Tuesday December 28, 2010

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[05:32] lestrrat oh, woot, emails for build failures ;)
[05:33] lestrrat cool
[11:02] Skaag anyone here uses zookeeper with zmq?
[11:46] newbie2207 hi
[18:29] CIA-21 jzmq: 03Gonzalo Diethelm 07master * rb623601 10/ (4 files in 3 dirs):
[18:29] CIA-21 jzmq: Added new files (Streamer, Forwarder, Queue) to MSCV project.
[18:29] CIA-21 jzmq: Corrected permissions. (+10 more commits...) -
[18:35] CIA-21 jzmq: 03Gonzalo Diethelm 07master * r76b78bf 10/ README :
[18:35] CIA-21 jzmq: Merge branch 'master' of into yawn-master
[18:35] CIA-21 jzmq: Conflicts:
[18:35] CIA-21 jzmq: README -
[19:17] shykes hello
[19:19] shykes I'm thinking of implementing a device with a simple "routing key" mechanism - does that exist already?
[23:16] lestrrat Can the hudson tests run the perl binding tests using "make test TEST_VERBOSE=1"? that would give me more hints for debugging