Saturday December 25, 2010

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[02:01] lorph is there a API for communicating between TCP/UDP and zeromq, or do I have to make that myself
[16:05] kuka hi! how to install zeroMQ lib in tomcat for using in web apps?
[16:05] kuka ivan help us
[17:19] keffo Merry off-work-period, everyone!
[22:28] roxlu hi
[22:31] roxlu I just found zeromq, and read the intro pages of the manual but I'm confused what's so good about zeromq?
[22:31] roxlu It's a networking library; but what makes it different from other libs
[22:52] keffo Might I suggest you keep reading beyond the intro pages?
[23:14] Skaag yes, I suggest you do that, as well. I know for a fact that after you read more, it will become clear to you, because I just re-read those documents myself this week.
[23:15] Skaag assume it's deeper and more important than you might imagine... ;-)