Friday December 31, 2010

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[13:56] fliebel Hey, What would be the best way to have a many-to-many message queue, where clients publish messages to all other clients?
[14:29] sustrik use forwarder device in the middle
[15:05] Skaag what forwarder device?
[17:58] neopallium Skaag: When you install ZeroMQ you should get an exe called: zmq_forwarder
[17:59] neopallium also you can see how the forwarder would be coded in C at:
[17:59] neopallium there are other devices: zmq_queue & zmq_streamer
[18:12] Skaag oh that one
[18:12] Skaag ok
[18:12] Skaag :)
[18:32] neopallium When a custom identity is used on a socket, should it always be set before making bind()/connect() calls on that socket?
[18:37] neopallium ah, I found the answer at the end of this section:
[21:33] d4de Happy New Year - Egypt (^_^)