Friday August 13, 2010

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[00:18] pieterh new feature: translations of code examples into every available language
[01:50] travlr pieterh: "ØMQ uses C as the reference language and this is the language we'll use for examples."
[01:50] travlr except they are in python
[02:00] AndrewBC some are in python, some are in C
[02:01] AndrewBC the API reference is also for C
[05:06] shekispeaks hi
[05:06] shekispeaks i am just checking out zeromq for my use case
[05:07] shekispeaks i need persistence in my use case
[05:07] shekispeaks that is on a system reboot, the messages and the queues must be availble
[05:09] guido_g ømq has no persistence built in
[05:10] guido_g depending on the app, you should do that yourself anyway (but that's imho)
[05:13] shekispeaks has anyone done it before
[05:13] shekispeaks what are the options
[05:23] guido_g the options are that you look at the requirements that say that you need message persistence and then find a way of implementing it on top of the delivery layer (ømq)
[06:38] sustrik shekispeaks: there's an 0MQ/AMQP bridge project in the works that would allow you to place AMQP brokers into 0MQ network to achieve persistence; helping with it may be a better choice than writing everything from scratch
[06:40] shekispeaks sustrik: thanks, but looking for some out of the box solutions, need to get a queue up and running
[06:40] sustrik ack
[06:54] guido_g re
[11:29] moorooboorai hi guys, still struggling to get the Erlang client running. Have finally gotten to the point where zmqd will no longer complain when it starts. But now it wants a config file. Have scraped the mailing list and the website but to no avail. From source and indirect references I can tell there it's an XML-formatted file with an apparent <device> root node. But, before I start studying the sources to reverse engineer the xml spec,
[11:29] moorooboorai am kinda hoping you can pinpoint me to the format spec on the website.
[12:02] pieterh moorooboorai: hi
[12:02] moorooboorai hi
[12:03] pieterh give me a second and i'll post an example cfg file
[12:03] pieterh i'm rewriting the zmqd program
[12:04] moorooboorai great: have gotten as far as <config> <device type="forwarder|streamer|queue><in addr=""></in><out addr=""></out></device></config> ... but then still have to figure out what's expected in the addr attribute.
[12:06] pieterh addr is an endpoint
[12:06] pieterh if you're binding, use tcp://*:port
[12:06] pieterh if you're connecting, tcp://ipaddress:port
[12:08] moorooboorai okay. Thanks. So if that's all there is to the config file then I am in good shape for now.
[12:08] pieterh hang on, it's not quite that
[12:09] pieterh this is what I *think* it is:
[12:09] pieterh i'm going to test that
[12:10] sustrik wait a sec
[12:10] sustrik moorooboorai is using sustrik/zeromq2 branch
[12:10] pieterh yes, that's where the zmqd is
[12:10] sustrik ah, ok then
[12:18] pieterh moorooboorai: so that's the correct format for the config file BUT zmqd.cpp will only work with that git, as far as i can tell
[12:19] moorooboorai is zmqd supposed to return a "happy message" when supplied with a proper config file? It's not returning right now and it's not showing up when netstat'ing for it.
[12:20] moorooboorai in other words: it just silently 'hangs' there...
[12:21] moorooboorai after command $ sudo zmqd zmq-connect.xml
[12:21] AndrewBC unixy programs are usually silent when all is well
[12:22] AndrewBC (unless explicitly silenced)
[12:23] moorooboorai andrewbc: yep, I know - but then I expect other telltale signs to show up: like connections to ports I've asked the program to connect to
[12:23] moorooboorai (and since the masters are online, I thought to that picking their brain on this would be the easiest way out for now.)
[12:26] moorooboorai brb - lunch
[15:16] dos000 how would you tell zmq to stop procesing sockets momentarily (say for maintenance ) whithout doing a server shutdown ? this is an app thingy. but i am asking how would you do it.
[15:24] dos000 ok scratch what i said
[16:49] CIA-20 jzmq: 03Alexey Ermakov 07master * rc6836cd 10/ src/org/zeromq/ : Added missing ZMQ.SNDMORE constant. -
[16:55] CIA-20 jzmq: 03Gonzalo Diethelm 07master * r31a216e 10/ src/org/zeromq/ : Added new constants PULL and PUSH. -