Wednesday October 6, 2010

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[00:02] Vagabond anyone aware that the durapub/durasub example doesn't work on git HEAD?
[00:03] Vagabond works fine on the latest tarball, but I need the ZMQ_FD sockopt
[00:32] iFire does anyone know when Pieter Hintjens is usally on?
[12:34] jhawk28 I glanced at it
[12:35] pieter_hintjens1 i guess silence is assent :-)
[12:36] pieter_hintjens1 anyhow, it means anyone can just submit a signed patch and that's it
[12:37] jhawk28 that or everyone is sleeping :)
[12:37] mato pieter_hintjens1: you might want to announce the new contributions policy on the website/zeromq-announce list as well
[12:37] pieter_hintjens1 i thought twitter was sufficient :-)
[12:38] mato :-/
[12:38] pieter_hintjens1 Mato: I need to fix the static linking exception
[12:38] pieter_hintjens1 we agreed to s/iMatix/The authors/?
[12:38] mato pieter_hintjens1: let me find the right wording
[12:38] mato pieter_hintjens1: hang on a sec
[12:38] pieter_hintjens1 ack
[12:40] mato pieterh: steve has good wording for openpgm
[12:40] mato pieterh:
[12:41] pieterh mato: that's the text we're already using
[12:41] pieterh s/iMatix/the copyright holders/
[12:41] mato pieterh: yes, but it makes who is granting the exception explicit
[12:41] mato pieterh: yeah
[12:41] mato pieterh: The copyright holders is IMO best
[12:42] pieterh yes
[12:42] mato pieterh: Also, the extra paragraph at the end is nice and explicit
[12:42] pieterh hmm
[12:42] pieterh it's actually not accurate, it's not just a library
[12:42] mato well, up to you, you're the expert
[12:42] pieterh ackl
[12:43] pieterh ack
[12:43] mato and in fact, for existing files...
[12:43] mato i'd say you probably don't need to update the Copyright statements?
[12:50] mato pieterh: you'll want to update this page as well...
[12:50] pieterh ack
[12:50] mato maybe just put in a short paragraph and refer to the community page
[12:51] mato so that we minimize duplication
[12:51] pieterh aagh... i had a vpn connection and took it down and now every DNS lookup takes 30 seconds or so...
[12:51] mato broken /etc/resolv.conf ?
[12:53] pieterh looks broken, how do I fix it?
[12:53] mato edit it to contain correct DNS servers?
[12:54] mato if you don't know what they are, then somehow force your machine to renew it's DHCP IP
[12:54] pieterh argh, it's generated by resolvconf that insists on putting rubbish back into it
[12:54] mato ifdown <interface> ; ifup <interface> ?
[14:23] mikko sustrik:
[14:24] mikko occasionally that causes "Assertion failed: term_acks > 0 (own.cpp:175)"
[15:24] keffo um.. I have issue with clrzmq
[15:25] keffo simplest little rep/req, just passing a string back/forth, and I get "context was terminated", in release
[15:25] keffo (and only release)
[15:25] keffo 100% solid in debug, 100% fail in release.. feels like uninit. variable or something
[17:48] ptrb i'm getting 2 messages on my ZMQ_SUB for every 1 I'm sending on the ZMQ_PUB... has this ever come up before, in anyone's memory?
[17:49] nisbus hi
[17:49] nisbus is the sending speed dictated by the slowest consumer on a pub/sub ??
[17:50] ptrb afaik once you have a single subscriber, publish speed is fixed and doesn't depend on subscriber speed
[17:51] cremes ptrb: i've never seen that 2 for 1 behavior
[17:51] ptrb hmm ok, thanks
[17:51] nisbus hmm, I'm getting capped at 2.5 mb/sec
[17:52] ptrb what's your hwm?
[17:52] nisbus default
[17:52] ptrb i might be wrong; cremes or someone would know more
[17:52] nisbus if I set it to 1 I should throw away messages that no one is listening to?
[17:54] cremes nisbus: yes, a value of 1 will drop
[17:55] nisbus great, that's what I'm looking for
[17:56] nisbus what about active true/false?
[17:56] nisbus what does it mean?
[17:57] cremes nisbus: where are you seeing that?
[17:58] nisbus erlzmq, the drive for erlang. I've seen examples that look like zmq:socket(pub,[{hwm,1}, {active,true}])
[17:59] cremes nisbus: sorry, i don't have an answer
[17:59] nisbus np, thanks though
[18:00] nisbus I gotta go anyway
[18:26] Zelex does ZeroMP support NAT traversal?
