Wednesday November 24, 2010

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[02:16] travlr d797sd9885765sdf879g79dfg
[02:16] travlr oops :P
[11:48] drbobbeaty Is there any feeling for the timing of the release of ZeroMQ 2.1? I ask because I'm hitting a slight memory leak in 2.0.10 using epgm:// and I'm hoping that the new version of OpenPGM in 2.1 - as well as all the other fixes in 2.1, is going to help me out.
[11:48] sustrik drbobbeaty: this week
[11:49] drbobbeaty Fantastic! Very much appreciated.
[11:51] sustrik you are welcome
[11:52] sustrik in any case you can check the 2.1 version even today
[11:52] sustrik just get it from the master on github
[12:15] Guthur sustrik: Will 2.1 have many changes requiring updates to bindings?
[12:19] sustrik Guthur: it is backward compatible
[12:20] sustrik some new socket options add added
[12:20] sustrik but the bindings can implement those gradually
[12:24] Guthur ok, I'll keep an eye out
[12:24] Guthur will the updates be clearly documented
[12:26] sustrik yes, there's a NEWS file in the main directory
[12:26] sustrik annoncement email will be sent to the ML as well
[14:11] toni hey there. Does a REQ socket connected to n XREP sockets do load balancing?
[14:16] sustrik yes
[14:22] toni sustrik: thanks!
[14:22] sustrik np
[14:44] CIA-20 jzmq: 03Alexey Ermakov 07master * r4341426 10/ src/org/zeromq/ : Fixed javadocs for Poller#getTimeout and Poller#setTimeout (zmq_poll timeout is in microseconds, not milliseconds). -
[14:56] Guthur sustrik: How likely is it that zeromq might offer HTTP as a transport at some point
[14:57] sustrik Guthur: as likely as that someone would write the transport :)
[14:57] sustrik the codebase is open to adding new transports
[14:58] sustrik one of the things i would like to do in the future would be to make transport as simple as possible
[14:58] sustrik transport plugins...
[14:59] sustrik anyway, I don't plan to write HTTP transport myself
[15:58] mikko what kind of http transport?
[15:58] mikko i think http should be a device maybe