Wednesday July 14, 2010

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[00:00] cremes locks: i think there is a --path-to-libzmq option you need to use
[00:00] cremes alternately, use the ffi bindings for ruby
[00:00] locks I've tried pointing to /usr/local/lib which is where zmq should be, but it won't find it still
[00:00] locks yeah, the ffi bindings installed ok
[18:43] shanewholloway I had a devil of a time building an OSX Universal binary for ZeroMQ from git sources last night -- does anyone have a guide? Or a installable .pkg? ;)
[19:24] sustrik try asking on the mailing list, there are more people there
[19:38] shanewholloway thanks sustrik
[21:29] jras Hi! For securing 0mq, I've seen vpn tunnels mentioned or payload encryption. Is anyone using other options? Perhaps openssl or similar?
[22:19] sd88g93 Hello. another problem here: i have a situation where various threads are publishing messages for a subscriber thread in another process. This works fine for the number of threads i have running, i can see threads 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 each sending off a published message. However, when it cycles around again to the starting thread, at 0, suddenly, the subscriber thread in the other process wont recieve any messages. The published messa
[22:19] sd88g93 ges are being published through one global socket that the threads have access to through a mutex. any ideas ?
[22:24] mikko jras: what do you mean?
[22:24] mikko jras: i guess you could use stunnel
[22:34] sd88g93 here's the code:
[22:35] sd88g93 there's "publisher code" at the top and "subscriber code" about half way down
[22:44] jras mikko: Maybe stunnel might work. I'll think about it.
[22:44] jras mikko: I was thinking along the lines of an ssl: or tls: transport (even though the faq notes it isn't include). Since I have adhoc connections I cannot ensure a VPN's are installed and setup. So I must bundle any securing mechanism.
[22:46] jras mikko: I am open to being to the idea that payload level encryption is acceptable. I was curious what other people were doing.
[22:48] jras mikko: s/to being// Typing too fast for my own good. :)
[22:57] mikko jras: there is no built in encryption
[22:57] mikko jras: it's a very tricky problem to solve and comes up often
[22:58] mikko there are some tricky questions like if you use a forwarder device should that device be trusted?