Saturday January 8, 2011

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[00:14] codebeaker does anyone have a few mins, to help me get my project (CMake build) to work with Patrick Chen's CMake form of ømq ?
[00:17] codebeaker Right now I can't get it to recognise ZMQ_DIR
[01:11] Seta00 anyone experienced with pyzmq here?
[01:11] Seta00 (on Windows)
[13:07] s0undt3ch hello ppl
[13:07] s0undt3ch while trying to send on a zmq.REQ socket, if the socket is not correctly connected, how can I catch the error?
[13:14] sustrik you can't the messages are queued and will be send once to connecting succeeds
[13:40] s0undt3ch sustrik: hmm, not the intended behaviour, what do you suggest?
[13:41] s0undt3ch s/intended/desired
[13:43] sustrik you mean when you misconfigure your component, right?
[13:43] sustrik using an un-existent hostname or somesuch
[13:44] s0undt3ch sustrik: yeah
[13:45] s0undt3ch sustrik: right now I'm trying to build some king of ping/pong for my app's components
[13:45] sustrik well, the requirement for 0mq is to withstand network failures
[13:45] s0undt3ch but I'd like to know who's responding and calculate lag's
[13:46] sustrik so when it cannot connect
[13:46] sustrik it tries a bit later on
[13:46] s0undt3ch hmm
[13:47] s0undt3ch sustrik: use pub/sub instead? those replying should then include their name etc...?
[13:47] s0undt3ch instead of req/rep?
[13:52] s0undt3ch hmm, I think I should look closely to the heartbeat example
[16:01] mikko afternoon
[17:21] andrewvc cremes: Around?
[17:26] mikko sustrik: shutdown stress failing on freebsd 8.1
[17:29] sustrik let me see
[17:30] sustrik that's the same problem with insufficient buffer space in socketpair as was seen several time before
[17:31] sustrik there's no easy solution
[17:31] sustrik presumably, we can make the stress test less stresfull :)