Sunday January 16, 2011

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[00:23] mvolkov mikko: I am interested in load balancing work to the different tcp: sockets and so far I understand that this is achievable with zmd.poll() function
[00:24] mvolkov the objective is basically send message to less busy device
[00:24] mvolkov or device which is doing nothing
[00:31] mikko Skaag: not as far as i know
[00:31] Skaag that is too bad
[00:31] mikko mvolkov: load-balancing based on least busy is really not achievable using poll
[00:31] Skaag a lot of very good answers here, to very good questions...
[00:31] mikko mvolkov: you would need additional logic on top of the polling
[00:31] mikko mvolkov: as in the poll really doesn't know which one of the sockets is least busy
[00:31] mikko mvolkov: the built-in algorithm uses round-robin for balancing
[00:32] mikko Skaag: i think i got logs since around last Feb
[00:32] Skaag that's awesome. upload them somewhere.
[00:33] mvolkov mikko: oh, so zmd.poll() has by default round robin built in? do I understand this right?
[00:36] mikko Skaag: sec
[00:36] mikko mvolkov: nope
[00:37] mikko mvolkov: zmq_poll just indicates which sockets are readable/writable depending on parameters passed
[00:37] mikko mvolkov: what i meant is that PUSH/PULL has round-robin balancing built in
[00:38] mikko mvolkov: so if you zmq_connect PUSH socket multiple times the messages sent to the socket are balanced between the underlying transport sockets (tcp, ipc etc)
[00:38] mvolkov mikko: thank you I'll try that -- greatly appreciate your inp
[00:39] mvolkov ut
[00:42] mikko Skaag:
[00:42] mikko since last march
[00:43] Skaag awesome :)
[00:43] Skaag thanks
[02:01] xchen hi, guys.
[02:01] mikko hi
[02:02] xchen I have a question about zeromq, I want to use the zeromq in a cluster which is connected using infiniband
[02:02] xchen hi, mikko, thank you for your reply
[02:03] xchen How can I configure the zeromq to make sure it use the infiniband, not the ethenet
[02:03] xchen since the cluster is connected using both eth and ib
[02:05] mikko i haven't really got experience with infiniband
[02:05] xchen I googled and find nothing about the configuration of zeromq over infiniband, and it is not explained in the manual,
[02:05] xchen thanks
[02:05] mikko you might want to ask your question tomorrow morning CET
[02:05] mikko sustrik_ would probably be able to answer it
[02:06] xchen ok, thanks very much. He will be online then?
[02:06] mikko usually is
[02:06] mikko are you running tcp/ip over infiniband?
[02:07] xchen I didn't get you question. Zeromq is over tcp/ip than infiniband?
[02:07] xchen I didn't get you question. Zeromq is over tcp/ip then infiniband?
[02:08] mikko
[02:09] mikko ah
[02:09] xchen Yes, I saw this page. But I do not know how do they get this result.
[02:10] mikko found an old mailing list entry about infiniband
[02:10] mikko xchen:
[02:11] xchen Thank you very much. I have found this. But it seems do not answer my question
[02:11] mikko xchen: best wait for sustrik to be online in that case
[02:12] mikko you could also try posting to the mailing-lists
[02:12] xchen ok, thanks.
[02:12] xchen thank you for so much help.
[02:13] mikko no problem, i can't really be much more help as i haven't really used infiniband to any extent
[02:13] xchen A question about the basic concept of 0mq, is the source code I get built on tcpip?
[02:14] mikko there are different transports
[02:14] xchen I get means download from the homepage
[02:14] mikko ipc, inproc, tcp and pgm
[02:15] xchen ok, so , tcp can build on infiniband, am I right?
[02:18] mikko what does 'can build on' mean in this context?
[02:24] xchen sorry, I sould say tcp can be built on infiniband
[02:24] xchen sorry, I should say tcp can be built on infiniband
[02:25] mikko it looks like you should be able to LD_PRELOAD the SDP library and use zeromq over infiniband
[02:25] mikko i would assume that if the SDP library is loaded it would use infiniband and not the eth interface
[02:26] mikko you should be able to see this from throughput of messages as well i assume
[02:29] mikko looking at the following material it would look so
[02:35] xchen Yeah, I think I get it. Thanks a lot.
[02:35] mikko cool
[02:35] mikko i need to sleep, it's 3am soon
[02:35] mikko good night
[02:36] xchen thank