Wednesday August 18, 2010

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[00:48] pieterh prodatalab is concept i've been working on for quite some time. needless to say 0mq makes it all come together very well. i think it can be revolutionary in more than a few ways. can i possibly interest you in discussing it with me. i'm considering a partnership atm for the potential to market it.
[01:23] rbraley i was looking for that link where the guy described his google interview process and a google search provides hundreds of them.
[01:36] jhawk28 any of the zeromq devs here?
[01:39] jhawk28 has any work been done to migrate openamq to 0mq?
[04:07] CIA-20 rbzmq: 03Brian Buchanan 07master * r2aa02db 10/ (rbzmq.c zmq.gemspec):
[04:07] CIA-20 rbzmq: Fix potential memory leak in
[04:07] CIA-20 rbzmq: Reported by: Eric Wong <> -
[06:01] sustrik mikko: that's bad, it looks like freebsd bug
[06:01] sustrik what version of freebsd are you using?
[07:05] mikko sustrik: 8.1 i think
[07:06] mikko FreeBSD fbsd.localdomain 8.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE #0: Mon Jul 19 02:36:49 UTC 2010 amd64
[07:10] mikko sustrik: i can't reproduce in a simple program
[07:22] sustrik mikko: what about showing the traceback on a freebsd forum?
[07:23] sustrik someone may have had an experience with it there
[07:25] sustrik the two links i've posted seem to indicate that there used to be such bug in freebsd...
[08:14] mikko sustrik: some progress
[08:14] mikko yep
[08:14] mikko got it
[08:14] sustrik mikko: a solution?
[08:14] mikko yes
[08:15] mikko php needs to link against libthr
[08:15] sustrik several thread libraries out there?
[08:15] mikko it is not enough that libzmq links against libthr
[08:15] mikko this is my theory this far:
[08:16] mikko single threaded php linked against non-reentrant libraries
[08:16] mikko loads up and loads libzmq
[08:16] sustrik got it
[08:16] mikko which ends up using non-reentrant things
[08:16] mikko due to loading order
[08:16] mikko but this is just a theory not knowing much about freebsd internals
[08:17] sustrik seems plausible to mwe
[08:17] sustrik me
[08:17] mikko => /lib/ (0x800883000)
[08:17] mikko is what libzmq links against
[08:17] mikko and php compilation gives option "Do you want to link against libthr?"
[08:17] sustrik aha
[08:18] sustrik it should be noted somewhere
[08:18] sustrik so that the knowlefge is not lost
[08:18] mikko it's in github issue tracker
[08:18] mikko at least
[08:19] mikko it is odd that i can't reproduce this with a simple program
[08:19] sustrik timing issue maybe
[08:19] sustrik btw, is the php binding built using autotools?
[08:19] mikko possibly and php uses dlopen/load to load the php-zmq
[08:19] mikko yes
[08:20] sustrik maybe it can be made automatic
[08:20] mikko but thats not the thing
[08:20] sustrik FreeBSD -> link with libthr
[08:20] mikko there are three moving parts
[08:20] mikko php, php extension for zmq and libzmq
[08:20] mikko so roughly:
[08:21] mikko php <- dynamic loading -> php-zmq <- runtime linker loading > libzmq
[08:21] mikko dynamic loading being dlopen or what the platform has
[08:21] mikko i think the boundary of dlopen actually causes the confusion
[08:21] sustrik looks like
[08:22] sustrik but does in make sense to compile php-zmq without libthr?
