Tuesday October 5, 2010

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[00:12] plowette hi
[00:12] plowette anyone have much experience with the Java binding?
[06:29] sustrik mikko: i am not an expert on build systems
[06:29] sustrik however, if you rpath patch works
[06:29] sustrik send it to the mailing list so that mato can apply it
[07:21] mato mikko: i'm here now
[07:45] mikko mato: rpath issues with tests
[07:46] mato mikko: they can't find the built
[07:46] mikko mato: look at the build output here:
[07:46] mikko yes
[07:46] mikko
[07:46] mikko that fixes it
[07:47] mato hmm
[07:47] mikko but should the tests link statically ?
[07:47] mato no
[07:47] mato but the thing is...
[07:47] mikko because you want to be sure that you test against version that you've just built
[07:47] mato before i started maintaining the autoconf stuff, palo malosek added the bit at the end of
[07:47] mato which strips rpath
[07:47] mato now, i'm not sure why that got added
[07:47] mikko if it loads via LD without rpath you might load from ldpath?
[07:48] mato i'm not sure
[07:48] mikko and actually test the already installed version (assuming you run make check before make install)
[07:48] mato this is one of those issues people seem to be in two minds about
[07:48] mato personally i'd like to know why we're stripping rpath on linux
[07:48] mikko distributions i assume
[07:49] mikko they usually remove rpaths
[07:49] mato yes, but, ... that should be done by the distro packaging scripts IMO
[07:49] mato not in our autoconf
[07:49] mato or, we should provide an option to not hardcode rpath
[07:50] mikko but that wouldn't help tests
[07:50] mato yes it would
[07:50] mikko if you run make check without having 0MQ installed already
[07:50] mikko where would the link-time rpath point to?
[07:50] mikko something like /usr/local/lib?
[07:50] mato no idea, but you shouldn't be doing that
[07:50] mato besides, make check will build zmq, won't it?
[07:51] mikko yes
[07:51] mikko hmm, in my opinion people _should_ run tests before installing
[07:51] mato then as long as we get rid of / make into an option the rpath stripping behaviour we should be fine, no?
[07:52] mikko i think that should be fine
[07:52] mikko although i don't see it helping the tests (without forcing the user to install first and updating ldd cache)
[07:52] mato ?
[07:53] mikko runtime linkers cache
[07:53] mato but, but... if the tests are linked with rpath then that shouldn't matter...
[07:53] mato anyway, let me try it
[07:53] mato that's the best way to find out
[07:57] mikko i changed the hudson build to poll SCM every 15 minutes so you should see the results from there as well
[07:57] mikko i need to run to a client meeting
[07:57] mikko bbl
[12:13] mato mikko: when you get back; i tested the rpath change and emailed to the ML
[12:13] mato mikko: removing the hack we have will make the tests work as I described
[12:47] mikko mato: i dont have the mail yet (i think)
[12:54] mato Subject: [zeromq-dev] [PATCH] Don't change libtool RPATH behaviour on Linux
[12:57] mikko ah
[12:57] mikko 9:15 am
[12:57] mikko that was ~100 emails abck :)
[12:57] mikko back*
[12:57] mikko the lines you are removing looks like a hack
[12:57] mikko indeed
[12:58] mato mikko: yeah, i think it was added in way back in 0mq 1.x days, i just posted to the ml to check
[12:58] mato if no one complains in a day or so i'll just take it out
[12:59] mato AFAICS it won't break anything (maybe a few distros with old libtool, but they can just patch it themselves)
[13:00] mikko i had a lot of problems finding documentation about rpath
[13:00] mikko seems like it's grossly underdocumented feature
[13:01] mikko it seems that opinion between LD_LIBRARY_PATH vs rpath is also divided
[13:02] mikko mato: i read about builbot a bit
[13:02] mikko mato: it seems that it requires one build master per project
[13:10] mato mikko: that's entirely possible, i've not used it, just saw that the python people were using it
[13:10] mato mikko: and Python is nicer than Java
[13:10] mato mikko: but do what works best for you ...
[13:13] mikko this far adding the 14 builds has been fairly easy
[13:13] mikko i guess the complications arise from distributed builds
[13:19] sustrik mato: iirc is had to do with fedora distro rules
[13:19] mato sustrik: what did?
[13:19] sustrik rpath
[13:19] sustrik not 100% sure
[13:19] mato sustrik: well, tough, it's a hack
[13:19] mato sustrik: if no one complains i'll put it back in
[13:20] sustrik ack
[13:20] mato I suspect it will cause problems for people building with old libtool from Git releases
[13:20] mato but again, tough
[13:26] mikko --disable-rpath or something might work for distros?
[13:27] mato yes, but i won't actually do that until someone really asks for it :-)
[13:27] mato and the problem is (I believe) that libtool doesn't support that anyway
[15:59] ptrb it seems that for at least 1KB messages, I can publish to a ZMQ_PUB about twice as fast as I can receive on the ZMQ_SUB... does that seem right?
[16:03] cremes ptrb: yes, that seems right
[16:03] cremes publishing is "fire and forget" whereas a subscriber has to do some byte matching on each message
[16:04] ptrb even if you do a zmq_setsockopt(.., ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE, NULL, 0); ?
[16:06] cremes ptrb: i don't know... you should check the code and see if it short-circuits that check for a NULL subscription
[16:06] cremes also, recall that the subscriber has to do a lot more mallocs that your publisher
[16:06] ptrb ok. just wanted to sanity-check my benchmark, anyhow. thanks!
[16:35] dermoth I have a question regarding the zdevices json configuration... why not ?
[16:50] dermoth I remember reading somewhere why JSON was chosen, libconfig seems just as good based on what I remember (iirc ne of the point was that other unix configuration formats didn't allow multiple levels like JSON)
[19:13] FSX Hi, I was wondering if zeromq could be used to make an IRC bot? :)
[19:15] omarkj You could make it play a part in an irc bot, sure.
[19:18] FSX I mean for the networking. I currently use Asyncore. I thought I could try something else.
[19:21] Guthur FSX, I would assume that because the IRC server is probably not using zeromq that you would have to use a more raw solution of special IRC lib at some point
[19:22] Guthur There usually is a IRC lib available for most language
[19:22] Guthur languages*
[19:24] FSX Ok, but I just need something to do async networking. It's just something for fun. ^^
[19:28] ptrb if your question is "will zmq do async networking" then the answer is "yes" and IRC doesn't enter into it
[19:29] FSX Ok, thanks.
[20:00] Guthur is there a channel log
[21:50] novas0x2a is it possible to query a socket to see how deep the backlog is?
[21:53] cremes novas0x2a: no
[21:53] dermoth novas0x2a, I don'T think so... fwiw for a push/pull architure i'm planning i'll be sending message in the system and expect a worker to reply with a udp backet on a specific port, so I can chekc the latency­ If latency goes up, then the backlog is.
[22:00] dermoth novas0x2a, since code speaks better than words,
[22:00] dermoth this is an early draft of the nagios monitoring plugin for it
[22:02] dermoth oh there's an extra excho in there, that I used to "reply" manually to it as I didn't have to worker running
[22:41] novas0x2a dang :(
[22:43] novas0x2a any idea if a patch adding that as a sockopt would be accepted?
[22:44] novas0x2a or is this an intentional thing?