Tuesday February 1, 2011

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[07:22] stockMQ Hi.. I am using protobuf to PUB data.. at the SUB end i deserialize it to a protobuf message
[07:23] stockMQ but the i need to copy the protobuf message to a struct and write the struct to a file..
[07:23] stockMQ I need to do this because there are other applications consuming the file and they expect a struct
[07:24] stockMQ right now i copy each field of the message to the corresponding field of the buffer
[07:24] stockMQ Is this the right way or is there any other optimized way to go about with it
[08:20] mikko stockMQ: are the other applications expecting a binary struct?
[08:20] mikko stockMQ: sounds odd
[08:25] stockMQ yes.. they too are custom applications built in house but to change them is to be avoided
[09:24] CIA-21 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07sub-forward * raddcc85 10/ devices/zmq_forwarder/zmq_forwarder.cpp :
[09:24] CIA-21 zeromq2: Forwarder device uses XPUB and XSUB sockets.
[09:24] CIA-21 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <> -
[09:28] jugg having a publisher that connects to an endpoint, how would I prevent messages from being queued if the endpoint has not yet been bound? Set the publisher HWM to zero, and call zmq_send(noblock)?
[09:32] sustrik yes, use hwm
[09:33] jugg hmm, I guess HWM = 1, as 0 is no limit...
[09:34] jugg but that'll queue a single message, no?
[09:34] jugg So a stale message will be delivered when the listener binds the endpoint.
[09:57] sustrik it that pub/sub?
[10:06] ianbarber potentially silly bug: if I destroy then recreate a sub socket with an identity too quickly I get an assert "Assertion failed: new_sndbuf > old_sndbuf (mailbox.cpp:182)" from the publisher
[10:06] ianbarber this may not be something that is sensible to do, but i encountered it in a semi-real world usage (some prototype code)
[10:12] CIA-21 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07sub-forward * rca34d2a 10/ (5 files):
[10:12] CIA-21 zeromq2: Debug output for subscription forwarding.
[10:12] CIA-21 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <> -
[10:34] ianbarber ah, it's because the publisher thinks it has two sockets with the same identity connected at the same time. It would be nice to have that cause a problem on the client side, rather than the server side, but I don't know if that's doable
[10:37] mikko i dont think two identities should assert
[10:41] ianbarber mikko: i haven't made a testcase in C yet, but in PHP
[10:42] ianbarber
[10:43] ianbarber if anything was going to assert, i'd much rather it be the client
[10:43] ianbarber but i think the best behavior would be a failed connect()
[10:44] ianbarber not sure how easy it is to compare a new identity against connected identities on connect though, from the pub side
[10:47] ianbarber ooh, if this works in c, this is worth a point in the 0mq game :)
[10:53] ianbarber same thing in C:
[10:57] ianbarber yep, and if I split that into client server, it still happens
[11:02] CIA-21 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07sub-forward * rcc7bed5 10/ (src/trie.cpp src/trie.hpp src/xsub.cpp):
[11:02] CIA-21 zeromq2: Duplicate subscriptions are not forwarded by XSUB socket.
[11:02] CIA-21 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <> -
[11:24] suzan_shakya Is it possible to have mulitple publisher with PUB/SUB ?
[11:39] stockMQ Hi..what would be the equivalent of zmq_close (sender); zmq_term (context);
[11:39] stockMQ in C++
[11:40] mikko stockMQ: object going out of scope
[11:40] mikko its called during destruction
[11:41] stockMQ ok..So in order to say premptively stop the socket for some time can i just pause the thread for the duration
[15:40] stockMQ Is there a way we can exit out of the blocking zmq_recv
[15:42] sustrik send it a message
[15:44] stockMQ The issue is I have a thread with basic while(1){zmq_recv }..Now in the Main UI thread I have a Disconnect button,clicking on which an event message is sent to the socket thread asking it to quit gracefully.But due to the blocking message of the socket thread that message is never read
[15:45] sustrik you have to poll on both sockets
[15:45] sustrik instead of recv()ing on one of them
[15:46] stockMQ Ohk.. you mean i can have one tcp main socket and apart from that inprc sockets for communication between Main UI thread and child UI thread
[15:48] stockMQ is that right
[15:50] sustrik yes
[15:51] stockMQ ok thanx
[17:46] andrewvc any ideas what broken pipe, nbytes != 1 errors are caused by?
