Monday July 19, 2010

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[02:33] jugg sustrik:
[06:21] sustrik sbeaulois_: it's what it says, too many open file descriptors
[06:21] sustrik increase limit for file descriptors on your system
[06:21] sustrik jugg: oops
[06:23] sustrik jugg: fixed
[06:37] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * raedf3f8 10/ src/tcp_socket.cpp : EHOSTUNREACH is a valid return value from recv() -
[09:14] travlr sustrik: do you want to see zmq irc log files publicly hosted and search-able
[09:25] sustrik travlr: that would be great
[09:25] sustrik do you need any extra privileges for that?
[09:28] mato sustrik: are you there?
[09:36] travlr sustrik: sorry. i got distracted :)
[09:37] travlr privledges are a different story.. yes
[09:38] travlr what i need to ask for is if you have the history of log files, because i just realized what i have has a huge hole in them
[09:39] sustrik travlr: no, i haven't logged the discussion :(
[09:39] travlr i'll ask on the mail list
[09:40] sustrik ok
[09:40] travlr the doxygen docs will now be automatically updated with each commit to master. i'll host that here for now
[09:41] sustrik should we link them from
[09:42] travlr yes. which page.. source or contribute?
[09:42] sustrik source IMO
[09:43] travlr k. if you want to give me more privleges i can do some work on the site from time to time. the articles need to be sorted out for zmq1
[09:44] sustrik lemme see
[09:46] sustrik whipapers:* you mean, right?
[09:46] sustrik whitepapers.*
[09:47] travlr yeah. but its labled as articles atm
[09:50] sustrik travlr: i've allowed editing of articles
[09:51] sustrik try now
[09:51] travlr btw, i also want to link to gentoo ebuilds for zmq and a bunch of bindings
[09:51] sustrik bindings are editable
[09:51] travlr how about the download page too, or you can do it for me
[09:52] travlr i'll give you the link
[09:52] travlr they are temporarily hosted at
[09:53] travlr i'm working on getting them in the package tree
[09:53] sustrik i would say there should be a 'distros' section or something
[09:53] travlr true
[09:55] sustrik try editing distro:gentoo page
[09:55] travlr nope
[09:56] travlr i see the page
[09:56] travlr but no edit
[09:57] travlr hey. btw... my wikidot name is travlr now
[09:57] travlr i can't edit articles either
[09:57] travlr i'm logged in atm
[09:59] travlr i'll be back in a couple minutes
[10:02] sustrik are you member of the wiki
[10:02] sustrik ?
[10:04] travlr yeah i currently have access to the bindings, etc
[10:04] travlr 'travlr'
[10:07] sustrik yep, you are a member
[10:07] sustrik distro:* pages are set to be editable by members
[10:07] sustrik hm
[10:07] sustrik maybe it takes a while till the permissions take effect?
[10:08] travlr yeah maybe. no hurry.
[10:09] travlr if you like having the doxygen docs, maybe we ought to talk in the near future of changing the way comments are written
[10:12] sustrik travlr: definitely
[10:12] sustrik even the first patch isn't applied yet
[10:12] travlr no i just run a parser for now.
[10:12] sustrik a-ha
[10:13] sustrik so that would be the first step imo:
[10:13] sustrik modify the comments to doxygen friendly format
[10:13] sustrik then start improving them
[10:14] travlr yes, there is a lot that can be done... or they can be kept minimal
[10:14] sustrik i would rather have it well documented
[10:14] travlr it depends on what you want and not to mention avoiding clutter
[10:17] sustrik well, i would like a random developer to have a look at the source
[10:17] sustrik and get at least some idea about what it does
[10:18] travlr btw, the current version i have hosted is configured with nearly every doxygen feature. including inline function sources
[10:18] travlr i like it but we can trim some features down if you like
[10:19] sustrik is there any point of having the source in the docs?
[10:19] travlr cross-linking references..
[10:21] travlr you'll see links to and from the sources... the inline sources are something i just decided to throw in and see how they look... could be a bit much..
[10:23] travlr i dunno, i kind of like them inline too.
[10:26] travlr notice the class diagrams are folded (hidden) at the top of the page. that help lose the clutter a bit but if you don't know they're there they can be missed
[10:26] travlr s/help/helps
[10:30] sustrik what's the link?
[10:30] travlr
[10:30] travlr need some text on the front page still too
[10:31] sustrik the inline code is a bit superfluous imo
[10:31] sustrik otherwise it's good
[10:32] sustrik as for the first page, a single sentence would be enough
[10:32] sustrik just saying what it is and linking back to for more info
[10:33] travlr what ever you think is best. i threw in all the features to see how it looked with doxygen's new version's layout
[10:33] travlr usefullness is good... clutter is bad ;)
[10:34] sustrik :)
[10:34] sustrik just remove the inline code and link it from "source"
[10:34] sustrik thanks
[10:34] sustrik cyl
[10:34] travlr sure.. gotta go now too.
[10:34] travlr later
[10:44] mikko peter
[10:46] mikko nm
[12:17] Lazesharp interesting
[12:17] Lazesharp just had a problem gettting 2.0.7 to compile with pgm:
[12:17] Lazesharp /usr/bin/ld: .libs/libzmq_la-txwi.o: relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against `pgm_rs_create' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
[12:17] Lazesharp /usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Bad value
[12:17] Lazesharp collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
[12:17] Lazesharp make[2]: *** [] Error 1
[12:17] Lazesharp not the end of the world, because it compiles just fine without pgm, but if anyone knows what the problem is, I'd appreciate the answer :0
[12:17] Lazesharp *:)
[14:12] sustrik Lazesharp: I recall this problem was already discussed on the mailing list
[14:12] sustrik you may want to do some search
[14:12] Lazesharp ok, cheers
[15:45] Lazesharp besides libuuid and openpgm, does 0mq have any other deps or dependant versions?
[15:45] Lazesharp I saw a blog somewhere mention automake2.6 was necessary
[17:32] sustrik Lazesharp; autotools are build-time dependency, not runtime dependency
[22:35] perplexes can anyone point me to some good intro docs for zmq?