[18:35] cremes Zelex: yes
[18:41] Zelex doesn't there have to be a proxy to keep connections alive in order to do that, and also doesn't it have to be done over UDP (from what I've read, ZeroMQ only supports TCP)
[18:42] Zelex basically I'm asking, how does it work, and do I need to do anything special. Connecting between two clients both behind a NAT can get a bit hairy
[18:44] PerfDave I don't see that ZeroMQ would need to do anything special to support it, it's just a function of the router.
[18:44] Zelex STUN for example
[18:45] Zelex its to open a listening port
[18:46] PerfDave That's to do with unfriendly routers, though, and again shouldn't be anything to do with ZeroMQ
[18:47] Zelex so basically, it doesn't support connections between two clients behind a NAT (without any special port-forwarding setup by the owner of the router)
[18:48] Zelex two clients each behind different NATs
[18:48] PerfDave why do you think it's its job to do so?
[18:49] Zelex cause it makes it infinitely more useful to me
[18:49] Zelex :)
[18:49] Zelex as in
[18:49] Zelex if I can't find a way to do that, I can't use zeroMQ
[18:49] PerfDave It doesn't support SLIP either,
[18:50] PerfDave But that's nothing to do with ZeroMQ. If you want to develop an application that uses STUN to allow two-way NAT traversal which ZMQ can then use, then go for it.
[18:51] Zelex do you know of any project which has done this before?
[18:52] PerfDave I mean, I may be talking out of my arse here, but I don't think it's ZMQ's job to fiddle around with packet generation. I'd be surprised and slightly disappointed if it had STUN-type capabilities
[18:53] cremes Zelex: i am not aware of any such project
[18:53] PerfDave Zelex: Using ZMQ? No. But I'd be surpsised also if you couldn't find a Free STUN library somewhere
[18:53] PerfDave Have a look at what Ekiga does perhaps
[18:55] Zelex STUN is for UDP right
[18:55] Zelex does ZeroMQ support UDP?
[18:55] ptrb ZeroMQ sortof replaces UDP
[18:56] Zelex yeah, but it fundamentally has to work on top of UDP in order for STUN to work
[18:58] Zelex well perhaps I could use STUNT
[18:58] Zelex don't know much about it
[18:58] Zelex reading up on it now
[19:01] Vagabond cool, activity in here
[19:04] Vagabond I'm running into some issues with zmq, I need the ZMQ_FD option for getsockopt, but with git HEAD things are kind of strange (the durapub/sub examples don't work, strange crashes, etc)
[19:07] cremes Vagabond: do you have a small reproducible example of strangeness with HEAD ?
[19:07] Vagabond the mot obvious one is trying the durapub/sub examples from the zmq guide
[19:09] Vagabond they work fine with the latest release, but it doesn't work with HEAD
[19:09] PerfDave Vagabond: Is there a reason you're not using the latest release?
[19:09] PerfDave HEAD sounds like a kind of under development sort of thing :)
[19:09] Vagabond I need the ZMQ_FD getsockopt option
[19:10] Vagabond I could try to backport that to latest stable
[19:10] cremes Vagabond: i recommend that you open a git issue detailing the problem and pointing to the problem code in the guide
[19:51] ChicagoBud hello, is pub/sub valid for inproc ?
[19:54] Guthur worth a go, I would imagine so at a guess
[20:03] cremes ChicagoBud: yes
[20:15] ChicagoBud thanks. hit a snag and didn't know if it was supported
[20:21] cremes ChicagoBud: it's not supported on Windows, but then nothing using inproc transport works on windows
[20:21] ChicagoBud linux
[20:21] cremes yeah, no problems on that platform
[20:22] cremes make sure you are using release 2.0.9 instead of master unless you need a particular bug fix
[20:22] ChicagoBud I think it is because I am sending before the sub are connected
[20:25] cremes yes, that's usually the mistake made with pub/sub
[20:27] Guthur Is windows likely to get inproc at some point
[20:27] Guthur or is it a fundamental limitation of the platform
[20:29] cremes Guthur: i don't know... ask sustrik or mato
[20:30] cremes .... oops, maybe it's ipc transport that it will never get...
[20:30] Guthur I was intending to use inproc, I did read some windows limitation on the guide thing can't remember either
[20:30] Guthur I'll check
[20:31] Guthur its IPC
[20:31] Guthur whew
[20:31] Guthur says it may be fixed in future version
[20:51] Zelex is there any plans to support UDP protocol?
[20:51] Zelex RUDP or the like
[20:57] cremes Zelex: hack the code; according to the imatix guys, adding a new protocol is pretty easy and already abstracted away from the core library
[20:58] Zelex alright, I'll take a look at whats involved there
[21:03] starkdg hello !
[22:43] Zelex does Ekiga use ZeroMQ?