Sunday October 24, 2010

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[12:49] mikko good morning
[12:49] omarkj Morning mikko.
[12:49] omarkj +
[13:05] DerGuteMoritz are there calls other than zmq_recv which may do "blocking work" and signal an ETERM when zmq_term is called during this work? (i am referring to the information given in the guide)
[13:22] DerGuteMoritz hm, another question regarding multi-part messages: does the rule "You will receive all parts of a message, or none at all" imply that at some point the whole data will be kept in memory?
[13:22] DerGuteMoritz what if I want to send say a 10GiB file?
[13:30] mikko DerGuteMoritz: you could send it in chunks and use watermark and ZMQ_SWAP option
[13:30] mikko
[13:31] DerGuteMoritz mikko: I guess by chunks you mean separate messages without using the ZMQ_SNDMORE?
[13:31] DerGuteMoritz ah no, you mean limiting memory use, I se
[13:31] DerGuteMoritz e
[13:31] mikko DerGuteMoritz: you would have ask sustrik how ZMQ_SNDMORE interacts with high watermark and swap
[13:32] DerGuteMoritz ok, thanks for the pointer
[13:32] mikko but by nature the data is not persistent
[13:32] mikko you would have to implement persistency if there is such a requirement
[13:37] DerGuteMoritz hm the description text for the first example at don't match
[13:37] DerGuteMoritz *doesn't
[13:37] DerGuteMoritz who do I report that to? :-)
[13:43] mikko DerGuteMoritz: which description text?
[13:44] DerGuteMoritz mikko: the one above the example
[13:45] mikko you mean people have not charged houses for less ? :)
[13:45] DerGuteMoritz it refers to calling zmq_queue but the example uses zmq_device
[13:45] DerGuteMoritz what? :-)
[13:45] mikko you are correct
[13:45] DerGuteMoritz ah!
[13:45] DerGuteMoritz hehe
[13:45] mikko the devices used to be separate calls (iirc)
[13:45] mikko but they were merged into one zmq_* call
[13:45] DerGuteMoritz I see
[13:45] mikko let me check the code
[13:45] mikko sec
[13:46] DerGuteMoritz sure
[13:46] DerGuteMoritz I'm not that far with my binding, yet, anyway
[13:46] DerGuteMoritz just noticed :-)
[13:46] mikko it seems like a mistake in the doc. can you send an email to mailing-list?
[13:47] mikko i think pieterh maintains that documentation so he can update it as soon as he appears online
[13:48] mikko good catch
[13:48] DerGuteMoritz ah I have to subscribe to the list first
[19:52] delaney hi, i'm having issues getting a xreq socket to connect to xrep socket via inproc, keep getting a "zmq.core.error.ZMQError: Connection refused"... both the bind and connect have an address of "inproc://foo", any ideas?
[19:54] mikko delaney: does the bind happen before connect?
[19:54] delaney yes
[19:54] delaney and i waited 10 secs
[19:56] mikko which language is this?
[19:56] delaney python
[19:57] mikko hmmm
[19:57] mikko does ipc:// work normally?
[19:57] mikko just to make sure, you are using inproc inside a single process?
[19:59] delaney thought i was, hmm.... let me look at that.
[20:00] delaney looks like i was sending from multiple processes... but ipc isn't available i guess on windows
[20:00] delaney zmq.core.error.ZMQError: Protocol not supported
[20:16] mikko inproc only works inside same process
[20:16] mikko that might explain the connection refused