[08:22] mikko i could try to create a test case
[08:22] mikko for php-zmq it doesnt matter
[08:22] mikko because libzmq links against it
[08:22] sustrik ah
[08:22] sustrik it's php build that has to be modified
[08:22] mikko for php it matters because it doesnt 'hard-link' against libthr at any point
[08:22] mikko yes
[08:23] sustrik my god
[08:23] sustrik ok, i see
[08:23] mikko i'll try to create a test case for this
[08:23] sustrik ack
[08:28] anarchocap hi
[08:36] mikko sustrik: oh joy
[08:36] mikko can't reproduce
[08:39] sustrik :|
[08:42] mikko in a very simple test case it work
[08:42] mikko s
[08:43] pieterh mikko: this is kind of typical, you chopped out whatever it is that provokes the problem
[08:44] mikko pieterh: there are so many moving parts in the final solution, could be a race condition, could be just about anything
[08:44] mikko at least there is a work-around
[08:44] mikko
[08:44] mikko i'll add it to the wiki as well
[08:48] mikko
[08:48] mikko done
[08:58] pieterh sustrik: do you have a moment?
[08:59] pieterh could you explain why you think subscription idempotency would let one subscriber unsubscribe another one?
[09:06] sustrik pieterh: think of a pub node connected to 2 sub nodes
[09:06] pieterh ack
[09:06] sustrik sub node 1: SUB(ABC)
[09:06] sustrik sub node 2: SUB(ABC)
[09:07] sustrik sub node 1: UNSUB(ABC)
[09:07] sustrik sub node2: wtf?!?
[09:07] pieterh that is, if you literally take the algorithm from the SUB socket and move it to the PUB socket
[09:08] sustrik yes, any such algorithm
[09:08] pieterh if idempotency was part of the spec, would it be possible?
[09:08] sustrik sure
[09:08] pieterh (trick question: answer is "of course")
[09:08] sustrik the question is whether it is desirable
[09:08] sustrik there are 2 use cases afaics:
[09:09] pieterh seen from the app pov it's very desirable
[09:09] pieterh it removes the need to duplicate state
[09:09] sustrik 1. a GUI app, user nervously clicking on sub & unsub buttons
[09:09] sustrik 2. a automated app with a consistent algorithm
[09:09] pieterh consistency may not be always possible
[09:10] sustrik if you have idempotency, 2 has to duplicate state
[09:10] sustrik if you have refcounting 1 has to duplicate state
[09:10] pieterh if you don't have idempotency, 2 has to duplicate state
[09:10] sustrik exactly
[09:10] pieterh :-)
[09:10] pieterh how can you say 'exactly' when i say the exact opposite of you?
[09:11] pieterh i'm confused now
[09:11] pieterh ok, here's a point of view on this...
[09:11] sustrik ah, sorry misread 2 as 1
[09:11] sustrik you are NOT right
[09:11] sustrik :)
[09:11] pieterh that's better
[09:12] pieterh ok, do you have 5 mins to walk through this?
[09:12] sustrik yes
[09:12] pieterh so... idempotent apis are robust against stateloss in the network
[09:12] pieterh e.g. REST
[09:13] pieterh that's just a desirable property... any code that handles sub/unsub control commands will be more robust if the api it talks to is idempotent
[09:13] pieterh now
[09:13] pieterh this is for TCP, not multicast
[09:13] pieterh the PUB knows each SUB connection
[09:13] pieterh has the subscriptions for each one
[09:13] sustrik don't go into technical details
[09:13] sustrik that's clear
[09:14] pieterh it can trivially ensure that anything coming from SUB A does not interfere with SUB B
[09:14] pieterh and it needs to, anyhow
[09:14] pieterh since anyone can craft sub/unsub messages
[09:14] sustrik sure, but not so user implemetned nodes
[09:14] sustrik such as a node aggregating FIX data feeds
[09:14] sustrik or similar
[09:14] pieterh devices is next, we were starting with direct sub-to-pub
[09:15] sustrik the only guestion is:
[09:15] sustrik do we want to provide the GUI use case, or the "device" use case as default
[09:15] pieterh i don't see this as the choice
[09:15] pieterh that looks like a false dichotomy
[09:15] sustrik shrug
[09:16] pieterh based on assumptions that i'm not sharing / seeing
[09:16] sustrik how would you integrate say FIX feeds?
