Thursday October 7, 2010

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[06:33] sustrik mikko: any idea how to reproduce the problem?
[06:34] sustrik keffo: can you report the problem with more diagnostics (short test program to reproduce, the stack trace)?
[06:52] keffo sustrik, I doubt it was related to zmq to be honest, it looked very strange actually..
[06:54] keffo class with a thread, kept the context obj in the threadfunc.. if I moved it out as a class member instead, everything worked.. NO clue why
[06:54] keffo (threadfuc did a while(true), so the obj should stick around)
[07:16] mikko sustrik: it happens within one of the PHP tests, i can try to isolate
[07:23] sustrik mikko: that would be great
[07:23] sustrik i've had a look at the code and i have no idea how it can happen
[07:23] sustrik i need a test program to find out
[07:35] iFire sustrik when is pieterh usually around?
[07:38] sustrik iFire: randomly :)
[07:38] sustrik use mailing list presumably...
[08:09] mikko sustrik:
[08:10] sustrik mikko: thx
[08:12] mikko sustrik: ill try to get c code out of that
[08:12] mikko or maybe a backtrace
[08:12] mikko let's see
[08:13] mikko i posted a backtrace earlier?
[08:13] sustrik yes, you did
[08:14] mikko been a bit distracted since yesterday
[08:14] mikko i was supposed to move to a new flat on sunday and yesterday my agent called that the flat wont be available
[08:17] mikko sustrik: no wait
[08:17] mikko it might be if i connect to a bound libzmq socket with normal posix socket call
[08:24] sustrik mikko: it shouldn't fail this way anyway
[08:24] sustrik if you find out that to trigger the problem you need to connect by telnet of somesuch, let me know
[08:34] mikko doesnt come out with telnet
[08:34] mikko simple tc
[08:48] pieterh iFire: hi
[08:49] iFire waves
[08:49] pieterh what's up?
[08:49] iFire pieterh I guess I wanted to know about that authenticated pubsub thing
[08:50] pieterh well, i made a small prototype
[08:50] pieterh there are two ways, currently, with 0MQ
[08:50] pieterh 1. use pubsub sockets but encrypt messages, and do key exchange on a secure channel after authentication
[08:51] pieterh 2. use xrep sockets and explicitly route messages to authenticated subscribers
[08:51] pieterh i tested design 2, and it's fairly straight-forward
[08:52] iFire don't you have to do authentication and encryption with #1 ?
[08:52] iFire of each message
[08:52] pieterh yes, that's what I meant to say
[08:52] pieterh with 2 you don't need encryption unless you actually want to
[08:53] pieterh in short, with pub/sub sockets the security models are (a) open access and (b) encryption of each message
[08:54] iFire well isn't there a bandwith problem with #1 ?
[08:54] pieterh not really
[08:54] pieterh a CPU cost, for sure
[08:54] pieterh and key exchange is far from simple
[08:54] iFire I mean don't you get all the messages from #1
[08:54] iFire ideally you want to be able to do both
[08:55] pieterh yes, pubsub would send all messages to all subscribers
[08:56] iFire so I guess #2 should be the first thing done, then you can layer #1 onto it
[08:56] pieterh they are different approaches
[08:56] pieterh but you could layer key exchange and encryption on #2, yes
[08:57] pieterh #2 is not real pubsub any more, so no prefix matching etc.
