Sunday November 7, 2010

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[11:00] Ghpu hello
[17:34] Guthur anyone any thoughts on what the minimum Framework requirement should be for CLRZMQ
[18:39] mikko Guthur: i would imagine it doesn't need much
[18:39] mikko 2.0 ?
[18:39] mikko but i have to say im not a .NET guy
[18:45] Guthur I use a few niceties for 4.0
[18:46] Guthur I could probably bring it too 2.0 compliance though
[19:30] cea Hi, I'm totally new to zmq :) I'm using python with the python bindings and it works great. Except how do I test of connection is successfull? like socket.isOpen or someting like that?
[19:30] cea I can't get python to give an error if the connection is not successfull
[19:31] cea like
[19:31] cea connection = socket.connect('tcp://')
[19:31] cea print connection
[19:31] cea gives me "None"
[19:34] cea I could be alone in here :)
[19:53] cea yep alone :)
[20:29] gandhijee hey, i asked this before i think, but anyone know what the oldest version of gcc that compile zeroMQ might be?
[22:04] cea does anybody here have 2 sec for a quick zeromq python question?
[22:04] psino cea: you're probably better off just asking the question
[22:04] cea hehe sure :)
[22:05] cea dosn't socket.revc have a timeout?
[22:05] Guthur if no one can answer here then the mailing list would be a good bet
[22:05] cea thanks Guthur
[22:06] psino cea: you should take a look at zmq.Poller
[22:06] cea is it working for the python binding?
[22:06] cea can't find any examples on this
[22:07] cea I can't find anything about polling in any of the python examples
[22:08] Guthur cea, it seems to
[22:08] Guthur
[22:09] Guthur I've not used the python binding though so can not testify to its readiness for use
[22:10] cea okay, thnaks, found it :) I will have a look - thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!
[22:10] cea (thanks)
[22:10] Guthur you're welcome