Sunday October 17, 2010

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[07:54] CIA-14 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * re8e2944 10/ (8 files in 3 dirs):
[07:54] CIA-14 zeromq2: ZMQ_RECONNECT_IVL socket options added.
[07:54] CIA-14 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <> -
[08:24] CIA-14 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * ra780833 10/ (9 files in 3 dirs):
[08:24] CIA-14 zeromq2: ZMQ_BACKLOG socket option added.
[08:24] CIA-14 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <> -
[08:26] CIA-14 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r0c86f90 10/ doc/zmq_getsockopt.txt :
[08:26] CIA-14 zeromq2: Minor typo fixed in zmq_getsockopt(3) man page.
[08:26] CIA-14 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <> -
[14:01] lestrrat now that YAPC is over, I was gonna fix my binding, but master fails to pass make check ... hmmm
[14:09] S1kx zeromq cant do udp?
[14:26] S1kx ok apparently its via pgm i see
[14:32] mikko lestrrat: it fails?
[14:33] lestrrat mikko: it blocks on whatever that runs after "PASS: test_reqrep_tcp"
[14:33] lestrrat I waited for a good half an hour
[14:33] mikko perl blocks or zeromq build does?
[14:33] mikko it passes in hudson
[14:34] mikko
[14:38] lestrrat zeromq build does (well, "make check")
[14:39] lestrrat i'm on Mac OS X 10.6.4
[14:39] mikko that sounds like an issue with zmq_term
[14:42] mikko perl binding fails against maint as well
[14:43] lestrrat yeah, I know you warned me ;)
[14:44] lestrrat I'm /finally/ free from organizing the world's largest Perl conference, so I can work on it ;)
[14:45] mikko i think your installation instructions should list test deps as well
[14:45] mikko took a while to find them all
[14:46] mikko ive never really used cpan before
[14:49] lestrrat added. these instructions are only needed if you're installing from github...
[14:54] mikko cool
[14:58] S1kx to whoever maintains the website: the link to the c++ binding on is broken, it needs to be "cpp" in the url instead of "c++"
[15:01] mikko is the page editable?
[15:08] mikko pyzmq builds and tests against master
[16:11] S1kx is there a big performance penalty if i use a multicast protocol (pgm) as replacement of tcp even though i only send to 1 endpoint at a time?
[18:06] andrewvc cremes: by chance are you around?
[18:07] andrewvc I had a threading issue with ffi-rzmq I wanted to ask for your advice on
[20:17] sustrik S1kx: link fixed
[20:36] mikko hi
[20:37] sustrik hi
[20:38] mikko afaik not possible to disable spwcific warnings in icc
[20:39] sustrik ok then
[20:39] mikko grep -v maybe :)
[20:39] sustrik let them be
[20:39] sustrik mikko: what's your policy for getting source code to the build server?
[20:40] sustrik you said the core gets checked each 15 mins
[20:40] sustrik what about the bindings?
[20:41] mikko bindinga build after core at the moment
[20:42] sustrik i mean, do you get them from the repos?
[20:42] mikko maybe they should poll as well
[20:42] mikko yes
[20:42] mikko girhub
[20:42] sustrik ok, i see
[20:43] mikko should they poll as well
[20:43] sustrik poll?
[20:43] mikko ?
[20:43] sustrik poll for what?
[20:43] mikko well poll github for changes and build individuallyy
[20:43] sustrik how is it done now?
[20:43] mikko irc on phone=tons of typos
[20:44] sustrik ah, they check only after the core is changed
[20:44] sustrik right?
[20:44] mikko they build if master / maint for core changes
[20:44] sustrik my preference would be to get all the projects once a day and build them
[20:45] mikko not qfter every change?
[20:45] sustrik well, it's kind of nice, but maybe an overkill
[20:45] sustrik it's up to you obviously
[20:45] sustrik it's your build env
[20:45] sustrik my feeling is that daily builds have 2 advantages:
[20:45] mikko the box only does 0mq builds
[20:46] sustrik 1. everyone knows when the build happens
[20:46] sustrik thus you check once a day and do other work in the meantime
[20:46] kev009 anyone know of a good tutorial on TCP/IP BSD socket programming? packet fragmentation is driving me nuts and I can't change the client to use zmq
[20:47] sustrik 2. you have a nice archive of old versions
[20:47] sustrik on day-by-day basis
[20:47] sustrik kev009: get stevens' book
[20:47] sustrik "UNIX network programming"
[20:48] mikko ok ill change them to daily
[20:48] mikko thqts an easy change
[20:48] sustrik great
[20:48] kev009 sustrik: yeah got that one in front of me
[20:48] sustrik given that most of the devs are in europe
[20:49] sustrik it would be great if the builds are done diring the night here
[20:49] sustrik so everyone can check the builds in the morning
[20:50] sustrik in any case, it would be good if recent version of every project was retrieved before the build
[20:51] sustrik so that even binding developers can see their latest codebase build
[20:52] mikko now master builds at 18:00 gmt
[20:52] mikko and maint 19:00
[20:53] sustrik let me think...
