Sunday October 3, 2010

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[00:19] mikko nisbus: yes
[00:19] mikko playing sc2 though
[00:19] mikko but no, i havent used zmq with erlang
[00:30] nisbus ok
[00:39] nisbus driver_select(0x000003fa, 146885980, ERL_DRV_READ, 1) by zmq_drv driver #Port<0.2042> failed: fd=146885980 is larger than the largest allowed fd=1023
[00:39] nisbus what does this mean?
[00:40] nisbus can I use some socket opts to fix it?
[00:43] nisbus It works, although when I start sending messages, memory goes up to 1 GB and then the process crashes.
[00:43] nisbus any ideas?
[00:44] mikko are you using libzmq 2.0.9?
[00:45] nisbus yes
[00:45] nisbus and erlzmq
[00:45] nisbus is this a known problem for older versions?
[00:46] mikko i don't know if this is related to the fact that in 2.0.x you can no migrate sockets between threads
[00:46] mikko worth testing with 2.1.0
[00:47] mikko i don't really know much about erlang
[00:50] nisbus I'm using the one from github :
[00:51] nisbus which is 2.1.0 it seems
[01:31] nisbus recompile got rid of the error but I run out of memory in no time when publishing in a tight loop.
[01:34] nisbus zmq:socket(rep,[{active , true},{hwm,1}])
[01:36] nisbus if I use pub I get the following error: Assertion failed: nbytes == sizeof (command_t) (signaler.cpp:283)
[01:37] nisbus zmq:socket(pub,[{active , true},{hwm,1}])
[01:37] mikko do you create the sockets in a loop?
[01:38] nisbus no , I just create a single socket and then create a loop to send messages to itt
[01:40] nisbus I had the same problem with the .net binding for zmq
[05:22] sustrik nisbus: this problem was already reported
[05:23] sustrik can you check what the value of nbytes is?
[05:23] sustrik thanks
[06:24] Pupuser402 hi
[06:24] Pupuser402 ghjhgj
[06:24] Pupuser402 jh
[06:24] Pupuser402 j
[06:24] Pupuser402 dh
[06:24] Pupuser402 g
[06:24] Pupuser402 gh
[06:24] Pupuser402 fg
[06:24] Pupuser402 j
[06:24] Pupuser402 f
[06:24] Pupuser402 g
[06:24] Pupuser402 fghfg
[06:24] Pupuser402 nc
[06:24] Pupuser402 vn
[06:24] Pupuser402 bnk
[06:24] Pupuser402 gdh
[06:24] Pupuser402 jgfz
[06:24] Pupuser402 hg
[06:24] Pupuser402 hg
[06:24] Pupuser402 k
[06:24] Pupuser402 hlk
[06:39] sbahra Interesting.
[09:18] manuel hi,
[09:40] mikko sustrik: i got 0mq master and maint now running daily builds
[09:40] mikko sustrik: adding jzmq and php-zmq to daily builds soon as well
[11:51] nisbus sdfkl
[11:51] nisbus hi
[11:53] nisbus hi
[11:57] nisbus is no one else having problems with memory when publishing messages to zmq?
[12:20] keffo hard to tell
[12:20] keffo for myself, no
[12:21] keffo (assuming you mean memory leaks)
[13:32] nisbus not memory leaks per say, I start publishing and after about 30-60 seconds my machine runs out of memory (1GB).
[13:34] nisbus zmq:socket(pub,[{active , true},{hwm,1}]) and then zmq:send(somemessage), in a loop.
[13:35] nisbus oh, and zmq:bind(S,"tcp://") in between of those
[13:37] nisbus it then fails with either of the following :Assertion failed: nbytes == sizeof (command_t) (signaler.cpp:283)
[13:38] nisbus or eheap_alloc: Cannot allocate 1140328500 bytes of memory (of type "heap")
[13:39] mikko nisbus: does it happen if you try with slightly larger hwm?
[13:39] mikko let's say 100
[13:40] nisbus the same thing
[13:40] nisbus it might be erlang related (threads).
[13:40] mikko have you got a subscriber on the other side?
[13:41] nisbus no subscriber
[13:41] nisbus I want zmq to throw away messages if no one's listening
[13:46] nisbus it seems it only sends something like 5-10 messages, then hangs on send an ultimately crashes.
[13:46] mikko nisbus: with PHP it works as expected
[13:47] mikko memory usage stays on same level
[13:47] nisbus I know, it works with python also. I just can't get it not to explode in Erlang :(
[13:47] nisbus it behaves the same way in .net
[13:48] mikko can you open a bug against the erlang driver?
[13:48] nisbus I will
[13:48] mikko
[13:48] mikko here
[13:48] mikko i think
[14:08] nisbus I've opened a bug there
[14:08] nisbus thanks
[14:40] sustrik mikko: excelent!
[14:42] sustrik <sustrik> nisbus: this problem was already reported
[14:42] sustrik <sustrik> can you check what the value of nbytes is?
[14:42] sustrik <sustrik> thanks
[22:13] Guthur anyone able to get jzmq to build recently?
[22:14] Guthur I get a few errors on build the same as ->
[22:14] Guthur and was wondering if anyone knew a fix