[09:16] pieterh can i refer to previous known use cases?
[09:16] sustrik yes
[09:16] pieterh take AMQP bindings
[09:16] pieterh idempotent
[09:16] pieterh federable
[09:17] sustrik that's because they are encapsulated inside of the broker
[09:17] pieterh work for both the GUI and the device use case
[09:17] sustrik not for the latter
[09:17] pieterh ah, ok
[09:18] pieterh you are saying you don't want devices to keep any state
[09:18] sustrik yes
[09:18] pieterh thus state must be in the edges
[09:18] sustrik so that they can come and go
[09:18] sustrik right
[09:18] sustrik end-to-end principle
[09:18] pieterh ok, so sub sockets can do the refcounting and give idempotency
[09:18] pieterh with amqp there is no state in the API
[09:19] sustrik yes, amqp is designed other way round
[09:19] pieterh devices in any case must store subscriptions
[09:19] pieterh in their sub sockets
[09:19] sustrik it's just transient
[09:19] sustrik when the connection goes, associated subscriptions are deleted
[09:19] pieterh right
[09:19] sustrik when device fails, it looses them of course
[09:20] sustrik when the peer reconnects it resends the subscriptions
[09:20] pieterh there is an easy, trivial, stupid, scalable design
[09:20] sustrik yes?
[09:20] pieterh do not forward ubsub messages
[09:20] pieterh *unsub
[09:20] pieterh and ignore duplicate subs
[09:21] sustrik that would aggregate subs in the network until congestion happens
[09:21] pieterh it fails in some use cases but those would normally be on multicast anyhow
[09:21] pieterh where it does not apply
[09:21] pieterh scenarios that do unsubscription are arguably very rare
[09:22] sustrik true
[09:22] sustrik do you want to drop UNSUBSCRIBE then?
[09:22] pieterh it's just a thought
[09:22] sustrik "if you want to unsubscribe, close the socket"
[09:22] pieterh for example, yes
[09:22] sustrik it's viable
[09:23] sustrik ask on list, IMO
[09:23] pieterh or else don't forward unsubscribe over TCP and handle it locally
[09:23] sustrik no
[09:23] sustrik that's the congestion scenario
[09:23] pieterh well, it's what we do today :-)
[09:23] sustrik invisible traffic flowing on
[09:24] sustrik yes, buth it's definitely not desirable
[09:24] pieterh true
[09:24] pieterh is it out of the question that forwarder devices keep track of their downstream subscribers?
[09:26] sustrik ?
[09:26] sustrik ah, i see
[09:26] pieterh it would require that they replicate the prefix tree
[09:26] pieterh and intelligently sub/unsub as needed
[09:26] pieterh it is scalable and if the device dies, it works as expected
[09:27] pieterh a proper proxy for subscriptions
[09:27] sustrik yes, that's an option
[09:27] pieterh i'm happy to help code that up in 21 years or so :-)
[09:28] sustrik :)
[09:28] sustrik so how about the birth?
[09:28] pieterh still waiting
[09:28] sustrik have it happened already?
[09:28] sustrik ah
[09:28] sustrik ok, cyl
[09:29] pieterh sylvie is in the hospital and they're giving her stuff to provoke it but the baby is like "no way! that's a hostile world out there!"
[09:29] pieterh thanks for this explanation
[09:51] travlr pieterh: yup, prodatalab is me. do you find the concept interesting?
[09:51] pieterh travlr: will it be free software?
[09:52] travlr i'm trying to decide what route to take atm.. would care to discuss it with me?
[09:52] pieterh certainly...
[10:01] CIA-20 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r7aba2d1 10/ doc/zmq.txt : documentation leftover from v2.0.6 cleaned in zmq(7) -
[11:57] pietia is it possible to use zeromq as cron?
[12:10] sustrik pietia: there are no timers
[12:10] sustrik it's just an interconnect
[12:11] mikko
[16:05] pieterh mikko: nice link