Sunday September 12, 2010

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[07:36] pieter_hintjens iFire: I'm going to make an example of that in Ch3
[07:36] pieter_hintjens of the guide
[07:49] iFire pieter_hintjens chapater ch3 where
[07:50] iFire where will the chapter 3 be pieter_hintjens?
[07:51] guido_g user guid
[07:51] guido_g +e
[17:47] mankins messages can be of arbitrary length, right?
[17:56] icy they have to fit in ram
[18:49] mankins i'm having some issue with messages getting corrupted on the wire.
[18:49] mankins trying to isolate it.
[18:49] mankins there are known issues with 2.0.9, are there? (I checked the bug list, and nothing jumped out)
[19:17] mankins hrm, maybe it was the perl serializer.
[19:18] mankins i was using send/recv but changed to send_as/recv and it seems to be better. <shrug>
[22:28] kenkeiter Looking for some input on a decentralized pub-sub/dequeue model with zeromq
[22:30] kenkeiter need to be able to publish messages in a specific category, subscribe to that category and (hopefully) pull jobs from it in a load-balanced way.
[22:30] kenkeiter Any suggestions?
[23:26] sleeperbot Hey guys, wondering if I could get some idea on what's going on with my installation of zmq
[23:26] sleeperbot been using zeromq and my CPU usage shot up x100. I'm doing Upstream/Downstream, using the node.js wrapper.
[23:26] sleeperbot Leaving connections open on both ends to send and receive
[23:27] sleeperbot This is the node.j library I'm using:
[23:32] kenkeiter Don't know a tremendous amount about zmq's internals, but my suggestion would be to verify that you have the correct number of zmq threads spawned.
[23:32] kenkeiter If you're respawning for each connection, they may also not be released properly..
[23:32] kenkeiter Which could pose another problem.
[23:53] sleeperbot Thanks Ken, i'll check
[23:54] sleeperbot I'm not respawning so it could be the node.js driver