Saturday January 29, 2011

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[08:16] Kev699 hi any1
[08:41] sustrik hi
[12:38] stockMQ Any remote_thr local_thr users here?
[12:49] sustrik what's the problem?
[12:52] stockMQ well .. remote_thr "epgm://;" 1 1000 works successfully..and on the same machine i have local_thr "epgm://;" 1 100
[12:52] stockMQ nothing happens at local_thr end.. I think its blocked to receive..but does not recv any message
[12:52] stockMQ I am on windows by the way
[13:01] sustrik no idea, sorry
[13:01] sustrik maybe try speaking to steven
[13:03] stockMQ sure..thanks Martin
[17:10] CIA-21 rbzmq: 03Brian Buchanan 07master * r1879463 10/ ( README): Merge branch 'master' of into francois-master -
[20:27] mikko sustrik: there?
[20:51] mikko Steve-o: see mailing list
[20:52] mikko with that patch it should be possible to: msbuild.exe msvc.sln /p:Configuration=WithOpenPGM
[20:56] Steve-o nice
[20:58] Steve-o just working on pfSense, dual-WAN is frustrating. I have one WAN link that has lost connectivity to HK but other parts of the Internet are fine
[21:02] mikko Steve-o: pfsense uses zeromq as well, i think
[21:03] Steve-o I need to try the 2.0 pre-RC
[21:18] Steve-o oh spinlocks are entertaining
[21:19] Steve-o I wonder if I'm the only one where spinlocks on a uniprocessor are actually faster than mutexes
[21:35] mikko Steve-o: well, i would imagine so
[22:54] mikko hmm
[22:54] mikko interesting: posted a link on twitter and immediately robots rush in to index it and among them three microsoft ip addresses
[23:10] Steve-o ugh, getaddrinfo() is returning different order of addresses to what ping is using
[23:11] Steve-o somehow ping is skipping address which is returned first