Thursday November 11, 2010

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[01:29] mi hi
[01:30] Guest62320 hi
[10:49] mikko morning
[11:19] pieterh mikko: g'afternoon
[13:00] Guthur pieterh, Is ZFL to become more visible on the ZeroMQ website when it reachs a greater maturity?
[13:01] Guthur It's just that I never noticed it until I was added to it on github
[13:01] Guthur it's not very visible
[15:31] pieterh Guthur, sorry, just got back to my PC
[15:31] pieterh ZFL is still a bit of a work in progress
[15:45] Guthur pieterH: No bother, I've started porting some of it to CLR
[15:45] Guthur Looking at the config stuff specifically
[15:49] pieterh hmm, the config stuff needs refactored
[15:49] pieterh it does two different things
[15:49] pieterh i need to pull part out into zfl_device or somesuch
[15:50] pieterh or maybe call it zfl_context
[15:50] Guthur no problem, I only got as far as doing the tree stuff
[15:51] Guthur I'll keep an eye on changes to config
[15:54] Guthur need to go now, back later
[16:27] Steve-o News at 11, IOCP doesn't help much with UDP
[16:29] Steve-o I got a 10% performance boost, whilst looking for a 250% increase to match Linux.
[17:40] Guthur pieterh, Sorry I was on a webclient and lost the history from the ZMF discussion earlier...
[17:40] Guthur did you say that Context will probably get removed?
[17:59] pieterh Guthur, I want to refactor the class
[18:00] pieterh it does two different things, reallt
[18:00] pieterh *really
[18:02] Guthur should it just be dealing with information regarding the service?
[18:03] pieterh i'd like one class that just loads config data into a tree and provides methods to access the tree
[18:03] pieterh so we can use that for any random configuration scenario
[18:03] pieterh and then a second class that uses this to create / configure a service and sockets
[18:03] Guthur ok, makes sense
[18:04] Guthur Config info, and then some sort of initiator class
[18:05] pieterh yeah
[18:06] Guthur I'll keep an eye out for your refactors
[18:06] Guthur I might explore some options myself
[18:07] pieterh it'd be fun to see how close you can map the API in C#
[18:07] pieterh that's your idea, right?
[18:07] Guthur Yep
[18:07] pieterh nice
[18:07] Guthur It's not too bad
[18:08] Guthur Of course I don't have to explicitly pass a this pointer, hehe
[18:08] Guthur this/self
[18:08] pieterh it's a miracle the horse dances at all...
[18:09] pieterh meaning, it's fun to be able to get some kind of nice class model in C
[18:10] Guthur yeah I'd imagine. I find difficulty in giving up my high level constructs to be honest.
[18:10] Guthur I'm a little lazy, hehe
[18:11] Guthur Common Lisp would be my preferred choice of tool, but someone beat me to that one...
[18:11] Guthur CL seems to be one of the most mature bindings
[18:11] Guthur Has all the guide examples as well
[18:15] DanielHolth so cool
[18:45] jhawk28 can anyone educate me on the value of a statically build lib for zeromq on windows?
[18:59] Guthur jhawk28: What makes you think it has value?
[19:00] jhawk28 Im hoping that it allows it to run under any environment
[19:01] Guthur Maybe, but surely you should just let the system get the dependency?
[19:01] Guthur if you talking about non-windows
[19:02] jhawk28 talking about windows
[19:04] Guthur Maybe then, I just like building it separate and using the .so or .dll
[22:38] Guthur Is there any situation where you would want to be using more than one context
[22:57] mikko Guthur: if you have multiple libraries using zeromq2
[22:57] mikko Guthur: and you want them to be independent
[22:57] mikko that's one situation i can think of
[22:58] Guthur ok, just checking I wasn't missing something
[22:58] Guthur cheers