Saturday July 31, 2010

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[04:16] thegnuer hola , do we have zeromq for mac os ?
[05:34] alex hi all, am trying to get zeromq runing on linux 10.4 with python ...
[05:35] alex am new to linux, and get an error when I "import zmq" ...
[05:35] alex ... Import Error: cannot import name _zmq
[05:36] alex is there some stupidly obvious thing that I need to do?
[05:38] dos000 i am not pythong fan .. but it looks like this is something to do with how python imports stuff
[05:39] dos000 alex_, are you foloowing something in zmq that explains how to do this ?
[05:39] alex yes I believe I have followed it exactly
[05:39] dos000 where is it ?
[05:39] alex the INSTALL file on the download
[05:40] alex and also a web page on the zeromq site re the python client
[05:40] alex will find that page...
[05:41] dos000 which version of zmq ?
[05:41] alex
[05:41] alex 2.0.7
[05:43] dos000 you did "python install" and it was successful ?
[05:44] alex I suspect this might yes
[05:44] alex sorry ignore that last line
[05:44] alex yes it was successful
[05:45] dos000 i dont see if it automatically installs the zmq libs or no .. as i said i am not a python guy
[05:45] dos000 To build and install this Python package, you will first need to build and install the latest development version of 0MQ itself. After you have done this, follow these steps:
[05:46] dos000 there !
[05:47] dos000 building was very easy for me .. and i did it on windows.
[05:47] dos000 linux (i think you meant ubuntu 10.4) should be much easier
[05:48] dos000 just follow the steps
[06:30] alex @dos000 sorry got disconnected before
[06:30] alex thanks for your help
[06:40] dos000 no prob!
[08:21] guido_g linux 10.4? seems like i missed some kernels...
[13:58] ss afternoon