[17:50] sustrik what's the assertion?
[18:28] CIA-21 jzmq: 03robin.palotai 07master * r04c2900 10/ src/Poller.cpp : testing patch for jni crashes -
[19:05] andrewvc cremes: around?
[19:05] andrewvc I was wondering if you noticed issues with pub/sub and ZMQ::NOBLOCK in the past
[19:05] cremes andrewvc: yep
[19:06] cremes nope, i have not noticed any specific issues with pub/sub
[19:06] andrewvc hmmmm
[19:06] andrewvc so in my work on em-zeromq, push/pull works well, pub/sub however
[19:06] cremes what's it doing?
[19:06] andrewvc zmq_recv just doesn't pick anything up
[19:06] cremes or not doing?
[19:06] andrewvc the FD gets triggered as readable
[19:06] andrewvc on the sub
[19:06] cremes so pub works but sub is busted?
[19:06] andrewvc yeah
[19:06] andrewvc i straced it
[19:06] andrewvc i see the data getting written and read
[19:06] andrewvc and ZMQ_EVENTS says POLLOUT is enabled
[19:06] andrewvc errr triggered
[19:07] andrewvc but recv doesn't work
[19:07] cremes which socket are you talking about here? sub sockets don't care about POLLOUT
[19:07] andrewvc errrm, I meant pollin
[19:07] cremes they need POLLIN
[19:07] andrewvc sorry
[19:07] cremes ok
[19:07] andrewvc wait, actually
[19:07] cremes damn, thought we had the fix right there...
[19:08] andrewvc i think they were triggering POLLOUT (according to ZMQ::EVENTS) on a ZMQSUB socket
[19:08] andrewvc lemme double check that
[19:12] andrewvc hmmm
[19:12] andrewvc now I see no events on the socket, which is good and bad
[19:13] andrewvc i mean, the same exact code works with pub/sub
[19:13] andrewvc errr push/pull
[19:14] andrewvc [pid 14619] sendto(22, "\10\0TMsg777", 9, 0, NULL, 0 <unfinished ...>
[19:14] andrewvc [pid 14619] <... recvfrom resumed> "\10\0TMsg777", 8192, 0, NULL, NULL) = 9
[19:14] andrewvc from the strace
[19:14] andrewvc so, internally, the message gets sent/received
[19:14] andrewvc by zeromq it looks
[19:15] andrewvc cremes: any ideas on that? I can dig into ffi-rzmq tonight I guess
[19:15] cremes andrewvc: can you gist your test code for me; i'd like to look at it
[19:17] andrewvc sure, i mean, I'm a bit short on time now, about to head into a meeting. I can write a minimal test later
[19:17] andrewvc however
[19:17] andrewvc if you want you can look at
[19:17] andrewvc however
[19:17] andrewvc
[19:17] andrewvc if you run this spec
[19:17] cremes i just wonder if i'll see something that you don't... hopefully it's an easy fix
[19:17] andrewvc and s/ZMQ::PUSH/ZMQ::PUB
[19:17] andrewvc and s/ZMQ::PULL/ZMQ::PUB
[19:17] andrewvc you'll see it
[19:18] cremes ok
[19:18] andrewvc or I can send something later, I'll be expanding the test suite tonight
[19:52] CIA-21 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07sub-forward * ra40436b 10/ (5 files):
[19:52] CIA-21 zeromq2: Couple of bug fixes to subscription forwarding mechanism.
[19:52] CIA-21 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <> -
[20:14] mikko good evening
[20:19] sustrik evening