Saturday August 14, 2010

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[06:38] CIA-20 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07wip-shutdown * r83835ec 10/ (10 files): engine leak fixed; pgm compilation fixed -
[06:54] CIA-20 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07wip-shutdown * rf1812b2 10/ (perf/remote_thr.cpp src/object.cpp): added ZMQ_MAKE_VALGRIND_HAPPY compile-time option -
[16:24] cremes you guys might want to chime in on the recent thread [hybi] Framing Take VI (a compromise proposal)
[20:45] Xenofur hey guys, are you aware that your perl module does not install under windows?
[20:49] travlr Xenofur: Hi. the language bindings other than c and c++ are not supported by ZeroMQ. Every other binding has their own maintainers... you'll need to contact who ever that maybe and post the problem for a perl issue at
[20:50] Xenofur i'm just looking for some general conversation
[20:51] Xenofur as in, trying to see if there is anything known about that, or find out whether the error i'm seeing is a known problem unrelated to perl itself, etc.
[20:54] travlr yeah I don't do perl so i'm sorry.. i wouldn't know. but i sure its the perl binding's problem though and not otherwise.
[20:55] Xenofur welp, ok then, thanks the link in any case o/
[20:55] sustrik best way is to contact perl devs via bug tracker
[20:56] Xenofur best way to contact perl devs is usually to chat to them :p
[20:56] sustrik not much chance anyome will be on the irc on saturday :)
[20:56] Xenofur not sure if c devs are different there
[20:56] Xenofur oh right, it's saturday
[20:56] sustrik :)
[20:56] Xenofur i keep forgetting people have weekends
[20:57] sustrik some do
[20:57] sustrik strange
[20:57] Xenofur very much so
[20:57] travlr i never know what day of the week it is either... lost :D
[20:57] Xenofur :D
[20:59] sustrik cremes: seen it, i've told them the size should go first, they've ignored me, i'll ignore them :)
[21:00] travlr The maintainers still need to be listed on their 0mq sub-page.
[21:01] Xenofur i saw the link you gave somewhere before
[21:01] Xenofur it's just that my first instinct is "go bother people on irc"
[21:01] travlr on the perl sub-page probably.
[21:01] travlr irc is the place to be.. lol.
[21:02] Xenofur any idea if Steffen Mueller shows up here?
[21:02] travlr i dont
[21:04] Xenofur ok :)