Thursday August 5, 2010

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[06:13] hvd does anybody know where i can grab the examples?
[06:13] hvd i can't seem to find them in the source download, not sure if i'm missing anything....
[06:14] TheEffigy i didn't think there was anything other than
[06:16] hvd i was going through this:
[06:16] sjampoo hvd, you can find that on GITHUB
[06:17] hvd great!
[06:17] sjampoo I am not sure if and here it is included in the source package
[06:17] hvd thats so much! you rock!
[06:17] hvd yeah, i don't believe its included in the source download from the website
[06:18] hvd which really confused me, because no other place pointed me to the right direction
[06:18] hvd just something to think about...
[06:21] sjampoo Hrm that tutorial is outdated
[15:30] mato sustrik: i found a bug in zmq::signaler_t
[15:31] sustrik ?
[15:31] mato sustrik: it's not EINTR-resistant
[15:31] sustrik well, why not fix it then?
[15:31] mato have a patch, d'you want it on the mailing list for review first?
[15:32] sustrik the policy is send everything to mailing list first
[15:32] sustrik we should start to abide by it outselves
[15:32] mato well, kind of :)
[15:32] mato obviously, you're the master of the code, no need to ask for review unless you need it :)
[15:33] mato same as i would do with the autoconf stuff...
[15:33] mato anyway, i'll send it to the mailing list since it exposes other issues
[15:33] sustrik it's a matter of process
[15:33] sustrik it should be transparent
[15:33] sustrik even it there's no real reason
[15:33] mato not for every commit, don't be silly
[15:34] sustrik how would you manage the codebase then?
[15:34] mato well, there will always be two groups of people
[15:34] mato one, the core developers (those who have access to git), who have experience with the codebase and are trusted to not do anything silly
[15:35] mato there is no reason why these people working on fixing bugs or work that does not require discussion (i.e. no API changes) should send email to the mailing list
[15:35] sustrik hm, haven't pieter just committed something that broke MSVC build?
[15:35] mato not automatically anyway
[15:35] mato i don't really count pieter as a trusted committer to be honest
[15:35] mato but there is nothing i can do since ... well... you know...
[15:36] sustrik my point is that review is good
[15:36] sustrik always
[15:36] mato yes, of course, but people can always do this by voluntarily following git
[15:36] mato or asking for review when they need it
[15:36] mato otherwise it does not scale
[15:37] sustrik dunno, we should think about it a bit more
[15:37] mato well, i mean to document the policy
[15:37] sustrik if your patch is trivial, just commit it
[15:37] mato but i have work to do :)
[15:37] mato the patch itself is trivial and correct, but exposes other stuff related precisely to shutdown, so i'll send it to the list
[15:37] mato so that you can comment on it
[15:37] sustrik wondering who's going to review that
[15:38] mato martin hurton?
[15:38] sustrik it's touches like 50% of the codebase :(
[15:38] mato i would but i'm not sure that i understand enough of the codebase
[15:38] mato ask martin hurton to review it
[15:38] sustrik ok, send it to the list
[15:38] sustrik i'll have a look
[18:02] sustrik mato: hooo!
[18:04] mato sustrik: jaa?
[18:04] mato sustrik: oooh! :-)
[18:05] sustrik i have a problem with getaddrinfo on the notebook
[18:05] mato what's that?
[18:05] sustrik addr= service=5555
[18:05] sustrik returns -2
[18:06] mato and you have the latest master with the fix that removes AI_ADDRCONFIG?
[18:06] sustrik no it's the old version
[18:06] mato well, then it won't work :-)
[18:06] sustrik i've removed AI_NUMERICSVR
[18:06] sustrik but that didn't help :)
[18:06] mato of course it won't
[18:07] sustrik i recalled that something was to be removed...
[18:07] sustrik let me try
[18:07] mato you want commit 5b1a6a4bea1cebe860769f82702410f6c1d0ab1b
[18:07] mato remove AI_ADDRCONFIG, leave AI_NUMERICSERV
[18:07] mato and it will work fine
[18:09] sustrik yes, it helped
[18:09] sustrik thanks
[21:42] CIA-19 zeromq2: 03Martin Lucina 07master * r9ac2ff4 10/ src/signaler.cpp :
[21:42] CIA-19 zeromq2: zmq::signaler_t: Restart syscalls on EINTR
[21:42] CIA-19 zeromq2: This patch restarts the send() or recv() inside zmq::signaler_t if the call fails
[21:42] CIA-19 zeromq2: due to EINTR. -
[21:42] CIA-19 zeromq2: 03Martin Lucina 07master * r16b43e6 10/ doc/zmq_device.txt : Merge branch 'master' of -