Friday December 24, 2010

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[02:26] justanewbie Hi,i've installed the zeromq,but i cannot find a executable named zmq_server,just zmq_queue,zmq_streamer,zmq_forward,why?
[02:27] justanewbie i wanted to know how to write config file of zmq_queue,but don't know how
[02:32] mikko justanewbie: what are you trying to achieve?
[02:32] mikko justanewbie: just run a device?
[02:32] mikko i don't think the device configuration files are documented at the moment
[02:33] mikko it should be fairly easy to decipher the config from the code
[02:33] mikko
[02:33] mikko for exampe that
[02:35] justanewbie thank u mikko,i'll take a look and c
[04:51] neopallium Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know about this lua project that I created it wraps lua-ev(event loop) & lua-zmq(requires ZeroMQ 2.1.0). It makes it easy to work with many zmq/tcp/udp sockets in non-blocking mode.
[07:37] sustrik naopallium: announce it on the mailing list rather, there's much more people there
[09:44] cods Hi. Just to make sure I understand: for any type of 1-1 connection (push/pull, pub/sub, req/rep), it doesn't matter which side do a connect and which one do the bind, right? (of course, differences occurs when talking about 1-n or n-n)
[10:03] cods ok
[10:07] neopallium cods: from what I know it doesn't even matter with 1-n or n-n connections.
[10:11] cods neopallium: well, I meant that when reversing role (binder/connecter) you have to adapt code to create many socket (connect) instead of one (bind) if you're the server for example, but apart from that, I understand what you mean (messages will be handled the same way at the end I guess)
[10:16] neopallium looks like you can bind & connect on the same zmq socket
[10:17] neopallium I just modified one of my test scripts which creates a PUB socket and had it bind to port 5555 and connect to port 5556
[10:18] neopallium on port 5556 was a script with a SUB socket
[10:18] neopallium both server & client SUB sockets where able to receive messages from the PUB socket.
[10:18] neopallium I didn't even think that was possible until now.
[10:19] cods oh, that's interesting. I have not seen that documented.
[10:20] neopallium I have read somewhere in the docs that zmq sockets don't put restrictions on who connects and who binds.
[10:20] neopallium but I didn't think that applied to binding & connection with the same socket.
[10:22] cods I like how 0mq is versatile. Great design.
[10:33] sustrik :)
[10:34] sustrik neopallium: you can also add the link to your project here:
[10:34] sustrik
[11:22] neopallium sustrik: thanks I just sent an email to the mailinglist.
[11:48] cods just curious while looking at the data on the wire, what the 0x01 0x01 header means? (before what looks like the "SPB" encoding) Is this documented somewhere? (or alternatively, where is it handled in the source code?)
[15:02] DasIch i'm currently trying to install pyzmq on a machine running ubuntu 10.10, even with libzmq-dev installed pip install pyzmq reports that a zmq_utils.h is missing
[15:03] DasIch i wasn't able to find any information regarding this issue is there a ppa i should use?
[15:06] DasIch ah, ppa:chris-lea-zeromq does the job
[15:07] DasIch uh no, i get an Assertion failed: !pgm_supported () (zmq.cpp:240)
[15:07] guido_g DasIch: do the versions of libzmq and pyzmq match?
[15:11] DasIch pyzmq version is 2.0.10, how do i find out the libzmq version?
[15:12] guido_g from the package? apt-cache show ...
[15:12] DasIch ah it's also 2.0.10
[15:13] guido_g then it seems to be build w/o pgm
[15:14] guido_g get the source and compile it yourself
[15:14] DasIch guido_g: ok, thanks
[16:55] cremes andrewvc: i'm around for about 30m this morning; what's up?
[17:12] cremes andrewvc: send me a message offline and i'll answer it; i'll be off irc for the next 3 days or so...
[17:13] cremes merry christmas, everybody!