Thursday September 16, 2010

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[02:17] lestrrat is there some sort of debug flag to enable tracing or some such for zeromq?
[02:17] lestrrat I'm having problems, and want to know what's going on in the zeromq side...
[02:56] dermoth lestrrat, maybe strace would help, but it might be a bit low-level depending on what you need to figure out
[02:57] dermoth lestrrat, fwiw if you're using short-lived processes then some queues have no way to guarantee all messages have been delivered before shutdown; when you call zmq_send data is only bufered in a local queue to be sent to the remote end
[03:03] lestrrat thanks, gonna have to RFE a TRACE variable or something ;)
[07:12] dermoth I was trying out the php-zmq module today, and it appears some tests die with an assertion failed with --enable-pgm in the zeromq library
[07:12] dermoth not that I need it though...
[07:14] dermoth the error is: Assertion failed: !pgm_supported () (zmq.cpp:240)
[07:47] sustrik dermoth: don't ope 2 contexts
[07:47] sustrik open
[09:26] lestrrat cool, it wasn't just me who got bit with multiple contexts + pgm ;)
[10:05] sustrik lestrrat: steven mc coy have already started migrating 0mq to new version of openpgm that should have the problem solved
[10:05] sustrik see here:
[10:05] sustrik but it's work in progress, no guarantees
[13:05] psino in zmq 2.1, zmq_close wont discard that is queued for sending -- is anything similar going to be implemented for data that has arrived, and are pending recv-calls?
[13:44] joyenlee Hi!
[21:15] dermoth sustrik, i didn't write the test... but why would it fail? What is multiple applications use different context on the same server? do you think the contect should be abstracted in the PHP module?
[21:24] jhawk28 susktrik: I updated