Saturday February 5, 2011

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[00:13] Steve-o but how do you want the timeout handled?
[00:16] zchrish Well, I will implement a handler of course. I am just trying to figure out how to configure 0mq to implement a timeout.
[01:10] Leolo_3 zchrish : zmq_poll() with a timeout value
[01:25] zchrish I see; thank you.
[09:52] jugg running ./ using autoconf 2.67 (as installed from debian 6), produces this: warning: AC_INIT: not a literal: m4_esyscmd([./ | tr -d '\n']) And this patch fixes it: - Will this cause issues on other systems? If not I'll go through the steps of submitting the patch.
[10:50] Guthur Has the reason been identified why when two sockets connect with the same identity it crashes the destination?
[11:13] sustrik jugg: you have to speak to mikko
[11:13] sustrik he's in charge of the build system
[11:13] sustrik Guthur: i assume there's an assertion there
[11:13] sustrik not sure
[11:22] Guthur right, assert(_engine)
[11:22] Guthur or engine_ rather, let me find the line
[11:22] Guthur it was on that stack trace I posted yesterday
[11:25] Guthur I personally feel it should be reasonably high priority bug, having clients being able to crash the server so easily is not good
[11:26] Guthur and from what I have experienced the server app will not even receive reasonable feedback on the error
[11:26] sustrik yup, feel free to fix it
[11:29] Guthur the assert in question is zmq_assert (engine_) in zmq::session_t::process_attach
[11:34] Guthur peer_identity_ would be the identity, correct?
[11:37] sustrik peer_identity_ is the identity of the peer socket
[11:51] Guthur I'm going to slot this on to my todo list, but lack of inner zeromq knowledge will make it hard to find
[11:52] Guthur I want to add a couple of things to clrzmq2 today
[11:54] Guthur I was actually thinking of adding a clrzmq-extensions project, with a special form of queue device, and generic send/recv with .Net serialization
[12:05] Guthur Umm, pub/sub using inproc, seems to have stop working for me, very odd
[12:07] Guthur actually scratch that, its inproc in general
[12:11] sustrik inproc stopped working?
[12:13] Guthur must be something to do with this computer
[12:13] Guthur it was working fine in work
[12:13] Guthur and it worked fine on this before
[12:14] Guthur the peer has connection refused
[12:23] Guthur ah got it
[12:23] Guthur I did not realize inproc connection had to be the same context
[12:23] Guthur learnt something new
[12:32] sustrik :)
[12:52] mikko good morning
[13:00] jugg mikko, I just sent a patch to the mailing list, making a change to - I don't know if it'll have any side affects on other systems.
[13:07] mikko let me check, sec
[13:43] CIA-21 zeromq2: 03Chris Rempel 07master * r4efead1 10/ (AUTHORS
[13:43] CIA-21 zeromq2: Fixed warnings on Debian 6 systems.
[13:43] CIA-21 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Chris Rempel <>
[13:43] CIA-21 zeromq2: Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting -
[13:50] jugg sustrik, is there any point in opening pull requests on github for zeromq?
[13:53] sustrik jugg: no
[13:53] jugg ok
[13:53] sustrik the process works via the mailing list
[14:02] jugg tests/test_hwm should be added to .gitignore
[14:04] sustrik jugg: let me see
[14:05] CIA-21 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rc8e5be8 10/ .gitignore :
[14:05] CIA-21 zeromq2: test-hwm added to .gitignore
[14:05] CIA-21 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <> -
[14:05] sustrik done
[15:14] mikko does anyone know if Neale is on IRC?
[15:17] sustrik mikko: he was here few day ago
[15:17] sustrik but i haven't seen him since
[15:24] mikko mailed him
[15:24] mikko it would be very nice to get system z
[15:24] mikko and maybe solaris sparc at some point
[15:31] sustrik i think mato has a solaris box in the cellar
[15:31] sustrik you may ask him whether it's possible to put it online after's he back from NZ
[15:40] Guthur ah the pain of maintaining backwards compatibility
[15:40] Guthur though the problem is my own doing
[15:41] Guthur I should have made the Poll method static in clrzmq2
[15:48] sustrik you mean the original problem you've reported?
[16:08] Guthur oh no sorry, unrelated
[16:08] Guthur just lamenting
[17:34] traviscline Any idea on the expected amount of overhead associated with using an external event loop ala ZMQ_FD?
[18:05] Guthur Would it be ok to put code in the clrzmq2 repo that should be considered beta
[18:06] Guthur It doesn't effect the binding, it's just extension/helper stuff
[18:10] Leolo_3 travis : I suspect very very little. ZMQ does it's stuff in a background thread, and sends messages over the FD. It does this "normally" when you call zmq_recv().
[18:20] traviscline Leolo_3: thanks