[20:53] sustrik and check the map...
[20:53] mikko it gets feom github before build
[20:53] sustrik good
[20:54] mikko you can change the rimes if needed
[20:54] mikko i think you should have access
[20:54] sustrik 18 gmt is not very good for americans
[20:54] mikko twice a day?
[20:55] sustrik maybe
[20:55] mikko 18:00 and 6:00?
[20:55] sustrik early morning gmt
[20:55] sustrik say 6AM gmt
[20:56] mikko thats 6,18 in cron syntax?
[20:56] sustrik means 10PM eastern time
[20:57] sustrik nope, midnight eastern time
[20:57] sustrik and 8pm PST
[20:57] sustrik that sounds ok for most of the folks
[20:57] sustrik the build will happen during the night
[20:58] sustrik sorry, no idea of cron syntax :|
[20:59] sustrik mikko: would it be possible to move it one hour earlier?
[21:00] sustrik i'm in CET timezone and i wake up quite early
[21:00] sustrik 5,17?
[21:05] mikko isnt sure
[21:05] mikko ermm
[21:05] mikko sure, ill change
[21:08] sustrik thanks
[21:08] sustrik the second daily build would be handy for people in asia/australia
[21:08] sustrik nice
[21:10] mikko done
[21:10] mikko next builds should be 5am gmt
[21:10] sustrik it's getting a professional look :)
[21:10] sustrik can i link it from the website?
[21:11] mikko ccurrently it stores 15 builds but ill up that
[21:11] sustrik ack
[21:11] mikko yes you can
[21:12] mikko there is 300G space in that box
[21:12] mikko so i could just store 200 last builds
[21:12] mikko or 2000
[21:12] mikko :)
[21:13] mikko good to see that old hardware has some use
[21:14] mikko next week ill finish the sceipt that allows people to turn on a machine, execute builds and shutdown
[21:15] sustrik linked from the website
[21:15] mikko then we could possibly add differe t platforms
[21:15] sustrik there's a link in the left pane "Daily builds"
[21:15] mikko if someone has for example sparc
[21:16] sustrik i'll ask mato, he has an itanium box in the datacenter
[21:16] sustrik he has a sparc box as well, but it's not plugged it atm
[21:16] sustrik maybe he can arrange that
[21:16] mikko feel free to point more official url if you want
[21:16] mikko currently its under my domqin
[21:16] mikko domain
[21:17] sustrik that's ok i think
[21:17] mikko good
[21:17] sustrik being on your site it gives you the credit for the work
[21:19] mikko its for a good cause
[21:19] sustrik sure
[21:20] sustrik are you offering any 0mq-related services btw?
[21:20] mikko no, im not
[21:21] sustrik i'm thinking of how to make the such stuff visible to outer world...
[21:21] sustrik ok then
[21:21] mikko would be hard to compete with imatix :)
[21:21] sustrik not in php land :)
[21:23] mikko funny thing is that i dont even code php anymore
[21:23] sustrik funny
[21:23] sustrik why did you done the binding then?
[21:24] mikko i create a lot of bondings for php
[21:24] mikko and i work in a company that does php
[21:24] sustrik i see
[21:25] mikko its a good freetime project, zeromq
[21:25] sustrik :)
[21:25] mikko especially now when its even more community project
[21:26] sustrik i like how people are actually sending patches etc.
[21:27] mikko i think the community is welcoming to new members
[21:27] sustrik i love them personally
[21:27] sustrik new member = less work for me :)
[21:27] mikko easy to sttart contributing
[21:27] mikko hehe
[21:28] mikko the sun studio issue is interesting
[21:28] mikko have you loooked i to it at all?
[21:29] sustrik nope, i have no sun studio here
[21:29] sustrik i should install it
[21:29] sustrik but i am lousy admin
[21:29] sustrik i'll try anyway
[21:29] mikko i can create you an account build box later
[21:30] mikko it has all the compilers there
[21:30] sustrik yes, that would be nice
[21:30] mikko mail me your ssh pubkey and ill add it tomorrow
[21:31] sustrik ok
[21:31] sustrik would you send a mail to the mailing list announcing that the daily builds are available?
[21:32] mikko i can do that tomorrow as well
[21:32] sustrik pub key sent
[21:32] sustrik ok, thanks
[21:32] mikko this phone kb osnt the best for typing
[21:33] sustrik see you later
[21:33] mikko nn
[21:33] mikko ill head to bed as well
[22:15] DerGuteMoritz hey guys, is there a reason that the value type for some sockopts (e.g. ZMQ_RATE) is signed and for some unsigned?