Monday June 21, 2010

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[00:26] Jad hey I'm looking for recommendations on SSL libraries (C preferably) for building some degree of security into a high volume socket server
[00:29] Jad OpenSSL seems like the obvious choice
[01:34] Jad does anyone have any experience with setting up the PHP extension on windoze?
[02:36] impl mikko would probably, since he wrote it (or maybe at least wrote one of them, I don't know if there are multiple)
[02:52] Jad ok
[02:53] Jad thnx
[04:46] Jad got it working
[08:51] mikko Jad: i got old windows builds somewhere
[08:51] mikko would need to update at some point
[09:24] mikko hmm
[09:24] mikko windows builds fail atm
[09:24] mikko with github trunk
[09:32] sustrik mikko: let me try
[09:33] sustrik mikko: you meant zeromq2 of php bindign?
[09:34] mikko sustrik: zeromq2
[09:34] sustrik ok
[09:34] mikko visual studio templates refer to app_threads.cpp
[09:34] mikko and there is a missing return in zmq.cpp
[09:34] mikko let me get the line
[09:35] sustrik wait a se
[09:35] sustrik sec
[09:35] mikko 642
[09:35] sustrik where did you get your source code from?
[09:35] mikko github
[09:35] sustrik sustrik/zeromq2
[09:35] sustrik ?
[09:35] mikko yep
[09:35] mikko just did svn update
[09:35] sustrik last week the official version ws renamed to zeromq/zeromq2
[09:35] mikko ok
[09:36] mikko my build scripts just do svn up on everything
[09:36] sustrik sustrik/zeromq2 is my private sandbox now :)
[09:36] mikko and then build
[09:36] sustrik sorry for confusion
[09:37] mikko it's nice that i can use tortoisesvn to communicate with github on my win build machine
[09:55] sustrik mikko: btw, speaking of windows, do you have 2 win boxes by chance?
[09:57] mikko sustrik: i use VMs
[09:57] sustrik ah, ok then
[09:57] mikko so in theory i can have two windows boxes
[09:57] mikko :)
[09:58] sustrik i was interested in whether anyone can reproduce the opedds's latency test
[09:58] sustrik they are claming 0mq latency of 170us
[09:58] sustrik between 2 win boxes
[09:58] mikko i dont think vm is that usable
[09:58] mikko as there is going to be latency
[09:58] sustrik nope, it would have impact on the test
[09:59] sustrik never mind, i'll ask on the mailing list
[09:59] mikko regarding zeromq support
[09:59] sustrik yes?
[09:59] mikko is it going to be yourself who is supporting it?
[09:59] sustrik there are several people involved
[09:59] mikko ok, good
[09:59] sustrik i am mainly doing development
[09:59] mikko so that if you get hit by a bus there is still someone supporting it
[10:00] sustrik yes, sure :)
[10:00] mikko good, good
[10:00] sustrik i am the visible figure here, others are doing paid work that's not visible
[11:54] sjampoo Is there anything more to the pipeline pattern? Or is basically just a req/rep pattern without the rep part? As the req/rep part also balances over its peers.
[11:57] sustrik sjampoo: it's similar
[11:57] sustrik the crucial difference is that replies are not routed back
[11:57] sustrik instead they are routed forward
[11:58] sjampoo ok!
[19:19] Jad yeah I updated everything to vc9, didn't even realize about this issue on windows boxes
[19:19] Jad works great now