Monday September 6, 2010

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[02:18] mikejs there's no INSTALL file in the 2.0.9 tarball, despite it being referenced in the README
[05:10] mato mikejs: good catch, my fault for not testing one setting properly, i'll fix the tarballs
[08:16] BooTheHamster hi
[08:17] mato hi BooTheHamster
[08:17] BooTheHamster can I connect ZMQ socket to zero port number, e.g. "tcp://localhost:0"?
[08:17] mato 0 is not a legal port number, so no :-)
[08:18] BooTheHamster ZMQ don't get a random port no?
[08:18] mato ah, you want dynamically assigned ports on socket?
[08:18] BooTheHamster yes
[08:18] mato that's a different question :)
[08:19] BooTheHamster sorry for my english :(
[08:19] mato no problem
[08:19] mato for dynamically assigned ports, that's not possible at the moment but you can emulate it
[08:19] mato on the bind side, you'll want to do a loop and try to bind to a random port in a portrange
[08:20] mato see e.g. how pyzmq does it:
[08:20] mato lines 588 onwards, "bind_to_random_port()"
[08:21] mato you'll then want to save the port number you bound to, and connect to that
[08:21] mato it's a hack, I hope to resolve this properly in 2.1.x
[08:21] mato but that is still some way away
[08:21] BooTheHamster great thanx, mato :)
[08:22] mato BooTheHamster: you're welcome
[09:23] Tasser no tcl binding for 2.0 yet?
[11:44] BooTheHamster Hi. Can I use telnet (or something else) to debugging my application with ZMQ_REP socket?
[11:44] keffo I suggest a debugger.
[11:47] BooTheHamster I mean that I develop a server application, but don't have a client yet. Can I sent a messages to opened ZMQ socket?
[11:48] guido_g write a simple client first then
[11:50] BooTheHamster thanx
[11:50] guido_g see here for an example
[11:51] guido_g there is even simpler stuff in the tests directory on master
[11:52] BooTheHamster thanx, guido_g.
[15:27] pieterh heh, 0MQ on Reddit two years ago...
[15:28] pieterh "This sounds like just a big marketing gimmic,"
[15:28] guido_g reddit? yes...
[15:28] guido_g ]:->
[17:31] sbahra pieterh, in all honesty, I first heard about ZeroMQ from the multithreading magic article (which states things like "To scale further, or developer must switch to 100% lock-free algorithms for data sharing. He is now into the realm of black magic."), and it made it seem like ZeroMQ was a marketing gimmick. :-P
[17:32] sbahra Now, we're seriously looking at using ZeroMQ for the product I'm involved with. :-P
[17:32] pieterh sbahra :-)
[17:32] pieterh can you share what that product is?
[17:33] sbahra If we use it, I'll let you know.
[17:33] sbahra pieterh, it's a distributed high performance MTA.
[17:33] pieterh nice!
[17:34] pieterh i've thought for a while that 0MQ was ideal for clustered products
[17:34] sbahra Based on my basic readings so far, it seems like it.
[17:34] sbahra We're currently using spread.
[17:34] sbahra Much older than 0MQ, I think. :-)
[17:34] sbahra pieterh,
[17:35] pieterh yeah, found that via google...
[17:35] pieterh interesting...
[17:36] pieterh biggest difference I see so far is that Spread uses blue while 0MQ uses red
[17:37] sbahra "Spread currently supports application messages upto around 100Kbytes. Currently the exact size is not exported as part of the API."
[17:37] sbahra pieterh, it doesn't seem like that's the case for 0MQ. :-P
[17:37] pieterh oh... their latency is measured in msec...
[17:37] sbahra pieterh, spread is very resilient.
[17:38] pieterh hmm, it's interesting...
[17:38] sbahra Anyways, we'll see if we switch over to 0MQ sometime next year.
[17:39] sbahra I should do some hackery dackery doe. Bye.
[17:39] pieterh covers a lot of the ground people complain about missing in 0MQ
[17:39] pieterh cyat