Saturday September 18, 2010

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[03:38] benford good morning folks. can anyone answer a question about non blocking recieve and send?
[06:16] CIA-20 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r0c215fa 10/ (src/fq.cpp src/lb.cpp src/socket_base.cpp): potential duplicate termination of pipes removed -
[06:16] CIA-20 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rfb6ce53 10/ src/own.cpp : more details on launch_sibling in comments -
[06:16] CIA-20 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r4c6d07d 10/ (15 files): single term ack counting mechanism for every socket (no separate mechanisms for fq_t and lb_t) -
[06:17] sustrik benford: shoot
[06:18] benford hi, i think it was user error :-) i'm trying to wrap the concurrent eventlet library around socket recv/send and was having some tryouble with polling
[06:20] sustrik ok
[06:29] benford actually - i guess i've got another question: if i'm doing a zmq_poll what might throw errno 14 'Bad address'
[06:30] benford i'm probably calling this with an int representing an eventlet socket so i'm thinking that the flags are causing some sort of error?
[06:30] benford (this is in pyzmq btw)
[06:34] benford when using zmq_poll do i still have to stick with the POLLIN and POLLOUT flags or would i need to replace them with the equvalent select flags?
[06:37] benford doh - figured it - was using a different context in the same thread
[06:51] benford it lives: thanks for the great work to all of you in here!
[20:01] mr19 docs say to call zmq_init() from the "start of your main line of code", my app starts a new thread that calls zmq_init() (via the zmq::context_t constructor) at thread startup. can easily be switched but curious as to whether this can cause problems. quick look through the code didn't raise any flags to me.
[20:34] sustrik mr19: to be able to communicate in inter-thread manner you have t share the context
[20:34] sustrik i mean inproc:// transport
[21:27] mr19 ok, i'm just using tcp and only from within that thread, just trying to simplify my code -- i'm going to move the ctx instantiation to the main thread but was just curious if there are any other reasons for requiring the call to zmq_init() in the main thread