Friday June 18, 2010

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[00:54] achew22 can anyone point me to a good introduction to zeromq that focuses on python?
[06:55] umesh I read some code in zeromq ...
[06:55] umesh i have some queries related to it
[06:56] umesh I have observed that in zmq for req/rep ... it uses normal tcp/ip apis internally ...
[06:56] umesh like listen, bind, connect, accecp, recv and send etc ...
[06:57] umesh but when we close the server generall read or recv returns 0 when server is shutdown using cntrl-c or exit or abort ...
[06:58] umesh but in case of zmq recv does not return 0 when server is closed using exit or abort
[06:58] umesh why ?
[07:55] sustrik becore there are N connections
[07:55] sustrik because*
[07:56] sustrik one failing doesn't make other unusable
[08:17] umesh sustrik: I did not understood your answer very clearly
[08:18] sustrik 0mq sockets can have arbitrary number of BSD sockets under the hood
[08:18] sustrik if one of the BSD sockets fail
[08:18] sustrik the others are still up and kicking
[08:20] mikko is there any way to know that send to one endpoint failed?
[08:20] mikko is there a need to know ever?
[08:20] sustrik there's no such thing as "send to one endpoint"
[08:20] sustrik if you want that kind of stuff, use BSD sockets directly
[08:21] mikko maybe i misphrased
[08:21] mikko i mean if i connect 0mq socket to three endpoints and one of them is unreachable. as a developer do i need/want to know about that?
[08:22] sustrik the design of 0mq is such that you don't know
[08:22] sustrik it's like speaking to a cloud
[08:22] sustrik if you want to manage connections on one-by-one basis, that's what BSD sockets are for
[08:23] mikko fire and forget
[08:24] sustrik yes
[08:25] mikko i started working on http device but got stuck on figuring out SLAs for different things at work
[08:26] sustrik no haste :)
[08:29] mikko the thing i like about imatix page is that it lists prices for professional services
[08:29] mikko that is nice and transparent
[08:30] mikko most of the companies have phone number and you need to go through hoops to get prices
[08:30] sustrik yes, experienced that myself
[08:32] sustrik presumably, the price is not the same for everyone
[08:32] mikko yeah, that's what i assume
[08:32] mikko the bigger company calling the bigger the price is
[08:33] mikko makes it very hard to calculate costs for a project especially under very strict NDA
[08:39] sustrik true
[10:44] umesh sustrik: you remember on that day we discussed about the writing a sync 0mq client
[10:44] umesh and you told discussion happended couple of times but no one really did it ...
[10:44] umesh I can do it ...
[10:44] umesh can you give me some pointers ...
[10:45] umesh on this ...
[10:45] umesh how can we do it etc ...
[10:45] sustrik umesh: it's easy
[10:45] sustrik have a look at zmq_tcp(7)
[10:45] sustrik the wire format section
[10:46] sustrik that's how 0mq messages look like on the wire
[10:46] sustrik so the only thing you have to do is to open a TCP socket
[10:46] sustrik and read/write such messages
[10:46] sustrik and report errors :)
[10:49] umesh ok
[15:13] cremes going async to sync... i just don't see the point to doing that; async is perfect already
[15:19] sustrik error handling i suppose
[15:32] cremes pffftt; that's what error callbacks are for.