Saturday July 17, 2010

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[05:15] ditou A quickie - do I need to close a message after zmq_send() ?
[05:17] sustrik ditou: yes, you should
[05:17] ditou I mean zmq_msg_init_data() -> zmq_send() -> zmq_msg_close() ?
[05:17] ditou thanks
[05:17] sustrik np
[06:25] _klk hi all
[06:26] sustrik hi
[06:26] _klk is there a way for a flash application to connect to a zeromq server?
[06:26] sustrik no idea, what languages does flash allow you to use?
[06:27] guido_g action-script 3
[06:27] sustrik dunno, try asking on the mailing list
[06:27] guido_g you need to implement the wire-protocol yourself
[06:28] sustrik no
[06:28] sustrik you just have to wrap the library
[06:29] guido_g you can't, a) it's running in the browser and b) the runtime doesn't allow that afair
[06:32] guido_g re
[06:34] _klk guido_g: what do you mean about the runtime doesn't allow it?
[06:36] guido_g afaik the flash-runtime doesn't allow to access arbitrary libraries
[06:42] _klk sorry still not following, can you clarify what you mean by arbitrary libraries?
[06:42] _klk wouldn't all it needs to do be open a socket to the 0mq server and communicate using the wire protocol?
[06:43] guido_g this is what i said first
[06:45] _klk ah ok
[06:45] _klk i got confused
[06:45] guido_g the sustrik said that one needs to wrap the ØMQ lib, which is not possible from flash