Monday November 15, 2010

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[08:11] pieterh hi folks
[08:15] travlr mornin'
[08:54] sustrik travlr: hi, you there?
[09:00] travlr hi martin
[09:04] travlr sustrik, ^^
[09:05] sustrik hi
[09:05] sustrik you are keeping irc log, right?
[09:05] travlr yes, i was just thinking about that... posting archive
[09:05] sustrik is there any way to see it online?
[09:06] travlr sure. let see what i can do.
[09:06] sustrik travlr: that would be great
[09:06] travlr ok, let put a little into it then right now :)
[11:50] toni Hi there, just tried to install zmq on ubuntu 10.04. When executing sudo make install I get make[2]: *** [libzmq_la-app_thread.lo] Error 1. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?
[11:52] mikko toni_: can you paste a few lines up from there to
[11:52] mikko toni_: that line alone doesn't tell much
[11:53] toni mikko: okay, thanks I ll do this. Just did not want to spam the channel :-)
[11:54] toni mikko:
[11:57] toni I am a C newbie, actually never build an compiled a c programm before.... just want to use the python bindings...
[11:58] mikko toni_: and configure ran successfully?
[11:59] toni mikko: yes, looks like it ran successfully...
[12:00] mikko have you got libstdc++6 package installed?
[12:01] Guthur is configure not checking for dependencies?
[12:01] toni mikko: yes, the newest version
[12:01] mikko Guthur: it is
[12:01] mikko Guthur: not sure where this build failure comes from
[12:02] Guthur toni_: what distro are you using?
[12:02] mikko looks like there might be some package missing
[12:03] toni mikko: I have ubuntu 10.0.4
[12:04] Guthur toni_ did you download with git?
[12:05] toni yes, downloaded zeromq-2.0.10.tar.gz from github
[12:05] Guthur and which branch are you on?
[12:05] mikko 2.0.10 would be maint
[12:06] Guthur oh oops sorry I missed the tarball bit
[12:06] Guthur I seen yes and immediately assumed he cloned
[12:07] toni mikko: what do you mean by "... would be maint"?
[12:09] toni I also installed libtool, autoconf, automake
[12:11] Guthur toni_: So your exact steps were...
[12:11] mikko toni_: to be fair i am not sure why this error happens.
[12:11] Guthur ./autoconf
[12:11] Guthur ./configure
[12:11] Guthur make
[12:11] mikko ./ probably
[12:12] Guthur mikko, yep sorry my bad
[12:12] toni my exact steps were: ./configure, sudo make install
[12:12] mikko toni_: have you got libstdc++6 dev package installed?
[12:13] Guthur that would never have worked
[12:13] mikko although i would expect configure to fail if the build fails so fundamentally
[12:13] Guthur you never generated the configure file
[12:13] mikko Guthur: i think dist packages are distributed via github as well
[12:13] Guthur I didn't see one for ubuntu
[12:13] Guthur I didn't look very hard though
[12:14] mikko Guthur:
[12:14] mikko — This is release 2.0.10
[12:14] Guthur i just download there now and followed those three steps
[12:14] Guthur worked fined
[12:14] mikko are you on ubuntu?
[12:14] Guthur yep
[12:14] mikko yes, the release there doesn't ship with configure
[12:15] Guthur I would recommend the process I followed, simply because it worked, hehe
[12:15] toni mikko: when I do sudo apt-get install libstdc++6, I get libstdc++6 is already the newest version
[12:15] mikko toni_: i mean the -dev package
[12:16] toni oops, so I ll try it
[12:19] toni mikko: getting "Couldn't find package libstdc++6-dev" when trying to install it with -dev postfix. (sorry, I just changed couple of months from win to linux)
[12:21] Guthur toni_: You usually need the -dev version of packages when building software on linux
[12:22] Guthur You should be able to see it in synaptic
[12:22] mikko toni_: try libstdc++6-4.4-dev
[12:23] mikko also if you build a lot of stuff 'build-essential' package is a good base for certain dependencies
[12:23] toni mikko: yes the dev package seems to be installed: libstdc++6-4.4-dev is already the newest version.
[12:24] toni build-essential I also installed
[12:25] toni so my exact steps were: downloaded zmq from github, ran ./configure and then sudo make install which produced the error
[12:26] mikko toni_: if you download from github the steps should be
[12:27] mikko ./ && ./configure && make && make check
[12:27] mikko if all those success you should be ok to make install
[12:28] toni mikko: okay :-) I finally got it
[12:28] toni I just ran ./configure once again
[12:29] toni an looks like it had been installed properly
[12:29] toni Thank you very much for your help!!!
[12:29] mikko good st
[12:29] mikko strange error before
[12:31] toni yes, strange one. Especially as I never compiled a C program before... so back to my beloved python :-)
[12:31] toni Thanks
[14:42] travlr sustrik: martin today is a bit tight for me. i'll get those logs hosted asap though.
[14:45] sustrik travlr: sure, no haste
[16:02] CIA-20 zeromq2: 03Mikko Koppanen 07master * rda3327c 10/ (acinclude.m4 src/
[16:02] CIA-20 zeromq2: Build refactoring
[16:02] CIA-20 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Mikko Koppanen <> -
[16:26] frtewq hi
[16:27] mikko hi
[16:27] frtewq how r u?
[19:08] mikko sustrik: there?
[19:09] mikko all master builds succeed now
[19:09] mikko \o/
[19:09] mikko the patch you applied incorporates the previous smaller patch
[19:09] mikko at least my email says it does
[19:13] sustrik mikko: great
[19:13] sustrik what about the maint
[19:13] sustrik ?
[19:14] sustrik maybe switching the failing configurations off?
[19:14] mikko yes
[19:14] mikko will do after dinner
[19:14] mikko brb
[19:38] mikko done
[19:38] mikko maint builds now without pgm
[19:51] mikko should build fine in the 5 am build
[20:30] mikko sustrik: sent
[20:35] sustrik mikko: repled :)
[20:35] sustrik replied
[23:35] Guthur is down