Wednesday September 29, 2010

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[00:34] novas0x2a is there an example for how to use zmq_poll properly? This code (where i think i'm using it right?) crashes reliably:
[00:35] novas0x2a oh wow, i'm lame... ignore that code for a sec..
[08:09] CIA-20 zeromq2: 03Ilja Golshtein 07master * r4482dd7 10/ (AUTHORS include/zmq.hpp): C++ binding destructors don't throw exceptions -
[14:07] llasm hi !!
[14:10] sustrik llasm: hi
[14:51] llasm how to install zmq*
[14:51] llasm i need a tuto
[14:53] keffo define 'install'?
[14:55] pieterh llasm: read
[14:55] pieterh please tell me if anything is missing or unclear on the instructions there
[15:27] llasm pieterh: i follow this instructions
[15:27] llasm
[15:28] llasm but when try python -c "import zmq"
[15:28] llasm i receive cannot import name _zmq
[15:29] pieterh llasm: ok, you need to also build the Python API
[15:29] pieterh that is explained here:
[15:30] pieterh did you install 0MQ into system libraries ('sudo make install')?
[15:31] pieterh then you have to specify the system libraries in setup.cfg before doing 'python install'
[15:32] llasm yes i use this command 'make install' with root user
[15:33] pieterh what does your setup.cfg contain?
[15:33] llasm but i don't find zeromq2-dev folder in /user/local/
[15:34] sustrik there's no such folder
[15:34] sustrik you should see /user/local/include/zmq.h for example
[15:35] friendshi llasm: see the section titled 'Linux' under 'Building and installation' on this page:
[15:37] llasm my setup.cfg contain
[15:37] llasm library_dirs = /usr/local/zeromq-dev/lib
[15:37] llasm include_dirs = /usr/local/zeromq-dev/include
[15:38] friendshi try this: python build_ext --rpath=/usr/local/zeromq-dev/lib --inplace
[15:39] friendshi if /usr/local/zeromq-dev/lib is where you actually installed zeromq library
[15:40] pieterh llasm: this is a common mistake, the example setup.cfg is confusing
[15:40] pieterh edit it so that the paths are /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include
[15:42] sustrik where's the example?
[15:43] pieterh setup.cfg.template
[15:43] sustrik pyzmq project?
[15:43] pieterh yes
[15:43] pieterh i'm making a quickstarter for Python on the download page
[15:44] sustrik ok, let me create a ticket asking to change the example
[15:44] pieterh ack
[15:44] llasm i think that the installation is ok. so i've this error when i try : python -c 'import zmq'
[15:44] llasm ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[15:44] pieterh also the page should not IMO tell the user to get the zeromq git
[15:44] llasm is normal?
[15:44] pieterh llasm: after zeromq install, 'sudo ldconfig'
[15:45] pieterh that is covered here:
[15:45] friendshi thats the error i was getting before doing the build_ext part from the documentation
[15:46] pieterh friendshi, ah, thanks
[15:47] friendshi see here i think:
[15:52] llasm i excute 'ldconfig' but i receive the same error
[15:53] sustrik is there zmq.h in /usr/local/include?
[15:55] llasm yes
[15:55] pieterh llasm: did you run 'sudo python install' again?
[15:56] llasm yes
[16:00] sustrik how does you look like?
[16:04] mato 17:37 < llasm> my setup.cfg contain
[16:04] mato 17:37 < llasm> library_dirs = /usr/local/zeromq-dev/lib
[16:04] mato 17:37 < llasm> include_dirs = /usr/local/zeromq-dev/include
[16:04] mato this would be a problem
[16:05] mato /usr/local/zeromq-dev will not be in a default LD_LIBRARY_PATH
[16:05] mato don't do that :-)
[16:05] mato if you want things to just work then install everything in /usr/local
[16:05] mato or edit your / LD_LIBRARY_PATH but normally you don't want to do that
[16:24] llasm LD_LIBRARY_PATH is empty. it's normal?!!
[16:25] guido_g yes
[16:26] llasm ok
[16:28] sustrik have you changed the
[16:28] sustrik it should look like this:
[16:29] sustrik library_dirs = /usr/local/lib
[16:29] sustrik include_dirs = /usr/local/include
[16:29] ntelford hi guys
[16:30] ntelford just having a dig around the Java API and I'm wondering if there's any support for streaming very large messages without having to buffer them in local memory first?
[16:30] ntelford I ask because Socket.send(byte[] msg, long flags) requires the message to be buffered as a byte array first
[16:38] llasm i change my to
[23:40] novas0x2a could someone confirm that I'm using zmq_poll correctly here? I reliably get an uninitialized/corrupted message back out. I'm suspecting a zmq bug, but I'd like to rule out user error.