any sense
[22:50] cremes you should gist/pastie your example code that illustrates your problem
[22:50] dg TBH I think I can work with zmq anyway --- but does anyone know a telnet/netcat equivalent I can use to connect to my service so I can send it test data?
[22:51] cremes dg_: i haven't heard of one; maybe that's a good first project to get your feet wet with 0mq
[22:52] dijix cremes: I know. Okay - REQ/XREP. REQ sets IDENTITY to a value and just sends a simple text message. XREP receives three-part message with the designated IDENTITY value in the first part.
[22:52] cremes good so far
[22:52] dg Yay. Sigh.
[22:52] dg Well, I need a client to talk to my server anyway, so I might as well as do that bit now. Thanks anyway.
[22:52] cremes dg_: try asking on the mailing list if such a tool exists; it might and i just don't know about it
[22:52] dijix cremes: Then XREP contructs new message using that value for the first part, empty, and a response. It is successfully received by REQ.
[22:53] cremes ok
[22:53] cremes dijix: take a look here:
[22:54] dijix cremes: However, if I do not explicitly set the IDENTITY, I still receive a three-parter on XREP, with the auto-gen UUID for the first part. If I follow everything else and use that UUID for the first part on the response message, REQ never receives it.
[22:54] cremes note that the system-set IDENTITY starts with a null byte; perhaps you aren't copying the whole IDENTITY?
[22:55] dijix cremes: Could be - I'll mess with the Encoding
[22:55] cremes dijix: show the code; just put it up in a pastie; maybe i'll see something you are overlooking
[22:57] dg Does anyone know about the Lua bindings?
[23:00] dg Um, is zmq 2.0.6 really ancient?
[23:00] cremes dg_: it's pretty old; use the just-released 2.1.1
[23:00] dg Unfortunately that's what Ubuntu's got.
[23:01] cremes well, few people are going to want to help a newcomer work through the old and mostly fixed bugs from 2.0.6 :P
[23:01] cremes so i recommend you dload the source and compile it yourself
[23:07] dg Strewth. Even Debian sid's version is only 2.0.10.
[23:20] dg What does the thread pool argument to zmq_init() actually mean? How do I know what to set it to?
[23:21] dg The examples all seem to use 1; is this safe for a single-threaded program?
[23:23] cremes dg_: it's a dedicated i/o thread for reading/writing to the network
[23:23] cremes it's usually set to 1 because unless you are pumping out data onto 10GB ethernet it is unlikely you will saturate one core/cpu with i/o
[23:24] dg Right. Just checking it wasn't doing something evil like using blocking I/O with one thread per concurrent operation.
[23:28] dijix cremes: Got it - I was converting everythign to Encoding.ASCII, and then also using that encoding for contructing the byte arrays for SendMore.. I just have to grab the first portion as a byte array and not touch it. It worked before because what I was setting the IDENTITY to didn't have anything that wasn't ASCII.
[23:28] cremes dijix: ah ha
[23:28] cremes or is that "aha"?
[23:30] dijix cremes: I think it's time to leave the office, carrying this day's 0mq successes proudly :)
[23:30] cremes dijix: huzzah!
[23:30] amacleod When you connect dealer to dealer (XREQ to XREQ) is there any way for the XREQ that used "bind" to send a reply?
[23:30] cremes amacleod: why would you connect XREQ to XREQ?
[23:30] dijix cremes: Though why .NET won't take bytes convert them to a string, and then convert that back to bytes using the same encoding, and end up with the original byte array is a question for another day.. :/
[23:31] amacleod
[23:31] cremes amacleod: that shows two XREQ/DEALER clients talking to a single XREP/ROUTER server
[23:31] cremes they aren't talking to each other directly
[23:32] amacleod cremes, further down it shows inproc XREQ to XREQ.
[23:32] cremes amacleod: i don't see it
[23:32] amacleod Figure 47?
[23:33] amacleod "Detail of async server".
[23:33] cremes huh... i don't know then
[23:34] cremes i've never seen that... you'll have to ask pieterh tomorrow or post a question to the ML
[23:37] dg Woot. I'm now bouncing a message off my server and getting a reply.
[23:37] dg Thanks!
[23:38] dg One additional question: if I'm sending a multipart message with ZMQ_SNDMORE, is every part copied and stored before being sent, or are they sent out as I produce them?
[23:38] dg e.g. my app's messages are actually very long lists of small strings. Like 5000. Can I send each one as a single part or should I buffer them up into a single block?
[23:51] cremes dg_: 0mq is a message queue; just send 'em and it will do the buffering for you