Saturday October 2, 2010

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[08:01] CIA-20 zeromq2: 03Nir Soffer 07master * r1d43119 10/ (AUTHORS src/xrep.cpp): make sure that reader does not terminate in the middle of a multipart message -
[15:25] twomashi Morning
[15:25] twomashi Is there concensus on what to use as a buffer for zeromq messages?
[15:26] sustrik hi, what do you exactly mean?
[15:26] twomashi Ie I want one machine that acts as a queue and buffers messages for other clients
[15:26] twomashi but not realtime; it may queue thousands or millions of messages
[15:27] sustrik there are few precompiled "devices" in 0mq itself which are there to do exactly that
[15:27] sustrik you may also write you own device
[15:27] sustrik it's couple of lines of code
[15:28] twomashi ah great. I wasnt able to find any documentation on it :)
[15:28] twomashi zmq_queue seems like a candidate but the config example I saw just defined an in address and out address
[15:29] sustrik have a look at the code
[15:29] sustrik you can modify it to suit your needs
[15:30] twomashi Okay, will do
[15:30] twomashi Thanks.
[15:30] sustrik np
[20:44] mikko sustrik: there?
[21:51] nisbus hi
[21:52] nisbus has anyone here used zeromq with erlang?
[23:50] nisbus hola omar
[23:55] nisbus anyone?