[08:57] pieterh you could however do that at the publisher side
[08:57] pieterh in your own code
[08:58] pieterh so the design is you open two sockets to the server, a REQ and an XREQ
[08:58] pieterh you set the same identity on both sockets, before connecting
[08:58] pieterh you authenticate on the REQ
[08:58] pieterh the server uses two XREP sockets
[08:58] pieterh it knows your identity when you authenticate and it adds this to a list of authenticated subscribers
[08:59] pieterh then on the second socket it sends updates to all authenticated subscribers
[08:59] pieterh finally the subscribers need to heartbeat the server every so often, on that second XREP
[08:59] pieterh otherwise they are considered dead and taken off the list
[09:00] pieterh you can use this design to do custom pubsub routing too
[09:00] pieterh i guess i'll cover this in Ch4
[09:01] iFire pieterh we can't change pubsub to send messages to everyone? and add a authentication envelope that is user defined
[09:02] iFire to don't send*
[09:02] pieterh sure, send a patch :-)
[09:02] pieterh it's not that simple unfortunately
[09:03] pieterh doing an efficient pubsub is a complex problem
[09:03] pieterh there is work in progress to upstream subscriptions, i.e. do the routing at the pub side
[09:04] pieterh adding authentication to the socket layer would make it significantly more complex
[09:04] pieterh there is an option, perhaps to use TLS as a transport and then do authentication via certificates
[09:05] pieterh but these are non-trivial changes
[09:05] pieterh so i assume your question was "how do we do authenticated pubsub with today's 0MQ"
[09:05] iFire I see
[09:06] pieterh does this help?
[09:07] iFire I want to read the details of #2
[09:08] iFire I mean a guide
[09:08] iFire I get the concept
[09:09] iFire >.<
[09:10] pieterh ok, it'll come in the guide, hopefully
[12:27] nisbus hi, is there some logical explanation why my consumers would only receive some messages using pub/sub with hwm =1?
[12:32] nisbus I'm sending 10000 messages but my consumer is only receiving 2-4000?
[12:43] guido_g because they're dropped?
[12:44] nisbus but the listener is active at the time I start sending
[12:44] nisbus why would they get dropped?
[12:44] guido_g did you read what hwm=1 means?
[12:44] nisbus I took it to mean that messages that are sent when no one is listening would get dropped.
[12:45] nisbus not that it would drop messages for active listeners
[12:45] guido_g go read
[12:47] nisbus what is the default hwm?
[12:47] guido_g 0 aka none
[12:48] nisbus ok, so none will be dropped?
[12:49] guido_g but filling your memory, as can be seen on the ml
[12:50] nisbus ok, I'm now sending without setting hwm and out of a 1000 messages sent I'm only receiving >500
[12:51] nisbus it seems to be dropping about half of my messages
[12:51] guido_g given the fact that you didn't tell what you're doing and hwo, it's hard to tell where the problem is
[12:52] guido_g pub/sub is not reliable in the way you might think
[12:54] nisbus I have a simple Erlang publisher that just sends out an incremented number in a loop.
[12:55] nisbus I then have a python/.net listener that just prints out the messages as they arrive.
[12:56] guido_g so?
[12:56] guido_g <guido_g> pub/sub is not reliable in the way you might think
[12:58] nisbus should I use rep/req instead?
[12:58] guido_g i don't know?
[12:58] guido_g what is the intention of the application you write?
[12:59] nisbus I just want every message I send to be received
[12:59] nisbus when there is someone connected, otherwise drop it
[12:59] guido_g oh, while you're thinking... read the guide, it explains a lot of things
[13:45] nisbus ok, I'm checking the reply code of my sends and I'm not getting ok's for all of them.
[13:47] guido_g see
[13:47] nisbus the other ones don't really tell me anything in the way of what's wrong.
[13:48] guido_g one of the darker sides of ømq
[13:50] mikko nisbus: in your scenario the subscriber might not consume the messages as fast as the publisher is sending
[13:50] mikko that causes some messages to be dropped with hwm 1
[13:50] nisbus for sure, it gets all messages when I send just 10 of them but starts failing when msgcount > 100
[13:50] nisbus I removed the hwm setting
[13:52] nisbus it's a tight loop where both sender and receiver are on the same box.
[14:03] nisbus I'm printing out the replycode for messages and when I don't get ok I get "Sent 99 with repcode 98", where 98 is the previous message.
[14:28] nisbus I tried sleeping for 1 sec between sending messages and still I'm getting errors on send?
[14:29] nisbus just trying to send more than 5 messages starts generating errors