Sunday July 18, 2010

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[20:01] showstopper hi
[20:01] showstopper I would like to use 0mq for a little actor-library
[20:01] showstopper I just have a little issue with the offered socket patterns
[20:02] showstopper They all appear to be a little too... "synchronized"
[20:02] mikko are you looking for fire-and-forget kinda solution?
[20:02] showstopper If there's such
[20:03] showstopper otherwise just looking for a hint into the right direction
[20:03] showstopper (problem is the following: send -> recv -> send)
[20:03] mikko you could use pub/sub
[20:03] showstopper (what if i send 2 or 3 messages but just expecting one?)
[20:03] showstopper Yes, but they aren't bi-directional
[20:04] showstopper And i don't want to have 2 connections/sockets per actor
[20:04] mikko you could use two sockets, i suppose
[20:05] showstopper Is that the "official" way? I could imagine that my sort of problem is quite common
[20:05] mikko are there multiple actors?
[20:06] showstopper There will be, yes
[20:06] showstopper I'm currently trying things out with the main + an extra spawned thread
[20:06] mikko if i was implementing it i would probably use REQ/REP
[20:06] mikko and ACK each message
[20:07] mikko if there is nothing to send back just ACK the message
[20:07] mikko otherwise send something back
[20:07] mikko or use multiple sockets
[20:07] mikko but you might have more luck asking later when more people are available
[20:08] showstopper hm, i can't use the ACK because there's no server/client structure
[20:08] showstopper each actor is actually both
[20:09] showstopper I can't get around the two sockets then, i guess
[20:09] mikko what does the library do?
[20:11] showstopper As I said, it's an attempt to implement some sort of actor-model ( for the ooc-language
[20:12] showstopper At the moment i'm getting myself used to 0mq
[20:13] showstopper I chose 0q because the actors should not just work locally but distributed in the network
[23:14] sbeaulois hi
[23:15] sbeaulois need help
[23:16] sbeaulois java ZMQ : error on my subscriber class
[23:16] sbeaulois Too many open files rc == 0 (signaler.cpp:237)
[23:17] sbeaulois my english is not good