Monday July 26, 2010

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[06:43] guido_g 'mornin all
[06:43] sustrik morning
[10:23] CIA-20 zeromq2: 03Martin Hurton 07master * r66470b2 10/ (perf/local_thr.cpp perf/remote_thr.cpp): perf: fix typo -
[11:19] Murali Hi where can I download Binary executables of Zeromq for Openvms
[11:19] Murali ?
[11:22] Murali Any one there ?
[11:29] Murali Where can I download Zeromq for OpenVMS
[11:29] Murali can any one help
[11:29] Murali ?
[12:03] bobs I think you will need to download the source and build them yourself
[12:23] drbobbeaty Agreed... I looked for CentOS 5 RPMs, and they aren't available, either. I think it's going to have to be built from scratch. Unless you can find a kind soul that's already done it and will share.
[14:48] michel_v yo
[15:30] michel_v I'm trying to setup a one publisher / many subscribers workflow
[15:31] michel_v but I don't really understand why a subscribers that subscribes to "queue1" would just discard and delete messages that start with "queue2" etc
[15:32] michel_v my subscribers are deleting messages that they don't want, and I don't understand how I can make them simply ignore the messages
[15:53] michel_v perhaps I don't get how this is supposed to work?
[15:55] michel_v oh right, I was using zmq_streamer when I really needed zmq_forwarder :)
[18:03] fruminator Q'ers I have a question about reconnection. anyone there?