Saturday September 25, 2010

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[06:32] sustrik Pe_Ell: 2.1 looks more or less stable already. Please, do use it. If any bug is found, let me know.
[06:50] sustrik jond: it went well, i'll post my paper shortly
[06:50] sustrik met a lot of linux kernel folks there
[06:58] Pe_Ell wow... chapter3 just doubled in size..
[07:25] Pe_Ell sustrik, cool. Mostly was interested in accessing the "socket" more directly so there could be some attempt of creting somelike like a Perl AnyEvent wrapper...
[07:26] Pe_Ell wow... my english sucks...
[07:29] sustrik Pe_Ell: yes, feel free to play with that
[07:30] sustrik there's ZMQ_FD socket option that allows you to do that
[07:30] Pe_Ell yeah I was looking over the code and currently reading the guide...
[07:30] Pe_Ell pretty entertaining and useful
[07:30] sustrik however, it's a bit more complex than using standard 0mq API
[07:31] sustrik you have to keep in mind that:
[07:31] sustrik 1. ZMQ_FD can signal even if there's no message available (on internal 0MQ events such as "connection established")
[07:31] sustrik 2. ZMQ_FD is edge triggered
[07:32] sustrik if you don't care about that, it should work just fine
[07:32] Pe_Ell yeah I figured I'd finish the guide before digging into the 2.1 code more...
[09:25] pieter_hintjens Pe_Ell: I moved a lot of Ch3 into Ch2 as well
[17:43] Pe_Ell pieter_hintjens: so I should start over? :) I noticed that it had shifted some, I was going to go look at the earlier chapters to see if I'd missed anything... still got a lot of code to read... :)
[17:44] pieter_hintjens Pe_Ell: well, most of the new stuff is at the end of Ch2 and then Ch3
[17:47] Pe_Ell yeah I figure I'd like a pretty generic AnyEvent wrapper if it's reasonable to build... I'm still working out the application design for my project though... I just got distracted with new and shiny.... :D
[17:57] Pe_Ell so to make sure I'm not retarded... for pubsub I can make one ZMQ_SUB socket and then just set multiple ZMQ_SUBSCRIPT options on it...
[17:58] Pe_Ell err, ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE
[17:58] Pe_Ell man I don't even have a spell checker... not sure why I keep writing out the wrong words...
[17:59] Pe_Ell ok man page confirmed what I was thinking... and looks like the string is a prefix so that answered my next question about wildcarding...
[18:55] lluad Anyone have any pointers for embedding 0mq into another systems event loop - I'm looking at using it with Qt4.
[19:45] cremes lluad: take a look at the 2.1 branch specifically ZM_FD and ZM_EVENTS
[19:45] lluad Excellent, thanks.